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Maxxed Out! (325)


<Bring her back!
Was I the only one annoyed that when they let out all their pokemon to play and whatever that Corphish and Mudkip were somehow forgotten?


In my nightmares
I don't mind filler episodes but this wasn't very interesting. Surskit is a boring Pokemon to me.


When Max talked with Max, it's was very weird, because the real Max was shorter...


Let's go to the beach, each.
I have to say, I was very disappointed with this one. Probably the worst Filler in Hoenn not just because there was another boy who looked just like Max :/

I'm glad that we had some more Skitty time and it was cute to see Max play with Skitty, but then things got complicated when his double appeared. Both were such know-it-alls it drove me insane.

Surskit was cute, though it was stronger than I thought. For such a little thing, it had a strong Bubble attack :S 4/10


Man of Mystery
I didn't really like the whole 2 Max's thing, it was kinda dumb, and a Surskit episode was bound to be boring.

Bad episode...


Well-Known Member
This episode was great. It was quite amusing to see Jessie being really evil. She acts like this in Tracey Gets Bugged an I Feel Skitty as well and all because of her hair.


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was interesting seeing another Max in this episode, the 2 really didn't like each other for most of the episode. It was cool seeing Surskit for the 1st time. Surskit is really cute! It was great to see Surskit battle and defeat TR, it's very strong. It was funny watching May keep trying to stop the 2 Max's fighting all of the time. Jessie with a hammer was very funny and scary at the same time.



Well-Known Member
This episode was alright. It was cool to see anther Max. Quite confusing though. Surskit was cute,Don't really like it overall as a Pokemon though.


I stopped watching when I saw Max's older twin enter the Pokemon Center. What were the writers thinking with this one?


Well-Known Member
Well, I did enjoy this episode for the most part. I thought seeing a doppelganger of Max was hilarious and how they both come to terms at the end of this episode was great. Yes, it felt a little unoriginal with a character of the day and a weak Pokémon, but it was still mediocre to alright.
Weird how when they all sent out their Pokemon, Corphish and Mudkip weren't included.
Didn't like the second Max in this episode at the beginning. He was really a jerk. Though, I am glad both Maxes respected each other at the end. :)


Fiery Destroyer! <3
This episode was OK.They could have done something better with the Maxes,but they didn't.Jessie was enjoyable and scary as well.But I liked the way she looked with the wet hair. 6.8/10.

Mrs. Oreo

I'm not a Max hater or anything, but seeing another boy with the same design and name as him was hard to watch cuz neither was interesting to me ha ha. I did like Surskit a bit at least hee hee. :D


Max's twin was no better than Max was except he was slightly more mature. I wonder why Caroline never told Max he had a long lost brother? And who's the dad?


Well-Known Member
The new Max so really annoying at the start but luckily they made up. This was a cool episode, Jessie was completely crazy and funny.

How did they get that truck so quickly though? And where do they store their balloon and Magikarp sub?


Meowth fanatic
Oh look, we got another Max in this episode. Those 2 really didn't like each other, and Surskit was all right. It was great to see Surskit battle and defeat TR. It was funny watching May keep trying to stop the 2 Max's fighting all of the time.