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Maxim is going to be a father

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Beyond repair
This Morning I received a call from my girlfriend. She told me something that made me incredibly scared - She is pregnant. It's pretty possible after what we were doing lately, though.

I had a choice:
a) To say I don't believe it's my child and make her STFU.
b) Use a baseball bat
c) Tell her I love her and I'll love our child, too.

I chose the last one. After seeing how children made by young parents usually end up, I realized that our child must have a father. Its real, biological father and it's me.

Am I happy? Not really. But I am ready for a challenge. For a very hard challenge. My life is going to change. When I thought my times became tough, now they will be 00ber-tough. But I'm ready.

Sorry Grem, now I know what you were feeling....


Piplup Master
Congrats! and im sure you will be very happy when the baby is born! even if it doesnt seem like that now.


Odd how this happens to be on April Fools Day...

Well, you reap what you sow.


ship it holla
So you got one past the goalie eh?

Smashing effort, old chap. I know true spunk when I see it!

On a side note; if this is her idea of an April Fool's joke, sell her to some Frenchmen to be made into pate.


i herd u leik meh.
Ouch. lol Joking. Congrats Maxim, but just watch out this could be an April Fools Joke.


Well-Known Member
It's great to see that you made the right choice for the sake of the child. Selflessness is a rare quality nowadays. Good luck.


Beyond repair
I'm waiting for someone who remembers Grem's story (and my reaction to it) to post. When roles are reversed, really strange things may happen...

April Fools Joke done by her? It's possible. But I believe it's true.


Staff member
No one gives a crap, and yes I remember your stupid reaction to Grem being a dad.


Shut up.
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