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Mauville Food Court


Cerulean Blues
Also known as the Battle Food Court, in this place you could order food at one of the three counters and after paying, you would be given an amount of turns to wait for your meal and battle in between the waiting time.

Did you battle in the Mauville Food Court in ORAS? Which of the three food courses was your favorite? Have you ever completed the courses in the exact amount of turns needed?


I visited the food court a few times when I wanted to get some extra experience when I first arrived in Kinsetsu (Mauville) City, but ultimately I didn't visit that place very often during the post-game since there were better ways of gaining experience by then, such as battling the five special trainers at the Battle Resort or battling trainers in Secret Bases.


Well-Known Member
I battled there often while I was level grinding to get my team up to level 100, but once that was complete I didn't bother with the Mauville food court anymore. I think Sun and Moon improved on the idea with the Battle Buffet.