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Maximum Ride Fanfiction!

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by SnazzySwampert, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. SnazzySwampert

    SnazzySwampert LOOK AT MY SON

    Ok guys this is my first fanfic. I hope you like it! So enjoy! :D
    You guys probably think you’ve heard the whole story of Maximum Ride, right? Wrong. You think you know everything you need to know about them, right? Well, wrong again. There’s a whole other part to this that you don’t know. There was another member of the flock Max didn’t tell you about. That’s me- Colt. You only know part of the story. You want to know the whole story than keep reading.


    "Okay, so Max. Where we going to go next?" I asked. Max: the leader of our flock, the girl who can fly at speeds over 200 miles per hour. You heard me right fly. We've all been genetically mutated with 2 percent avian DNA, and I’m only 13, Max, Fang and Iggy are all 14, Nudge is 11, Gazzy is 8, and Angel is 6. So we’re mutants pretty much with wings. And we’re on the run. We’ve been on the run for about a year now. Now we’re in the middle of who-knows-where in a steaming hot desert in the middle of summer.
    In other words I was hot. No wait I was the hottest I had ever been since the beginning of this entire journey. “We’re going to Colorado," Max said calmly as if the heat didn't even bother her.

    “Why’re we going there?” Nudge asked, but I was surprised when she talked because she’d been quiet the entire trip so far which is unusual for Nudge since she's the one who talks the most out of all of us. But I suspected it was because Ari had died. Now if you've read the series that Max narrated then you would know that Ari was an Eraser or a half-human, half-lupine hybrid who was trying to kill all of us. I could feel the sadness that had entered all of us as we buried Ari along with Jeb, Max's dad and our savior from the School, which isn't actually a school, but a science lab where we spent most of our lives being studied and jabbed by needles like lab rats in dog crates. You heard me right, dog crates. So after a while Jeb I guess felt sorry for us and broke us out, but forgot to grab his own son, Ari. So Ari became a clunky Eraser and we became the Flock. We’ve survived pretty well on our own for two years and then we went on the run.

    ‘Hey Angel,’ I thought. ‘Yeah?’ Angel sent back. ‘Can you tell me why we’re going to Colorado?’ I asked. ‘Okay,’ she sent back. She looked back at me and I thought ‘So, why’re we going?’ A couple seconds later she said, ‘It’s so we can meet someone.’ ‘Do you know who?’ I asked. Angel shook her head. ‘No,’ Angel thought to me, ’Max wasn’t thinking about it.’ Now you might be wondering ‘what do you mean by saying she thought to you?’ Well long story short, Angel can read minds, control them, breathe underwater, talk to fish, and change her appearance. Max, her extra power was already mentioned, Fang can pretty much fade into the background when he stays still long enough so it gets pretty creepy when he does that. Iggy our bomb maker even though he’s blind, can feel color, and sometimes actually see. Gazzy or the Gasman, well, we haven’t figured his out yet. Mine hasn’t been figured out yet either so he’s not alone.

    “We’re going to Colorado to meet someone,” Max told us. Angel was right, not that it surprised me, I mean, you can’t be wrong when you can read minds. ‘Angel would dominate at any card game,’ I thought to myself. As we kept flying I kept getting hotter. “How much longer till we get there?” Gazzy asked Max. “We’ll be there in about a day or two.” Max told him. “Oh thank goodness,” I said, “I’m burning up.” I looked back at Angel who was flying next to Total, our talking, and flying Scottie that Angel found in the Institute in New York City. I was surprised he hadn’t said anything the entire w- “When are we going to get some food?” Total asked. Never mind.

    “We’ll get some food soon,” Max told him, “Just wait.” I could tell Max herself was hungry but she didn’t say anything about it. “Hey guys!” Gazzy said, “I think I see a McDonald’s off in the distance!” “Hey I see it too!” I said. “Let’s go!” said Nudge. If you didn’t know this already we need about 3-4000 calories a day. So we need a lot of food to keep us from going hungry. However there was one downside to seeing this McDonald’s- we knew we couldn’t buy anything. But, who said we need to buy our food. Now if you’re thinking, ‘Gasp! You’re going to steal food!’ No, we’re not going to steal the food. We’ll have to get what we can find.

    A few minutes later Fang came back with-a half-eaten burger, a large somewhat drank Cola, a box of McNuggets, and a large box of fries, all from the dumpster. To us this was pretty much all we’d had in the past two days besides desert rats.

    After we’d gotten our fill of greasy fast food night was coming so we decided to sleep in a cave we’d found. While everyone else was asleep I woke up and looked around and like Max did a 360 scope of the area. Nobody had woken up except me. I moved over to Iggy, who’s like my best friend in the flock and shook him. He woke startled and I told him it was just me and he settled down. “Want to go practice flying with the birds?” I asked him. He nodded in agreement. I smiled when he did that.

    When we were flying it felt like the best thing in the world. It was like I was moving without a care about what was going on around me. About a half hour later we landed safely on the ground and went back to the cave. I told him to go back to sleep and we would practice more tomorrow night. Night was always the best time to practice flying because it’s quiet and nobody can bother you.

    A few minutes later I was asleep and then when I woke up it seemed like minutes until I woke up. When I was completely awake everyone else was outside the cave and waiting. “Hey guys,” I said yawning, “What’s up?” “Apparently not you,” Fang said under his breath. “So I slept in. So what?” I said suppressing the thought of launching a smart comeback at Fang. “So what? We were supposed to leave an hour ago!” Max said loudly. “Okay, okay. Sheesh, you’d think I killed a man.” Suddenly I remembered and I felt bad for Ari’s first death all over again. You heard me right his first death. As if it wasn’t as bad as it already was. I did a face palm right then and there. That was about the worst choice of words I’ve used yet. And I’ve made a lot of bad word choices. Everyone started to look sad, even Total. Now we all had about the worst luck after that.
    The first person to post gets to make up an appropriate character to be in one of the next chapters.
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2013
  2. SnazzySwampert

    SnazzySwampert LOOK AT MY SON

    Here's the next part, sorry it took so long. I've had other things going on but anyway here it is Sorry for shortness-
    Okay so maybe not the worst luck but our luck got pretty bad. I kept falling down from where I was flying because I was still tired from the night before. We also couldn’t find another place to eat but we didn’t care about that. I mean we could just eat desert rats with nothing on them. Try doing that. It’s not that bad if you’re starving. Later that day we got to a small town named literally- Nowhere.
    When we got into town we saw that they had a small restaurant at the end of it. But this one wasn’t fast food so it was nice. Fang came back with some pie, fruit cups, and a couple subs. Well at least it wasn’t desert rats.
    Later, we crossed over to Colorado and I kept wondering, ‘Who are we coming here to meet?’ Then a thought hit me, ‘what if this wasn’t the real Max? What if it’s Max 2?’ Now some of you may be wondering, ‘what do you mean Max 2?’ Well long story short Max was kidnapped and the whitecoats replaced her with a clone. Most of us bought it but I got suspicious. But wait a second, wasn’t Max 2 at the German Itex and going to expire? She now hated Itex too so why would they still send her?
    OK so maybe it wasn’t Max 2. This was the real and true Max. I could tell. It was the way she flew that assured me it was the real Max. I have a way of remembering things. I mean ask me to remember something, I never forget it. And I mean never.
    A couple hours later Max dropped down and we all followed. I tapped Iggy’s hand to tell him we were descending. “Where are we?” I asked Max. “We’re where we need to be,” Max calmly stated. A couple minutes later a chopper came down right next to where we were, and I kept wondering, ‘who’s going to come out of there, and what are they doing here?’ I thought I saw two pairs of wings, but that couldn't be true. But then what came out proved me wrong.
    Post what you think and what I could do to make this better. Thanks! :D
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2013

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