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Marine 101: A Guide to Weight Training

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Everyone wants to be bigger, faster, stronger, but they often fall short by not knowing how they can achieve these things. It’s either they don’t have the equipment, don’t have the time, or just not knowing the basics like what to work on, and for how long. This guide will hopefully help remedy some of these issues, making it easier for everyone to decide what they want to work on, and more importantly, actually reach that goal. I will go over all the standard lifts used to gain muscle mass, and even some not so standard. In addition to that, I will show what muscle group each lift focuses on, and to what extent, so you can make a plan of what lifts work best for you. After all lifts for each muscle group has been covered, I will go over some example workouts, of which you may use or modify to suit you needs. First of all though, the basics of lifting need to be covered, and this includes weight training vocabulary and general tips to get the most out of your workout.


Exercise - A particular lift or movement.
Repetitions (Reps) - One complete action of an exercise.
Sets - A predetermined number of reps.
Cardiovascular Training (Cardio) - Exercises focused on increasing your body’s ability to process oxygen and burn fat.
Resistance Training (Weight Training) – Exercises focused on challenging the muscles of your body against a weight or resistance in order to gain muscle mass.
Recovery/Rest – The amount of time taken between sets or exercises to recuperate.


Dumbbells – A specific determined weight, 8-14 Inches long, that is used as a tool to work a muscle within a workout.
Barbell – Basically a longer version of a dumbbell, used to incorporate more muscles into a certain lift.
Chin-up Bar – An extended bar attached to a wall or a door that is used to lift ones self up in many differing ways.
Bench – Just like it sounds, a bench used to lie down or sit on to help work a specific muscle group.

Basic Tips:

Always use gloves. I cannot tell you how ripped up and blistery my hands were after lifting without gloves for a while.
If looking to get a lot bigger, use a range of 8-10 reps with a high weight.
If looking to just get more toned, use a range of 12-16 reps with a lower weight.
Constantly drink water while lifting. You sweat while you workout, that’s a fact, and sweating causes you to lose precious liquids. Drinking water helps replenish these liquids allowing you to work out longer and get better results
Eat healthy and all around nutritious meals. If you are constantly giving your body good fuel in the form of healthy meals, it will perform a lot longer and better when doing an exercise.
Don’t push yourself too hard. After a workout, your muscles need time to recover and grow, so if you’re endlessly working them, your goals of larger muscles will not be reached. I like to have a rest day at the end of every week which consists of a lighter lifting schedule, or just cardio, to lend my muscles time to recover.
Try an intensity change. If after a while you feel you’re getting used to a certain lift, don’t be afraid to do some extra reps or even up your weight. Varying weights, reps, and exercises help keep your muscle confused, which is key to getting the mass growth you want.
Lastly, set reasonable goals. ‘Don’t try to be superman’ and use the heaviest weight you have. Good form within an exercise is what builds muscle, and you can’t have good form when using a weight above what you are capable of. This also means don’t tell yourself you’re going to do 30 reps when it’s a big struggle. Eventually you will work up to that, but make sure you’re focusing on that form first.

The Exercises:

ChestStandard Push-up – Keep back, abs, and legs straight while in push-up position on the floor; lower straight body until a few inches from the floor.
- Military Push-up – A variation on the standard push-up, with your hands in more, directly under your shoulders.
- Wide Fly Push-up – Another variation on the standard push-up, with your hands 3 inches wider on each side.
- Decline Push-up – Standard push-up, except get you feet elevated by putting them up on a chair.
- Diamond Push-up – A Push-up with your hands close together enough to make a diamond shape.
- Plange Push-ups – A Military Push-up with your hands placed further back, right below your rib cage
- One Arm Push-ups – Just like the name says, Standard push-ups with only using one arm. It helps to spread out your legs, and if it’s still hard, try doing them on your knees.
- Bench Press – Lie down on your bench and lift the barbell, with a certain allotted weight, by flexing your chest and tricep muscles.
- Chest Fly’s – Lie down on your bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Lift dumbbells up over your chest and slowly spread your arms out fully, then bring up again.
- One-arm Balance Push-up- Perform a Standard push-up, the twist on your side with one arm still on the floor, while the other arm reaches towards the ceiling. Repeat on other side, then just continue doing reps.

BackStandard Pull-up – Grab chin-up bar with palms facing outward. Lift yourself up for as many reps as possible.
- Chin-up – Grab chin-up bar with palms facing towards you. Lift yourself up for as many reps as possible. This exercise also works the biceps
- Close Grip Pull-ups- Standard Pull-up, with your hands closer together on the chin-up bar.
- Heavy Pants – Grab a set of dumbbells, and slightly bend you knee’s with one foot in front of the other. Keeping back straight, lift weights from your front foot up to your waist.
- Lawnmowers –Get in a side lunge position, while resting elbow on knee. Pull a dumbbell from floor to your waist. Repeat on other side.
- Back Fly- Sit on your bench with 2 dumbbells of you choosing. Hang weights at your side with back slightly bent. Lift weights towards ceiling, flexing back muscles.
- Switch Grip Pull-up – Just a combination of the standard pull-up and standard chin-up. Do 2 reps of when, then switch to the other, then repeat.
- Bent-Over Reverse Grip Rows – The same position as Heavy Pants, but have your palms facing outwards instead of inwards.
- Congdon Locomotive – The same exact position and movement as Heavy Pants, except you’re going to alternate arms.

Shoulders - Alternating Shoulder Press – Grab a dumbbell in each hand, and put each over your shoulders with your palms facing out. Slowly alternate between arms, lifting the weight towards the ceiling and twisting you palms inward.
- Deep Swimmers Press – Kind of a mix between a curl and a shoulder press. Start with dumbbells in curl position, and curl them up towards chest. Then twist the weights so your palms face outward, and lift towards ceiling. Bring them down in reverse motion. Repeat.
- Standard Shoulder Press – Same position as Alternating Shoulder Press, except you’re extending both arms at the same time, without twisting your wrists.
- Upright Row – Hang dumbbells in front of you close together with your palms facing inward. Bring weights up to the top of your chest, flaring your elbows out and up.
- Shoulder Fly – Grab a slightly lighter set of dumbbells and hang them at your side. Bring your arms up straight until you body makes a T-shape. Bring down, then press dumbbells together and bring them up the same way except in front of you. Repeat.
- Pike Press - Place toes on top of an elevated surface, your bench works great, and place hands on floor while putting your butt up in the air. Without moving anything but your elbows, bring your forehead down to the ground, and up again.
- Scare Crows – Dumbbells in each hand, make your upper arm parallel to the ground, while bending at the elbow to make a 90 degree angle. Rotate weights up and down while keeping that 90 degree angle.
- Y-Press – Same position as the Standard Shoulder Press, except when you extend the weights, flare them out a bit to make sort of a Y-shape.
- Pour Fly – Using light weight, raise arms straight out with dumbbells and tilt wrists to simulate pouring something.
- Weighted Circles – Just like it says, extend arms at your sides and start making slow circular motions with light dumbbells.

TricepsTwo-Arm Tricep Kickbacks – Raise upper arms and keep at 90 degree angle with your back bent over. Straighten arms to kick back the dumbbells.
- Chair Dips – Heels on floor, legs straight, hands at the end of the chair or bench, lower your body down and up again.
- Flip Grip Tricep Twist Backs – Same position as Two Arm Tricep Kickbacks but when you bring the dumbbells back to the starting position, switch grips so that you palms are facing upwards. Then when you bring that back, you switch back to your palms facing downwards. Repeat.
- Lying Down Tricep Extensions – Lie down on the ground with dumbbells pressed together over your chest. Keep lower arm straight and bring weights down to your shoulders. Bring back up and repeat.
- Side Tri-Rise – Lie on your right, with your right hand on your shoulder and left hand on your side. Lift up using your left arm and down again. When done with reps on your right side, switch to your left side.
- Overhead Tricep Extensions – Extend dumbbells overhead, then bring them down behind your shoulders with palms facing inwards. Bring back up and repeat. Remember to keep your lower arm straight throughout.
- Front to Back Tricep Extensions – Standing, hold weight in one hand with palm forward. Alternate moving weight in front of head and behind head.

BicepsChin-ups – See exercise in Back category
- In & Out Bicep Curl – Standard curl grip, with palms outward. Bring dumbbells up to chest then back down again. After that, bring forearms outward more to perform side curls. Alternate between these.
- Standard One Arm Curls – Hand weights at side, with palms outward. Alternately bring one arm up to your chest, then the other.
- Static Arm Curl – Standard Curls with a little ‘twist’. Leave your right arm at a 90 degree angle, dumbbell in hand. Do four standard curls with your left arm, then switch your left and right arms position/jobs. Keep alternating until you get tired.
- Crouching Curls – Like it says, Crouch and place elbows just below your knees. Perform a standard curl with both arms.
- Hammer Curl – Standard Curl except have your palms facing inward, like holding a hammer. This works the top part of your bicep.
- Congdon Curl – Kind of a mix between a Standard Curl and a Hammer Curl. Have your palms facing outward to perform a Standard Curl up, then when at your chest twist your wrist so that you’re performing a Hammer Curl down.
- One Arm Cross-Body Curl – A standard one arm curl with a little variation in motion. Instead of bringing the dumbbell straight up, curl it across the front of your body, so you’re making sort of a half circle motion.
- Concentration Curls – These curls centralize the bicep by letting any other body motion get used in upward action. Get in a Lawnmower stance, then take whatever hand doesn’t have the dumbbell and put it right above you elbow. Now, with you palm facing outward, do a Standard One Arm Curl. Repeat for both sides.
- Burn Out (Strip-Set Curls) – This usually at the end of a workout, to provide a last high intensity exercise. Basically, this is just 4 sets of Standard Curls done one after another, with the first set using the highest weight you can possibly do good form with. Then, with every next set, you use a dumbbell 5 pounds lighter, until you get to the last set, which will be 15 pounds lighter than your first set.

AbdominalsIn & Outs – Sit on the floor with your hands at your sides. Bring legs about 6 inches off the ground, and alternate between brining them in to your chest, and pushing them out away from you.
- Seated Bicycle – Same position as In & Outs, but you will be circulating your legs so that it looks like you’re simulating riding a bicycle. Do a set ‘bicycling’ forward, then do another set backwards.
- Standard Sit-up – Lie on the floor, with your legs folded up, and arms across your chest. Bring your chest up to your knees, and go back down. Repeat.
- Wide Leg Sit-up – Lie down on the floor with your feet spread shoulder width apart, and one arm behind your head. Sit-up and touch the hand not behind your head, to the opposite foot. Them switch the positions of your hands and repeat for the other side. Do as many reps as possible.
- Fifer Scissor – Lie flat on your back, and raise legs 6 inches off the floor. Once both legs are off the floor, move one up even farther so that it’s straight up. Count to 3, and switch leg positions, counting to 3 again. Do as many reps as possible.
- Hip Raise – Lie on your back, and put the bottoms of your feet together, so that your legs make a diamond-like shape. Now put your legs straight up in the air, and lift your hips straight up. Do as many reps as possible.
- Pulse Ups – Same position as Hip Raise, except now put your feet straight up without being together, while the bottom of your feet are parallel with the ceiling. Raise your hips and do as many reps as possible.
- Oblique V-Up – Lie on your right side, with your left side hand on your head and right hand across the floor. Bring your legs and upper body together so that they’re almost touching, but make sure you’re keeping your legs straight. Switch sides and repeat reps.
- Mason Twist – Seated on the floor, grasp hands together and raise feet 6 inches off the ground. Twist you upper body from side to side, touching each side with your knuckles.

Well, I hope this helped clear some of the basics of Weight Training up. I will be using the next post to show some lifts for other muscle groups other than the upper body, while also showing some example workouts.


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Omfg you finally finished it. I take credit for teaching you some of it. :)


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