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Marowak XD's First Shop

Discussion in 'Fan Art Shops' started by Aptenodytes, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. splat

    splat Well-Known Member

    can you make me a vigoroth chao, please
  2. Kai Sutoraiku

    Kai Sutoraiku Active Member

    I will have the i-Pokemon
    Pokemon: Scyther (RS sprite)
    Backround color: Green
    2nd Backround color (Optional): Red
    Text (5 letter max.): Does the "i" part count?
    If so "iscyt"
    If not "scyth" plus the "i"
    Thanks in advance.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2006
  3. maxxa

    maxxa ~her last bounty~

    Base Pokemon: porygon
    Pokemon #1: porygon
    Pokemon #2: togepi
    thanks in adv
  4. Sceptile95

    Sceptile95 Well-Known Member

    king vigoroth
    Kai Sutoraiku

  5. maxxa

    maxxa ~her last bounty~

    oh are they im sorry i didnt notice:S
  6. Sceptile95

    Sceptile95 Well-Known Member

    if you want you can request at my shop
    just click the link in my sig
  7. Kai Sutoraiku

    Kai Sutoraiku Active Member

    Sorry I didn't realize that.

    Do I have to post again when the shop reopens?
  8. Sceptile95

    Sceptile95 Well-Known Member

    fortunately, yes
  9. Jinks

    Jinks Guest

    TC for Marowak XD would be great ^^;

    Name: Jinks
    Template or Background link: Yellow Design
    Your six Pokemon (bold for it to be shiny): Ninetails, Houndoom, Magmar, Mr. Mime, Golduck, Ditto
    Trainer Link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v214/DarkSaiyajin/trainer.png
    League Badges: Kanto
    The Optionals
    Pokemon behind trainer: Flareon
    Favotite types (Max-3, 1 if you have Pokeballs): Fire
    Pokeball Type (Net, Master, ect.): Ultra Ball =D
    Item Beside Name: None.
  10. Sceptile95

    Sceptile95 Well-Known Member

  11. Kai Sutoraiku

    Kai Sutoraiku Active Member

    The shop is clearly open now i will request again the same as I did before.

    Edit: It says so on the first page:
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2006
  12. Sceptile95

    Sceptile95 Well-Known Member

    Marowak XD takes only 5 requests
    so its closed and please stop spamming
    sorry for the trouble
  13. Savage X

    Savage X dclxvi

    Lol, I'm pretty sure he is closed....big time.
  14. Obsidian Helix

    Obsidian Helix Silently waiting

    Trainer card:

    Name: Dromant
    Template: Can you make a blue/red haze?
    Pokemon: The Pokemon in my sig, Parukia, Lucario, Magmar, Electabuzz Evo, Marowak
    Trainer Link: [​IMG]
    League Badges: Hoenn Badges and Johto Badges, or first two johto badges, and then the first six of the hoenn badges.


    Pokemon: The pokemon in my sig
    Limbed: yes
    Shiny: no


    Trainer base: [​IMG]
    Pokemon morphed with it: Magmar, Magnemite
  15. Jirachi777

    Jirachi777 Serebii League

    I know you're kinda swamped right now, but when you get the time, could you make me a Trainer Card?
    Name: Jirachi777
    Template: Yellow Design
    My Pokemon: Charizard, Machop,Jolteon, Duskull, Dewgong, Entei
    Trainer Link: [​IMG]
    Badges: Johto
    Pokemon Behind Trainer: Blaziken
    Favorite Type: Electric
    Pokeballs: Luxury Ball, Premier Ball, Luxury Ball, Premier Ball, Luxury Ball, Premier Ball
    Item Beside Name: Moon Stone
    Thank you
  16. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!

    Could I get a Re-Element please?


    Pokemon: Poliwag
    Type: Grass, Fire
  17. Sceptile95

    Sceptile95 Well-Known Member

    um... Bonemerang isn't taking requests anymore (i think)
  18. Jirachi777

    Jirachi777 Serebii League

    When I posted, it said he was open. Unless he forgot to change it.
  19. Hazzer

    Hazzer Crab People

    hey, please may i have a userbar.

    Text: #1 Lucario Fan
    Back: Something that goes with it.
    Pics: Lucario.
  20. Stitches

    Stitches #1 Spinda Fan EVER


    Can I request 3 Shadow Pokémon?

    1. Pokémon: Marowak (but can I ask that you use the D/P sprite? Thanks.)
    Background: If you mean the shadowy stuff, yes. If not, no.

    2. Pokémon: Lapras (but can I ask that you use the D/P sprite? Thanks.)
    Background: If you mean the shadowy stuff, yes. If not, no.

    3. Pokémon: Deoxys (but can I ask that you use the D/P sprite? Thanks.)
    Background: If you mean the shadowy stuff, yes. If not, no.

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