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I do want to marry. I feel like becoming a mother is very, very important to my life plans (perhaps the most important factor) and I would want to be married first. I am also very much the type of person who likes the comfort and stability of a long-term monogamous relationship more than the excitement of single life.

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I actually want to get married and have kids :0


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They get married...?

Marriage isn't a completely religous thing. It wasn't created by god/the Bible. That's matrimony, in the church. Legal state marriages have nothing to do with religion.

Haha, take it as ignorance on my part, as I come from a very religious family and I've never seen marriages outside of churches.

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I got married just over a year ago and it was the best decision i have ever made. I didn't get married in a church but on the beach in Greece :p
I'm gonna get married on the beach and have a Pokemon themed wedding, agu~


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I dont think i'll get married but you never know. And of course gay marriage should be legal, it is stupid to deny good people happiness because they are are a little different than you.


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I would probably get married around my mid to late 20s, just guessing, earlier or later, you never know, and have a full ceremony.

As for kids, 3 AT THE MOST! Most likely less cuz lets face it, kids are expensive!

I am for gay marriage, something I can never tell to my parents with them being extremely homophobic. All gender combinations should be able to get married as long as their love for each other is true and sincere. Love knows no gender.


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dont get married until you know that that person your with will make you happy for the rest of your life....if your already in one and your arguing nonstop then it will end(alot of people say that they can work through it but they cant)....and dont have babies in your marriage until your absolutley sure you can support a babies every need and have the money to do it and you wont divorce the person later(that always seems to mess up the babie when it gets older)....theres alot more i could talk about but these are some good points as is
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I definitely want to get married someday, just have to meet the right person first.
I feel that getting married and having kids are a fundamental part of life.


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I want to get married, but most of my family is divorced.

On my mothers side:

She divorced my father when I was 3.
Her mother and father divorced. They were both cheating on each other at the same time.
My uncle divorced my auntie, this auntie (not a relation by blood) remarried then got divorced again.
My auntie divorced my uncle. (different auntie). She then remarried.

On my fathers side:
His father and mother divorced, he remarried and had another kid.

I definately want to get married one day, and have children.

Marriage should be for life, but people can change or you can fall out of love. I think now people rush into marriage without being sure, or they are settling for someone because their future is more secure.


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Personally I think that marriage is supposed to be the perfect unity between two people who love each other very much. So it's sad to see such high rates of divorces everywhere. I think a lot of people get married for no proper reason, just for the sake of it. Marriage should be between two people who have been together for a good amount of time and who love each other a lot.
I would like to be married in the future, and when/if I do get married, I want it to be forever. ;D


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My parents are divorced so I'm synical when it comes to such things, plus in today's time there's not much that survive due to the demands of society. Plus I don't need one, I can stand on my own to feet


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One of my dreams is to raise a kid, so obviously I'd want to provide said kid with a loving father. But, if you got married how long would you wait until you have kids?


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Fun fact: divorce rates aren't high because of "bad people" or anything; it's high because there's easier access and people can actually get what they want.

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I'm not to high on marriage. It's seem like a money drainer and a waste of effort to put up with.

Maybe I'm missing something but... How is combining the incomes of two people a money drainer? And ever relationship, romantic or otherwise, takes effort. I have nothing against people who don't want to get married, but some of the reasons I hear are kind of strange to me.