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March 10th: MPM09 - The Rocket Gang's Counterattack!

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Maybe Mime Jr isn't upset with team rocket. What if its problem is that it has abandonment issues caused by its father leaving it when it was young? Then we found out that Mimey is the father.


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It's only natural their best Pokémon gets a big focus. Mime Jr. should've came back in XY onwards. It was in the Kalos, Alola (USUM), and Galar Pokédexes smh.


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Well they didn't want to go Butch and Cassidy's way of a free will choice of respect for themselves, so this was the only way to do it

I wonder how long into the episode it will take for them to realize the truth

Some real Tallest and Invader Zim vibes of delusion (which got resolution in Florpus)

I think it's also possible Giovanni is just giving up his world domination, because TR's podcast failed to recruit anybody
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