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Manic's Shop of Dreams and Shines

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by MadGraveyard, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. MadGraveyard

    MadGraveyard Novice Breeder

    Greetings and salutations! Welcome Manic's Shop of Dreams and Shines!
    I am Manic and that's about that!
    I have interest in completing my dex, along with acquiring specific Shinies(foreign language males for breeding) and DWF's a list of my wishes and wants will be below my haves and and offers. I update when I update!
    1. Follow Forum Rules~
    2. On the matter of hacking: I am a novice, but do not attempt to offer me hacks, if you trade me a hack by accident/unknowingly a simple trade back will be arranged, if you no longer have my Pokemon/have altered it to a point where I no longer want it back(unlikely) I'm sure a different Pokemon and/or Item can be substituted. If you think thats above you, I will have you branded as a hacker/banned.
    3. On the matter of writing conventions: Type like a civilized human. If English is not your native tongue I will make an exception.
    4. On the matter of “value”: Everyone marks value differently, some by appearance, some by power, some by gen, some by movepool. Just because you offer me something that's “valuable” does not mean I want it or will take it
    5. On the matter of cloning, and trading: As long as it is not an event Pokemon I have no qualms. But please make me aware if you know the Pokemon offered to be a clone, some people are bothered by them. If you don't want your Pokemon retraded tell me. No 2-for-1. That's BS.
    6. VM/PM for negotiations
    7. More?

    My Services~
    1. Breeding: If I don't need it for my dex I most likely still have a member of it's line. Dreamworld abilities from current females and eggmoves(list will be amassed) on request(if it requires terrible effort e.g. excessive leveling to give parent move, shards for movetutor, a item I desire or a more valuable Poke may be desired)
    2. Trade evolving: Trade, then trade back
    3. Pokerus infection: I will infect the bred Pokemon or caught “garbage” Pokemon, and or what ever Pokemon is being traded. I may ask for an item, something small.
    4. Item trading.
    5. More?

    Pokemon that were caught/bred by me, therefore guaranteed legit will be marked with “M/S”(Manic/Sada) and have the OT of Manic(Black 2) or Sada(Black, Platinum, Heartgold relocated to Black). I will nickname them if you want. NOTE: G/N means the Pokemon is Genderless

    Here are current Pokemon(already bred/caught/acquired) for offer
    N/G Naughty-Alert to sounds, Naughty-Proud of its power
    Moveset: Agility, Recover, Magnet Rise, Signal Beam

    F Adamant-Prond of its power, Timid-Likes to relax, Quiet-Proud of its power
    Moveset: Reflect, Confusion, Echoed Voice, Take Down

    F Adamant-Scatters things often, Sassy-Often lost in thought,Bold-often scatters things,Impish-Likes to run
    Moveset: Defense Curl, Pound, Sweet Kiss, Coppycat

    F Timid-A little quick tempered
    M Serious-Mischievous
    Moveset: Encore, Follow Me, Bestow, Wish

    F Lax-Alert to sounds, Jolly-Often dozes off, Bold-Alert to sounds,Bold-Proud of it's power
    M Brave-Impetous and silly,
    Moveset: Safeguard, Rest, Rock Throw, Gastro Acid

    F Lax-Likes to relax, Bold-Throughly cunning, Gentle-Likes to run, Timid-Somewhat stubborn,Mild-Likes to thrash about, Lonely-Loves to eat
    M Bold-Quick tempered, Quirky-Somewhat vain, Modest-Somewhat vain, Adamant-Very finicky
    Moveset: Round, Natural Gift, Take Down, Refresh

    M Jolly-Likes to relax, Impish-Strong willed
    Moveset: Payback, Ominous Wind, Stockpile, Hex

    N/G Careful-Somewhat vain, Naughty-Loves to eat, Bold-Often lost in thought, Sassy-Sturdy body
    Moveset: Iron Defense, Faint Attack, Safeguard, Future Sight

    F Timid-Proud of its power, Impish-Highly curious, Rash-Highly curious, Hasty-Good perseverance, Sassy-Capable of taking hits
    Moveset: Force Palm, Copycat, Screech, Reversal

    F Bold-Strong willed, Lax-Good endurance, Relaxed-Somewhat vain
    M Lax-Often dozes off, Docile-Somewhat stubborn
    Moveset: Hyponosis, Zen Headbutt, Synchronoise, Nightmare

    M Quirky-Very finicky
    Moveset: Psybeam, Air Cutter, Light Screen, Reflect
    ;280; UT lv. 1
    F Synchronize: Mild-Sturdy body
    Trace: Adamant-Often scatters things, Brave-Likes to trash about
    DWM Telepathy Quiet-A little quick tempered, Lax-Often scatters things, Relaxed-Alert to sounds,Calm-Quick tempered
    M Synchronize: Careful-Often dozes off, Naive-Likes to relax
    Moveset: Growl, *Disable*

    ;010; ;016; ;039; ;043; ;058; ;079; ;108; ;115; ;140; ;142; ;147;
    ;163; ;165; ;167; ;176; ;200; ;202; ;213; ;235;
    ;265; ;280; ;290; ;324; ;333; ;353;
    ;396; ;425; ;447;
    :517: :531: :561: :580: :605:

    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013
  2. MadGraveyard

    MadGraveyard Novice Breeder

    (you may offer Pokemon I'm not seeking specifically)
    Searching for
    -if Pokemon requires item to evolve I am willing to equip Pokemon with the item or a different item or infect it with Pokerus, if you'd like depends, I might want an item back depends. Negotiations.(willing to trade back Legendaries actually, anything for that matter, If I can keep a non-legendary pokemon)-
    ;031; ;034; ;134; ;146; ;151;
    ;176; ;233; ;242; ;243; ;245; ;251;
    ;272; ;275; ;356;(if holding Reaper Cloth) ;381; ;382; ;385;
    ;407; ;478; ;481; ;492;
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2013
  3. MadGraveyard

    MadGraveyard Novice Breeder

    Starters:GEN I, III, IV
    Fossil Pokemon:All GENS(excluding ;140; ;142; )
    The Elemental Monkeys

    ;013; ;025; ;029; ;035; ;037; ;041; ;052; ;060; ;063; ;069; ;074; ;077; ;086; ;090; ;095; ;111; ;113; ;114; ;116; ;118; ;122; ;123; ;125; ;126; ;129; ;131; ;143;
    G/N ;132;

    ;170; ;177; ;179; ;183; ;185; ;190; ;193; ;198; ;215; ;216; ;218; ;222; ;227; ;231; ;241; ;246;

    ;270; ;273; ;283; ;291; ;300; ;302; ;303; ;304; ;307; ;314; ;315; ;327; ;328; ;331; ;336; ;341; ;349; ;359; ;361; ;366; ;371;

    ;403; ;412; ;415; ;427; ;431; ;441; ;443; ;459;

    :509: :591: :522: :524: :527: :540: :543: :546: :548: :551: :554: :556: :558: :572: :577: :582: :585: :588: :590: :592: :595: :610: :613: :622: :624: :629:
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2013
  4. MadGraveyard

    MadGraveyard Novice Breeder

    Reserved for later use
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2013
  5. MadGraveyard

    MadGraveyard Novice Breeder

    Reserved for use
  6. MadGraveyard

    MadGraveyard Novice Breeder

    Rerserved~ for later
  7. ShinyGirantina

    ShinyGirantina Need Mega Masquerain

    I can get u gen 5 pokemon u desire pm for more info
  8. ShinyGirantina

    ShinyGirantina Need Mega Masquerain

    If u want them
  9. Raasikh22

    Raasikh22 I LOVE SHINIES!!!

    Tell me if you want any unova pokemon I can get you it most likely I already have it. I'm looking for shinies or items
  10. Raasikh22

    Raasikh22 I LOVE SHINIES!!!

    I can get you all pokemon you want
  11. Foxit26

    Foxit26 New Member

    #186 Politoed
    #200 Misdreavus
    #233 Porygon2
    #251 Celebi
    #295 Exploud
    #324 Torkoal
    #327 Spinda
    #331 Cacnea
    #332 Cacturne
    #360 Wynaut
    #381 Latios
    #409 Rampardos
    #433 Chingling
    #438 Bonsly
    #439 Mime Jr.
    #445 Garchomp
    #457 Lumineon
    #474 Porygon-Z
    #475 Gallade
    #478 Froslass
    #490 Manaphy
    #493 Arceus

    As well as the pokemon on my list I'm looking for:
    lv 100 male Pikachu (if possible nicknamed Sparky)
    lv 100 male Lucario (I can trade you the same back with this one but he has a foreign name)
    spare reshiram

    shiny wants, most wanted to least wanted:
    male beedrill

    Besides the ones I listed I can get you any breedable pokemon and I have a umber of DWF, legendary spares and lv100's, just ask.
  12. Marinda H

    Marinda H Trainer Law Frost

    If you have a Latias for Trade, I can give you and UT LV 50 Moltres.
  13. switchit

    switchit New Member

    Hello. Am i reading your posts right in that you are offering a HA Kangaskhan, and you that you still need quite a lot of HA Pokemon (Weedle, Pichachu and so on)?
  14. ryacurbak617

    ryacurbak617 New Member

    Both of the descriptions for these events can be found on serebii's site

    These are Global Link/Dream World Events

    Lv. 11 (used it to get an eevee egg and it grew a level)
    Caught on 5/19/2011 at Entree Forest
    Met at Lv.10
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Hydration
    Moves: Tail Whip; Tackle; Helping Hand; Sand-Attack

    Lv.10 (UT)
    Caught on 1/15/2012 at Entree Forest
    Met at Lv.10
    Nature: Gentle
    Ability: Justified
    Moves: Detect; Metal Claw; Counter; Bullet Punch

    Respond if interested. I'm looking for other events, legendaries, and shinies. I'm open to any offer. I WILL TAKE ANY POKEMON WITH POKERUS.
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2014
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