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Mario ANd Luigi Partemenrs in time Q.

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by Anton, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. Anton

    Anton Red Cheat Master

    Im at kami (bowseres servent on yoshi island) mario has 1 hp and luigi has 2. how much does she have?? i beat the vim factory boss with this much so aslong as she has under 1000 hp ill be fine right. no special attacks at 100 hp or anythig like that??
  2. Cdaghostie

    Cdaghostie Ghost -not really-

    how the heck do u only have 1 and 2 hp she has like 200 or so though not any harder than vim factory boss

    what happens is she creates doubles of herself. You have to hit her to damage her if you hit all doubles you unfortunately have to hit them all again its a total luck and guess battle

    you cant really lose she has to attacks summon boulder and mushroom
    hit boulders back keep good mushrooms for more health

    doubles do create damage also

    trick:get mario to do damage to everyone at once
    then get lugi to do the cannon ball move

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