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March 24th: MPM11 - The Rainbow and the Pokémon Master!

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When Satoshi and Pikachu return to Masara Town and reunite with Shigeru, he asks Satoshi the following question: "How close to becoming a Pokémon Master are you, now that you've become a Champion?" Becoming a Pokémon Master has been the dream Satoshi has been gunning for ever since he first set off on his journey with Pikachu. Will he be able to find the answer to this question?!

Screenplay 冨岡淳広 (Atsuhiro Tomioka)
Storyboard 尼野浩正 (Hiromasa Amano)
Episode Director 中田誠 (Makoto Nakata)
Animation Director 柳原好貴 (Koki Yanagihara)
Animation Director 倉員千晶 (Chiaki Kurakazu)


Call me Robert guys
Welp, the Pidgeot reunion is officially dead, RIP. Thank god this mess is ending already lol.


Call me Robert guys
Maybe it's just me but who the hecks been waiting for Ho-Oh?? Especially since they literally put it in the last episode of Journey's?? Like talk about anticlimactic xD.


Bittersweet Satisfaction
Yeah at this point i’m just glad it’s over. It’s been one heck of series of dissapointment, but at least ash’s series is finished and i can put this part of my life behind me.

Also this honestly just makes me think that MPM is a last minute addition even more. Why even have Ho-oh appear in the final ep of JN proper that only devalues it’s appearance here?
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