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March 10th: MPM09 - The Rocket Gang's Counterattack!

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Best ending: TR become Ash's new companions.

Reality ending: more dissapointments.


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Also, the new issue of Animedia has a lengthy feature where Yuyama runs through all the episodes of the series that have aired so far, PLUS this one, offering short comments on them. Here's Yuyama's commentary on the episode:

The article also has a checklist of all the Pokemon appearing in each episode of the series, which once again includes this one. So here's all the Pokemon we'll get to see this Friday:
So Misty's Staryu is coming tomorrow! I'm excited!


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Ludicolo in this episode as well as seemingly flashbacks to all the old Pokémon has me intrigued


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Call me Robert guys
Oh god ANOTHER break up episode, jesus christ these writers don't have an original bone in their body lol.


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Oh god ANOTHER break up episode, jesus christ these writers don't have an original bone in their body lol.

They literally don't have a shared job anymore, meaning the themes of all their previous break-ups are about to culminate here, unless of course you think "originality" means ignoring everything that came before at the most important time


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Honestly will be a bit sad this is their finale but I'm happy for everyone who was tired of them for so long.
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