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March Plot Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by lolipiece, Jan 9, 2017.

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  1. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    It's January! It's a new year! And now, it's a new Pokespe.

    B2W2 chapter 11 will be up on Sunday Webry in about a minute or so. Please discuss when it's out.

    Hmm? The site says the next update will be on February 7th?! The Pokespe site said the next update will be on the 21st.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  2. Maxim

    Maxim Retired Pokefan

    The next chapter is on 02.07.

    A whole freakin' month.
    They're really pulling it too hard...

    Anyone still believing that BW2 is gonna be more than two volumes long? They wouldn't stretch it in time so badly if they had material for more than just one new volume.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  3. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Here's a better idea. Stop.

    Enough. I am getting sick and tired of your constant fear mongering.

    You're scared of this ending up rushed. We get it. You're scared. I'm scared. A lot of us are scared.

    But constantly exploding "B2W2 is doomed" every single time it updates has run its course.

    It's obnoxious. Now stop.
  4. Maxim

    Maxim Retired Pokefan

    Okay, I'll stop. I guess there's no need to convince anyone anymore.

    But what annoys me even more is how they're wasting opportunities. The manga still has so much to show in Unova, like the entirety of Eastern Unova (with some fan-favorite locations like Village Bridge) and I'm not even mentioning PWT, yet they're wasting time on some completely unnecessary return to Castelia. They could've put those Plasma Sages just anywhere. This arc of the manga is so obviously unplanned...
  5. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Thank you.

    As for locations, I don't really care. There are so many places in many Pokemon games that I don't really care if certain ones show up or not at this point. The Village Bridge is nothing more than a post-game location. It serves no purpose in the grand scheme of things.

    You're also forgetting that the Castelia Sewers are also connected to Driftveil City. And what is in Driftveil that's important to the plot of B2W2?

    The B2W2 is a school life story. I'm enjoying it for it trying to be different. At least they haven't ditched them going to school and actually has it tie into where they go.

    And there's still the cultural festival. It's not ending now.

    Also, just as a reference, this chapter covered previews 6 and 7 out of 9.

    Chapters 8 and 9 covered the first four previews with two each. Chapter 10 only covered one.

    Here's the previews for this month.


    And then the last two.

  6. I am serperior

    I am serperior The Ultimate trainer

  7. Beat!

    Beat! The Chords of Steel

    The 1/21 release date given by the Pokespe site does not coincide with the usual schedule of releasing chapters on Tuesdays (1/21 it's Saturday)
    So either that release date was a mistake made by whoever updates the site or the next chapter is not getting released in Sunday Webry (Isn't the 21th when usually CoroCoro gets released?)

    Also, i don't think B2W2 will be a rushed chapter. If anything the pacing so far shows that they're taking their sweet time with the story. Otherwise Kyurem and the main conflict would be featured by now.
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  8. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    One ORAS chapter updated on a Friday, so it's not impossible for a non-Tuesday update.

    Also, I just checked the site.

    It says chapter 12 will update on 1月21日 (火), which is January 21st (Tuesday). That's...not right.

    So the Saturday update was either a mistake or the schedule was changed since then.
  9. valvenya

    valvenya Well-Known Member

    21st is Saturday
  10. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yes, I'm aware. What is your point?
  11. Ryousha

    Ryousha Well-Known Member

    Text Translation (might be inaccurate in some places. Haven't gotten other translator to double check)

    EDIT: This is an outdated version. Updated version somewhere floating on the web c:
    Page 2

    Imouto: Sorry, oniichan.
    Imouto: You're angry... right?
    Hugh: I'm... not angry! I'm just... surprised that you stowed away here.
    Hugh: You must be feeling a lot better if you're able to do this much.
    Imouto: That's because... Oniichan... since you started going to school every day, our communication...
    Imouto: ...was suddenly gone... I was worried...
    Imouto: I wasn't able to talk to you at the chorus competition...
    Hugh: I'm sorry.

    Page 3
    (Hugh): That time when I looked at the memory card's list...
    (Hugh): Someone in Class E is a member of Team Plasma.
    (Hugh): I've been so desperately trying to find a lead on this person that I made you worry excessively about me.
    (Hugh): After 5 years, I've finally been able to act on my own...
    Hugh: I'll say nothing about it until I recover Purrloin from Team Plasma.
    Hugh: Ahhh, this school has tons of assignments and student-led events, so I'm busy with a huge pile of things that I have to do...
    Hugh: Anyways, stay hidden!
    Hugh: I'll figure something out when we reach Castelia.
    Imouto: Really?! I can stay with you?!
    Hugh: Yeah!
    Girls: Wow!

    Page 4
    Girls: The skyscrapers are HUGE!
    Girls: This is the first time I’m seeing the real thing.
    Leo: Oh no! I was sleeping in a nice spot, and now we’ve already arrived at Castelia!
    Imouto: O-Oniichan?

    Page 5:
    Imouto: Eep...!
    Leo: Deino!!
    Leo: A-A-Ahh!! You’re Hugh’s sister!
    Leo: Ahh!!
    Leo: Sister... in other words... a girl!!
    Leo: I-I'm holding a girl's hand?!

    Page 6
    Leo: T-This isn’t good! I can’t let go of her hand! (I’m talking to myself)
    Leo: If I let go, you’ll fall into the sea!! (I’m talking to myself)

    Leo: How lucky!
    Leo: How lucky!

    Leo: I-I’m sorry!
    Leo: I didn’t think it would startle you!

    Imouto: Yeah... I didn’t think so either...
    Imouto: A long time ago, I met a bad person’s Deino that had scary eyes.
    Imouto: Your Deino didn’t mean to do anything bad.

    Leo: Deino is behind me. It doesn’t show its face, though.
    Leo: I-I don’t think there are bad Pokémon.

    Leo: If Pokémon are doing bad things,
    Leo: Then it’s the Trainer who’s bad.
    Leo: If there’s a scary looking Deino and it has a good hearted Trainer, then it will be a good Deino. ...I’m sure!

    Page 7
    Imouto: Your Deino... can I stroke it?
    Leo: Yeah, go ahead! Around this area is good.

    Hugh: ...Leo.
    Imouto: Oniichan!
    Leo: H-Hugh!!
    Leo: Gyah!!
    Hugh: I beg you. Please... keep quiet about my sister being here!
    Hugh: Please understand! (?)
    Leo: Hugh...
    Leo: Of course!
    Leo: I’ll cooperate!!

    Page 8
    MR. Cheren: Let me express my gratitude once more.
    Roxie’s Dad: It’s fine, it’s fine!
    Roxie’s Dad: If anything, the class has a supporter now.
    Roxie’s Dad: At least this much is expected!

    Roxie’s Dad: All right then, Roxie. I’ll pick you up in a week.
    Roxie: OK!! Take care, Daddy!!

    MR. Cheren: Roxie, you said before we departed that you’d be “giving back” to Rakutsu. What did you mean by that?
    Roxie: Oh, about that...

    Roxie: When I was young, my father was a movie star.
    Roxie: This year, when I made a movie at Pokéstar Studios, his feelings were reignited,
    Roxie: And he said, “Roxie! It looks I’m going to stop being a captain after all and become a movie star!”
    Roxie: He would neglect work and be at Pokéstar Studios’ entrance every day.

    Page 9
    Roxie: However, last month “Foongus Girl and Dewott Kid” was a big hit!
    Roxie: When my dad saw it, he said “they’re way better than me!” and gave up.
    Roxie: That’s why... for maintaining the peace in my house, I’m thankful to you two!!
    Faitsu: U-Um...a big hit?
    Rakutsu: You didn’t know? It was screened at Pokéstar Studios and it even has a physical release!
    Faitsu: Now that I think about it... I did sign some kind of paperwork.
    Faitsu: I need to find what N-sama has entrusted me...
    Faitsu: Huh? Wait a sec...!

    Faitsu: Does that mean...
    Faitsu: That there’s a chance that I was seen doing all that by N-sama?

    Page 10
    (Faitsu: You’re mistaken!!)
    (Faitsu: It’s not what you think, N-sama!!)

    Girl 1: That’s amazing, Faitsu-chan!
    Girl 2 :Don’t be shy, don’t be shy!
    Girl 3: I’m surprised she’s a benefactor of Roxie’s.
    Faitsu: No! That’s not how it is!
    MR. cheren: Listen up everyone! We have free time starting now for 2 hours.
    MR. cheren: Let's meet back at the Prime Pier’s dockyard at 5 pm.
    People: Where should we go?
    People: I was thinking about seeing the Name Rater!
    People: Whether it’s a piece or a dozen... is a problem.
    People: Mr. Cheren, take me to Castelia’s Gym!
    People: Me too, me too!
    Yuki: Rakutsu-kyun, where are you going?
    Rakutsu: I'm thinking about feeling the sea breeze a little bit more.
    Girls: Kyaaaa!! How cool!!!
    Girls: Okay, we’ll bring back some Casteliacones then!
    Girl: H-Hey! Are you okay?!

    Page 11
    Rakutsu: What happened? Roxie, who is this?
    Roxie: He’s a current member of the executive committee for the Itsushu Choir Festival.
    Guy: I was waiting for you here at the time the ship docked.
    Guy: I thought to myself that I didn’t want you to see me in my current condition because of the circumstances that have come to light.

    Guy:I was attacked suddenly by two people who were wearing masks while walking down the back street...
    Guy: They took away my Karrablast...
    Guy: to the basement...!

    Page 12
    Guy: “We’re liberating it” ...
    is what they said.

    Hugh: Leo, take care of my sister.
    Leo: M-Me?!
    Imouto: Oniichan.
    Hugh: Don’t worry.
    Hugh: Leo was in the Top 8 of the Pokemon League. He’s one hell of a guy.
    Hugh: Protect her from anything that happens.

    Page 13

    Roxie: This move is from a Muk. It’s a Poison-type move.
    Roxie: People who use Muk and Grimers hang out over there.
    Rakutsu: Over there?
    Roxie: The entrance at Thumb Pier...
    Roxie: the Sewers.

    Roxie: We’re going to get back Karrablast!
    Roxie: Whirlipede, come out!
    Faitsu: I’ll lend you hand!

    Page 14

    (Faitsu): Maybe... they know of N-sama....
    (Faitsu): Maybe my comrades might know his whereabouts.

    Rakutsu: Then, I’ll also go!
    Rakutsu: I don’t know how many people are there, but it’s better to have more people.
    Hugh: I’m also going.

    Roxie: How encouraging!
    Rakutsu: Yuuko-chan, Mayu-chan, Yuki-chan,
    Rakutsu: Please stay there until an ambulance arrives, okay?
    Girls: Got it!

    (Hugh): At long last...
    (Hugh): At long last I’ve found you...!
    (Hugh): Team Plasma!

    (Faitsu): N-sama!
    (Faitsu): N-sama!

    (Rakutsu): There’s a ton of nuisances.

    Page 15
    Roxie: Ah!
    Hugh: Roxie, what’s wrong?

    Roxie: The keyhole has been cut away!
    Rakutsu: Are these the same people that you spoke of before?
    Roxie: No, they work in the sewers. There’s no reason for them to do this.

    Rakutsu: In other words...
    Rakutsu: This is the work of someone else.

    Roxie: The water levels are lower because of the current season.
    Roxie: Be careful, as there are many places one can hide.
    Rakutsu: By the way, Faitsu-chan.
    Faitsu: Huh?
    Rakutsu: Why did you want to lend Roxie a hand?
    Faitsu: W-Well...

    Page 16

    Hugh: Quit smooth talking the girl!!
    Lack: Who’s there?

    Page 17
    (Rakutsu): It's the same people I saw when I fought against Tornadus.
    (Rakutsu): They’ve got new clothes!

    (Rakutsu): And...
    (Rakutsu): Bronius along...
    (Rakutsu): with Ryoku.

    Hugh: Wait a sec there...
    Hugh: This moment...

    Hugh: It’s been 5 years...

    Hugh: Just so you know...

    Page 18
    Hugh: I’m about to unleash...
    Hugh: ...my rage.

    Rakutsu: Hugh!!
    Faitsu: Kyaa!!

    Page 19
    Hugh: Egh, nngh...
    Hugh: I have to hold out.
    Hugh: Rakutsu and the transfer student...
    Hugh: I got split off from them. I wonder if they’re okay?
    Hugh: Don’t worry about that right now! Stay angry!
    Hugh: Just think about your fight with Team Plasma!

    Croagunk: Don’t move.
    Hugh: Tch.
    Hugh: They got behind me?!
    Croagunk: You’re Hugh of the Trainers’ School, right? Don’t worry.
    Croagunk: I belong to the police.
    Croagunk: Hugh, how much do you really know of what's going on here?

    Page 20

    Colress: So it really was here, huh?
    Colress: I’ve made a great deal of searching for you by having everyone at the bottom look for you.
    Colress: Why didn’t you respond to the call?
    Colress: Zinzolin.

    Zinzolin: It’s been a while, Hood Man.
    Zinzolin: No wait, they call you Colress now, right?
    Colress: Ah, it’s fine.
    Colress: I have only one request.
    Colress: Tell me a story.
    Zinzolin: Story?

    Page 21
    Colress: Wonder Room!
    Colress: I’ve heard from Ghetsis, you know.
    Colress: that somewhere down the line five years ago, your ideals grew apart.
    Colress: So how how far have gotten?
    Colress: Regarding the third dragon...
    Colress: Kyurem.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
  12. Coronis

    Coronis In lucid awakening Staff Member Moderator

    Brief summary:

    It turns out that Hugh's little sister has snuck onto the liner en route to Castelia. Apparently she has become worried because Hugh stopped his regular contacts (ever since he found the locket and was obsessed with finding the owner), and the fact that they didn't really get to talk during the Choral Competition. Hugh couldn't really blame his sister, but couldn't really bring himself to tell her the reason either (so he made up excuses about busy school work). In truth, he has been waiting to get Purrloin back before he reveals the truth to her. He promises to figure out how to bring her along in Castelia, and gets her to hide for now. Upon arrival, Leo's Deino accidentally frightens Hugh's little sister (due to her previous encounter with TP's Deino), she nearly fell into the sea but Leo saved her. We get the talk on how Pokemon are not evil but only depends on the trainer. Hugh then shocked Leo when he bowed and begged him to help him keep a secret of his sister's presence, and Leo naturally agreed to help.

    Pop Roxie will return to pick them up in one week's time. It is revealed that the reason Roxie feels thankful to Lack-two and Whi-two is that, like the games, her father was about to quit his job as a captain to spend his days making films. After seeing the highly appraised film of the two, he realized he would never be as good and thus gave up on acting. Whi-two only then realized that the clip was everywhere. Although it was her intention to let N see and notice her, she fret at the thought of N seeing her interaction with Lack-two. The class went separate ways, and Roxie suddenly found one of the organization committee members struck down, whom they were supposed to meet upon arrival. The man revealed that he was ambushed, and his Karrablast was taken away, or 'liberated' as his attackers claimed. The word instantly sparked different emotions in Lack-two, Whi-two and Hugh, and Roxie realized that the enemy must lurk at the Sewers after recognizing the attacks as Muk's. While Leo stayed behind to guard Hugh's sister and the girls to guard the injured man, everyone decided to join, but clearly for different reasons. Hugh was anxious to finally confront Team Plasma, Whi-two was hoping to find someone who would know of N's whereabouts, and Lack-two was a bit annoyed that there were too many people (obstacles) in this mission.

    At the Sewers, Roxie revealed that the paths clear up depending on the tide and season, and they were soon attacked by a group of Muks, led by TP Grunts under Ryoku and Bronius. Lack-two saw that the Grunts wore new uniforms like the two who commanded Tornadus, and Hugh charged into his enemies with his Vibrava, only to get separated by the group. Yet, he was found by Looker, who recognized that Hugh knew something about Team Plasma, forcing him to talk.

    Meanwhile, Colress found Zinzolin at the Cold Storage. Apparently, Zinzolin's ideals departed from Ghetsis's, starting even 5 years ago, and Colress wanted to know how far he has gone regarding the deal about Kyurem, the third dragon...


    Regarding the next release date, I'm starting to think the writers simply read the calendar wrong or something, since Feb 21 is going to be a Tuesday, although this wouldn't explain the prolongation of release intervals. Honestly, my disappointment about this tardiness of the writers is rearing its ugly head once more. From the previews, all the chapters we had so far (and probably the upcoming 1-2 chapters) have all been done at least 6 months ago. At most they need some touch ups as the previews basically look identical to what we've gotten.

    Let's do the math. Assuming they haven't really worked on B2W2 since the last preview on the official site, and these previews actually cover 2 more chapters, which are likely going to come early Feb and hopefully late Feb, the next time they actually publish something new they've done since the announcement of B2W2's revival would be like March? Exactly what have they been doing in Dec, Jan and Feb? There is only one monthly magazine carrying PKSP currently. Are two monthly chapters becoming too much for the duo now?

    I apologize for the rant.

  13. valvenya

    valvenya Well-Known Member

    I guess it was just a mistake.
  14. Ryousha

    Ryousha Well-Known Member

    Hm, but GSC during its run ran 80 chapters or so in like 2 years. Wouldn't that imply they were a bi-weekly thing? If they could juggle that a decade ago, I'm sure they can now too.
  15. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    The way I see it is that this is padding. It's entirely possible that they're working on volume 54, but aren't 100% done with it.

    Even if we did have to wait two years for the new material, it doesn't really make much sense to just burn through all of it once the publication restarts. Because then we'd have to wait again for the next one.

    Plus, they need to actually prepare to release the actual volume. Right now, all we have are the individual chapters. They don't even have names like they usually do. The current publication is being treated as if it's a regular magazine publication.

    I do have to wonder how many chapters volume 53 will have. The average length of the recent chapters are around 17 pages. That's a bit shorter than what usually runs in CoroCoro Ichiban. So could we be looking at an 8 chapter volume? That'd be nice since we've been having so many 6 chapter ones (or will have, since this technically comes before those).

    I was translating what the site said.

    Yeah, but that was over a decade and a half ago.

    Isn't Yamamoto in his fifties now? He's clearly well enough to do work just fine, but I sometimes worry how much he can handle. It's a good thing he has assistants now.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
  16. Ryousha

    Ryousha Well-Known Member

    Ah, I wouldn't know anything about stuff that was before my time, aha.

    I think ORAS and XY was definitely too much for him to handle. What does his assistants do? Do they help draw?
  17. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Yeah. If you look closely in crowds of people, they seem to be drawn by someone else.

    Like, for example, page ten of yesterday's B2W2 chapter. The crowd of kids is a different art style.
  18. pika09

    pika09 EEEEEHHHHH???

    I think that the perfect time for Kusaka and Yamamoto to announce something important like a new magazine or volume 53 would be at around March, during the series' 20th anniversary. I know they'll host a fan meeting for the occasion, but hey, we can dream, right?
  19. 8000

    8000 Active Member

    So wait are we waiting an extra month for the next BW2 chapter or do we just not know?

    Also, what day of the week do Sun and Moon chapters get released?
  20. Ryousha

    Ryousha Well-Known Member

    Oh neat.


    21st. Leaks come out on 19th. Lolipiece will post it when it happens. Might take a few days cause I'm not down for 1-day shipping $20 shipping.
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