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Mario Kart DS review


The Battousai

I recently purchased a copy of mario kart DS and I wanted to write a review on how good it was, maybe people who are deciding to purchase this game will take my review to heart. Please discuss and tell me if my review was accurate, on a side note: only if there was a review section on serebii.


Mario Kart DS

I just have to say that this game is just plain amazing. Mario Kart DS has comfortable controls that are easy to learn but hard to master. The gameplay is reminscent of some of the best mario kart games like mario kart 64 or mario kart double dash minus the co-op. The replay value is amazing with gran turismo like missions in 6 stages divided into levels along with the standard gran prix in 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc. Multiplayer is great me and a couple of friends had a blast playing six player mario kart in 16 different courses (the most we unlocked at the time). I expect online to be great as well however I won't get to play online until tommorow the earliest so I hope someone who has experienced this to review it in this thread. This game overall was better than I expected and it just might be the killer app we have been waiting for (well besides meteos, which is still not as good as this), with great games like these coming out at a steady pace,like mario and luigi superstar saga 2 brothers in time and animal crossing Wild World which are only a week or two away along with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Mysterious Dungeon Blue, and Metroid Prime Hunters following in 06 now more than ever is a great time to buy DS (and you can get a free mario kart DS with it).

Mario Kart DS (out of ten)
Fun Factor=10
Replay value=10
Sound=8, nothing special, just boings, ahh's!, woo hoo's some weird donkey kong laugh but it's pretty good for a handheld game just don't expect dolby digital surround sound 5.1
Touch Screen use=8 (doesn't really use the touch screen but it is great for a map, especially when you get squid'd)
General Multiplayer=9, if it didn't take so long to start up and single card multiplayer didn't have only the home system choose characters it would have got a ten
Overall=10/10, perfect where it counts, nabs it a perfect score
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Well-Known Member
Nice review. I can only imagine the time it took to type. :|. Its not exactly fair on the sounds rating though. I mean, its crystal clear. What kind of noises to you really expect from a racing game? It's got a hell of alot more than oh say, Project Gothem Racing. You hear alot more than... Brmmmm Brmmm.... ;/

The Battousai

It's got a hell of alot more than oh say, Project Gothem Racing. You hear alot more than... Brmmmm Brmmm....

So true, you don't really play racing games for the sound so it's not the most important thing, I hate the Brmmm Brmmm in the average racing game it prevents me from hearing the background music at least in this game the sound sprites don't prevent the tropical background song in yoshi's forest level.


Well-Known Member
I was just pointing that out. I love the sound of Mario Kart games. It's not boring, and its got intresting music. I didn't think it was fair. Still nice review, though.