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Maps by Lemon! ~ Region of Escenica


I hace decided to create this thread. More proper. Start off fresh. Before I start, I just want to say that my region map (previously called Scenica) I have showed here before but on my other account. Jesus Can So Skate.

~ Escenica ~


A new group of islands recently discovered, covered with beautiful tropical beaches, lakes, rivers, forests, caves and a lot more.

(I'll label these soon)

Towns and Cities

01- Petaldrip Town
Notes: The starter town for the region of Escenica. Trainers in the region will get their first pokemon here. The proffessor's lab contains a research area to the right.

02- Calmedale Town
Notes: To the left of the town is a small enclosed area where the man living in the house near this area will take you to the patch of grass and tutor you on simple pokemon tips. After beating the Elite 4 of Escenica, the posts to the left of the area will open up giving a bigger area containing rare pokemon.

03- Teraborough City
Notes: The first gym of Escenica. The gym will probably be a ground theme. Expect more notes when map is made.

04- Littlebeach Town
Notes: Expect more notes when map is made.

05- Isolandos Town
Notes: Second gym of Escenica. Expect more notes when map is made.

06- Begrande City
Notes: The city will be mostly residential containing many interseting things for the hero to discover. Before the hero has learnt SURF, they take the boat to Rurake City. Expect more notes when map is made.

07- Rurake City
Notes: Third gym of Escenica. Probably a grass type theme. Expect more notes when map is made.

08- Littlecove Town
Notes: To the left of the town is a beach. The hero will learn SURF in Littlecove Town. Expect more notes when map is made.

09- Hightop Town
Notes: Town is set on mountain ranges. The fourth gym will be here. Possibly a fire theme. Expect more notes when map is made.

10- Kinethyte City
Notes: City will be very industrial. It will contain high rise buildings. It will also feature Escenica's 5th gym which will definitely be a psychic theme. Expect more notes when map is made.

11- Sabertooth Town
Notes: Will contain a cave to the the north-east containing a rare dragon pokemon. Will also feature Escenica's 6th gym with a dragon theme. Expect more notes when map is made.

12- Aeroswift City (Name not completely satisfied with yet.)
Notes: Will feature Escenica's 7th gym which is a flying type theme. Expect more notes when map is made.

13- Umbrespio City
Notes: Something to do with Espeon and Umbreon. Not sure what yet though. Expect more notes when map is made.

14- Littlerock Town
Notes: The town has two roads. You must first take the the road to the south and travel to Abalanzare Island to get the final badge. Once you have done that. You can take the road to the north and travel to challenge the Elite 4.

15- Abalanzare Island
Notes: Final gym for Escenica. Will be a normal theme. Expect more notes when map is made.

16- Marivalla City
Notes: Location of the Elite 4 of Escenica. Expect more notes when map is made.

Next, I will label the landmarks. But not right now.

- Petaldrip Town
- The Professor's Research Area
- Route 1
- Calmedale Town
- Route 2
- Route 23/Terano Cave Entrance

Newest Map:


Route 2

Map Count: 6 maps.

Next Map: Teraborough Cave

~ Lemon!
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u should probably enlarge the map...and evedrythings just great...but i somehow dont like the route 1 very much..dunno why..


well thank you for the first post. could you tell me what you dont like about the map?


Yeah. I totally agree with you. I am remaking the map now. Do you like the maps?


I have edited the map. I will label the towns and all later. I hope you like it!




Sorry for such a long wait for the update (if anybody cares). But I finished a map for the region. I quite like it.


thank you. i am working on route 2. its going to be like a kind of cave thingo.

id love it if more people commented.


Thankyou so much Halo Warrior You have raised my spirits and given me a new inspiration to create maps. I am working on a custom tileset right now but I will continue to make maps using FR/LG tile set. I am working on the next route. But it might be awhile. I would love some more posts! Please dont let this thread die everybody! (Now I am just plain desperate).


not a big update, but I have edited the map. if it is better or worse, i am not sure but not alot has changed. all i have really done is add a new cave and obviously even up the terrain. please tell me what you think seeing as I am not sure if I should use it yet.
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i have made maps with a key of the towns, cities landmarks which ill label tomorrow. but right now i need to hit the sack.


Yeah I agree. I mean even right now for the maps I have already made, nobody knows 100% where they are based.

i have completed the key for the towns and cities.
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Well it has been awhile, but I have made route two and I am very happy with how it turned out.



Thankyou and I am looking foward to it to seeing as it will be my first cave..