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Marionette (Poem)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Every Heart, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Every Heart

    Every Heart Happy Rival!

    I've always like Shuppets and Banettes, so when I read the pokedex entry of Banette and I was bored one day...some how this poem was made...

    I do have one warning though: The nature of this poem is pretty dark. This Banette is out for blood here and is murderous. If you don't like the idea of a pokemon wanting to kill their former owners, then you don't have to read it. But remember that it is the very nature of Banettes, cursed dolls given life so that they can get their revenge on their owners. So I would say that this poem would be rated T.

    Also, I'm not a fantastic poet, so some parts might be a little odd or confusing, but I did give it my best shot and I think it came out good, and that's what matters, my opinion of it. But any advice or critic is welcome so that I can hone my possible poetry skills.

    Anyway, here it is...


    As I lie here
    In this trash can
    I stare up at the heavens
    Making eye contact with the garbage man

    He shivers once or twice
    In unmistakable fear
    Before tossing me in the back
    And driving to the garbage plant that is near

    While I lie and wait
    For the immanent crushing of the truck
    I wonder when it was
    When I ran out on luck

    My thoughts turn to you
    The one who put me in this state
    The one who carelessly tossed me aside
    The one who led me to this fate

    I think of your eyes
    Bright and full of life
    Compared to my own
    Glassy and full of strife

    I remember your short locks
    Compared to my long stringy hair
    That was once brushed so tenderly
    With love and care

    I imagine your fingers running through my hair
    One finger brushing against my now tattered dress
    As you placed me in the garbage bag
    With the rest of your mess

    You used to play with me everyday
    You knew how to pull my strings
    To make me play your little game
    To make me dance and sing

    My strings are now tangled
    My voice box is gone
    My dress is torn
    Do you realize what you've done?

    When I no longer entertained you
    And I would trip and crash
    You threw me away
    Like yesterday's trash

    The truck has stopped
    The man gets off and heaves some more
    Piles of garbage on top of me
    Burying me in peels and apple cores

    He pushes a button
    The truck is about to crush me
    I may be smiling on the outside
    But I'm really scared of what I see

    I don't want to die!
    I want to be free!
    To escape from this dreadful place!
    There's a world I want to see!

    I think of you once more
    And I can't help but hope
    To see you one last time
    Hanging from a rope

    It comes down on top of me
    I wish I could scream
    So that I could wake myself
    From this awful dream

    As I lay broken here
    I suddenly feel my soul
    Dark and hard
    As black as coal

    I will myself to situp
    I look down in shock
    There's my body!
    Wedged between some newspapers and a rock

    I look at my reflection
    In a puddle of juice
    I blink in confusion
    Is this some kind of ruse?

    My body is see-through
    All covered in black
    A spiky orange ball
    Running in a plait down my back

    My eyes glow a menacing yellow
    And I can't help but grin
    At this chance God has given me
    Even though I'm some kind of sin

    I am filled with revenge
    Burning with eternal hate
    I want to find you
    And when I do it will be too late

    When I finally do find you
    You don't even recognize me
    I laugh at your apparent fear
    As you scream at what you see

    I latch onto you so you can't run away
    You can scream all you might
    It won't make any difference
    I've got all night

    For you see, I want to play
    A little game of my own
    I want to watch and take pleasure
    As you cry and moan

    I want to show you what its like
    To be someones puppet
    In a manner quite similar
    To a little Shuppet

    I pull and move your new strings
    As you jerk about and contort
    I am laughing hysterically
    As you move up and down the alley court

    And when I'm finally bored
    Just as you had done,
    I will throw you away
    And your life will be gone

    This may be cruel
    This may be crossing the line
    But I was once your toy
    And now you are mine

    Do you remember me now?
    I was once your little marionette
    But then I died at your hands
    And my soul now lives on as Banette
  2. Sweet Pinpuku

    Sweet Pinpuku Happy Happiny

    I thought that was really good, quite nice to begin with and steadily growing more darker as it neared the end, very good indeed.

    Although, in my opnion, it's pretty long for a poem (I like short poems) and I think this would maybe work better as a short story (maybe like a one-shot), you could put more in to it and you wouldn't need to worry about the rhymy-ness (which you do very well I must admit, I would've found it difficult to write that).

    All-in-all, twas a very good poem, written extremely well. Even though you say you're not a fantastic poet, I think, with practise, you could become very good at it.

    Good job Every Heart!


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