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March 31st - Pocket Monsters Anime Music Festival


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Airs from 6:55pm to 7:55pm

It's the greatest hour ever, raising the roof with Pokémon and music!
One after another, the extravagant artists that have sung theme songs in the past will be appearing in the studio!
And a certain artist will also give us the first ever performance of the opening theme for the new series that's on everyone's minds!


The final episode (episode 11) of "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokémon Master", the anime that depicted the final chapter in the story of Satoshi and Pikachu, aired on the 24th. It's been decided to show the 1 hour music special "Pocket Monsters Anime Music Festival" on the 31st in order to commemorate the closing of the curtains on the 26 year long history of Satoshi and Pikachu's story since the series started airing in April 1997.


The music special will be an hour of raising the roof with Pokémon and music, where the extravagant artists that have sung theme songs in the past will be appearing in the studio one after another. In addition, the opening theme of the new series starting April 14th will be unveiled.

The singers appearing in the special will be Fumie Akiyoshi, asmi, After the Rain, Hiromi Iwasaki, Taiiku Okazaki, Shoko Nakagawa, Asuca Hayashi, Rica Matsumoto and ЯeaL. Guests will be Yuki Iwai (from Haraichi), Ken Koga, Nagisa Saito, Chinozo, the Tosa Brothers, Toshiya Miyata (from Kis-My-Ft2) and Yuriyan Retriever. It will be hosted by Kotaro Koizumi and Rika Adachi.


In addition, the opening theme for the new series, "Dokimeki Diary (asmi feat. Chinozo)" will be sung by asmi and produced by the unparalleled creator Chinozo, who's active in the online scene. This is a song that depicts Liko's adventurous spirit through pop music, made by a special unit created specifically for this show.



Song list:

Mezase Pokémon Master by Rica Matsumoto
Kimi no boken by Taiiku Okazaki
Together by Fumie Akiyoshi
Mirai Connection by ЯeaL
Pikachu no uta by Pikachu
Nyarth no ballade by Nyarth
Rica Matsumoto medley: Best Wishes/Type: Wild by Rica Matsumoto
DreaDrea by Shoko Nakagawa
Boku no best friend e by Hiromi Iwasaki
Pokémon ieru ka na? by Toshiya Miyata and his wonderful friends
Movie theme song medley
Chiisaki mono by Asuca Hayashi
1, 2, 3 by After the Rain and Satoshi x Go
Dokimeki Diary by asmi feat. Chinozo
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Sounds neat.

So it takes the usual spot but for an hour right?

At least this can provide a better celebration for the series. Hope the cover good selection of songs.


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hope ikouze and spurt will be played!!


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I want The Rivals, OK!, Advance Adventure, and (this is wishful-thinking) Battle Frontier more than anything.

This could either be a show with a bunch of guests or mainly a Rica Matsumoto concert though neither of which would be bad. I doubt she’s performed some of the classic songs in forever so it’d be fun. There’s the aforementioned Rivals and OK!, Ready Go, Challenger, Spurt, Best Wishes, Be an Arrow, XYZ, Alola, etc