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Mario & Luigi Invisible Hoo Bean Locations!!!

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Here are all the Invisible Block Hoo Bean Locations I know of:

Beanbean Castle Town: Inside one of those small houses, one with a large furnace, are several Invisible Blocks.

Bean Bean Castle: Mini Mario must enter one of the small holes near in the wall near the Warp Pipe buildings and navigate the short, simple maze within. The small room at the rear of the maze holds several Invisible Blocks.

Outskirts of Beanbean Kingdom: A grassy ledge surrounded by a backwards “L”-shaped gate has an Invisible Block floating above it. You must travel west and loop around to reach the ledge.

Chateau de Chucklehuck: Check suspicious areas of the room that’s filled with wine barrels, where you meet Popple for the first time.

Chucklehuck Woods: Check along the sides of the long pathway past Chuckleroot that leads towards the fight against the Chuckolator.

Woohoo Hooniversity: Search the room with two mirrors standing next to each other and a sealed doorway in the southeast corner.

Wooho Hooniversity: Mini Mario can run along the tops of the walls in the Generator Service Room. Check this room thoroughly!

Oho Oasis: There’s an Invisible Block in the northwestern corner of the Thunder Palace.

Oho Ocean: Once you’re able to surf the Oho Ocean, you can enter a whirlpool that brings you to a remote underwater area, where several Invisible Blocks are located.

Little Fungitown: Head to the north western-most side of town, then head northeast to reach a high, lonely mushroom platform that overlooks the arcade. Jump around the small platform until you find the Invisible Block.

Little Fungitown: There are four elevated platforms in the courtyard of the embassy building to the north of the village. The west-most platform features an Invisible Block

Teehee Valley: When playing as Luigi in search of the cure to Mario’s “Bean Fever,” you can reach areas of the Teehee Valley you couldn’t before. An Invisible Block is found along one of the pathways in these areas.

Gwarhar Lagoon: There’s a Boo Stature on an elevated platform to the east of the stone bridge. An Invisible Block is located on the beach, south of the Boo Statue.

Gwarhar Lagoon: One of the underwater areas of the Gwarhar Lagoon is a tiny space surrounded by tall seaweed. Several Invisible Blocks are found in this small area.

Chucklehuck Woods, Winkle Area: The Winkle area of the Chucklehuck Woods has an Invisible Block floating above an elevated platform. The platform is located in the northwest corner in the area you pass through prior to reaching the Winkle Colosseum area.

Chucklehuck Woods, Winkle Area: An Invisible Block hangs in the air to the far west of the Winkle Colosseum’s entrance, atop a high ledge.

Joke’s End: An elevated platform that’s right up against the western wall in a small room features an Invisible Block.

Joke’s End: In a small room where you must smash a wall with a Hammer to reveal a doorway, you’re able to hit an Invisible Block that’s floating above the short platform south of the doorway.

Joke’s End: Check the small room with the platform that’s up against the center of the northern wall and surrounded by two large torches-there’s an Invisible Block floating above the elevated platform.

Joke’s End: A small room with two archways in the northern wall that are separated by a high wall with a small gate contains an Invisible Block-jump onto the platform in the southwest corner of the room to reach it

Joke’s End: A long room with several tall, cylindrical pillars has a tall platform in its southwestern corner. An Invisible Block floats above the corner platform.

Joke’s End: There’s an Invisible Block in the long room just before the Boss fight against Jojora and her companion. Go up the steps to reach the higher portion f the room and locate a tiny platform next to a pillar against the northern wall, above which you find the Invisible Block.

Bowser’s Castle: Towards the end of Bowser’s Castle, you come to an area that features a pair of parallel pathways were Mario and Luigi must split up in order to proceed. Both pathways eventually take a right turn and become steps. The higher set of steps of steps leads to the doorway to the next area, but the lower set seems to be a dead end. An Invisible Block is found at the dead-end of the lower set of steps.

Bowser’s Castle: In an area where a set of wide steps zigzag upward, an Invisible Block floats above the tall platform against the northern wall.

Bowser’s Castle: After you cross a narrow, vertical wooden bridge and jump up the flight of steps ahead, you can High Jump to an elevated balcony. The Invisible Block is located at the far-right side of the balcony.

Bowser’s Castle: A tiny, elevated platform up against the northern wall is surrounded by lava. An Invisible Block floats above this tiny platform.

2 notes:

1- tell me if the chateau de chucklehuck block exists. my friend says he doesnt or its in the wrong locaiotn.

2- i recall finding an invisible block in the beginning of bowsers castle in a dead end occupied by a snift.

if you know of any other locations, please tell me so i can add them. thanks!!!!

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