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May 08 Plot Discussion.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Manga Discussion' started by Jade, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Mileyangel

    Mileyangel Inuyasha Fan

    *hugs* It's okay......we'll get through this......somehow........
  2. Jade

    Jade Myuu...

    June 08 Plot Discussion

    Tee...hee...heee... Once again, they are still mine, to start. I made it just in time before I head out for a holiday - otherwise you would have broken my streak :p

    So yeah. the link is there.

    Chatot and Munchlax made another comeback to battle in Grade 4. Cyrus once again,

    The Heathreome gym battle is on in Grade 5.

    Riley & Dia training, a Wild Steelix appears. But Dia, serving up food once again??!?!?! Looks like Riolu egg is up for grabs this time...

    So long, you wont see me here for a few days.

    Until then :)

    And remember, respect Coronis, he is still on leave for a while. As for your information - dont expect Ace level translations and summaries this time... Just wait patiently and pry that Coronos made a come back one day....

  3. Ryuusei

    Ryuusei the sakura trainer~

    Empoleon looks fat with Berlitz there, =X.
  4. ShinyPalkia

    ShinyPalkia Well-Known Member

    Sniff, I'm sad, because Coronis left. But I'm sure he will come back and if he wont come back, somebody else replace him. ^_^

    Anyway, thanks again Jade.

    Heh, that one Galactic dude, looks like a ninja.

    Is that thing on Chatot's peck a Galactic bomb ? I first thought it was a camera. ^_^
  5. Jade

    Jade Myuu...

    Someone merged a thread? Not cool. To whoever did it, it is supposed to be seperate for each month... :S:S:S
  6. Mileyangel

    Mileyangel Inuyasha Fan

    .......is it REALLY that hard for the writers to wrap up a story that's been hanging for a year? I guess it is.
  7. Apparently so.
    Wonderland should come out soon......I hope.

    I have no Idea why the discussion fused with the old one.........You can ask a mod.

    As for the plot so far............I don't really know what's going on, only:
    -Berlitz is about face off against Fantina
    -Dia is eating. (nothing new)
    -Someone will get the riolu egg.
  8. brelili

    brelili Call me Bri.

    Looks like Magnezone used Gravity on Chatot.

    Do my eyes decieve me, or is Torterra actually jumping in the air?
  9. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    I think it's using Superpower. But yeah, I think it's jumping. Weird huh.

    Anyway, wonder if Roo will try to help Dia with cooking?
  10. Fantina looks a lot better in the manga, in my opinion. She looks...younger.

    Do you think it will be Dia?

    Torterra jumping? o_O It's probably using a move. Either that or it's falling off something.
  11. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire scream your self

    Is it possible, that the wonderland is already out, but we don't know about it since Coronis isn't here?
  12. Fabian the Fastman

    Fabian the Fastman Active Member

    Hm. So Berlitz has a Gible now.
  13. Wait, she does?
    I don't really see it.
  14. Agunomuu

    Agunomuu Chime

    A brief idea of this month's netkun update... And there's still no info about the new wonderland.

    Grade 6:
    When Pearl asked Dia why he didn't escape with them, Dia told Pearl what he had in mind for a long time, that he was not subordinate to Pearl.
    Dia and Pearl began to fight the mysterious man over the man's camera, which contained pictures of the cave paintings he had taken earlier. Chatot managed to get the camera from Magnezone but was then hit by Probopass' Gravity.
    The mysterious man revealed that his name was Cyrus. He asked Dia and Pearl to join him and build an ideal world together.

    Grade 5:
    The Lady's father froze with fear when Team Galactic showed him the videotape of the bodyguards' fall. Team Galactic said they would use the money to make an universe.
    After they had finished all the math questions, Lady Berlitz started her Hearthome Gym challenge. However, it seemed like the math questions were traps made by Fantina.
    Munchlax and Empoleon succeeded in beaten Duskull and Drifblim, but then the gym was suddenly turned into a Jungle. It was no other than Fantina's favorite move, the illusion attack of Mismagius. Empoleon and Ponyta (poor Ponyta) were knocked out in no time.
    Fantina stated that the Lady was not good at handling “theoretically incorrect” things. And thus the illusion attacks, which was just the opposite to the theoretical rules, would give her a rough time.

    Grade 4:
    Dia, who was taking the A-course in Iron Island, ran into a Steelix. Ruu, Boo and Puu struggled hard and finally won the fight. It turned out that the Steelix was the leader of the Pokemon in this island, who possessed intelligence, power and speed that even Riley
    would have a very hard time facing it. It was unbelievable that Dia had gained such a stronger power within only 3 days.
    All though the training was tiring, Dia would never lose his enthusiasm towards food. He even shared his food with wild Pokemon.
    Dia got up very early to pick up some self-training. To get stronger, he even gave up his sleep time. This effort will surely payoff.
    As an graduation exam of their special training, Riley gave Dia a task to get a Pokemon Egg in the deepest part of the cave.
  15. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Dia is officially becoming the best character I've read for awhile. Heh, wonder how Berlitz's dad will feel about her doing gyms?
  16. Razor Shiftry

    Razor Shiftry Cynthia = Porn Star

    Dis is going to kick *** once he gets a Lucario (assuming he gets the egg, hatches it and evolves Riolu xD) he is SO awesome now. i love it.

    is there a shipping between Dia and Riley?

    and Berlitz's Ponyta needs more love. REALLY. man, the writers are mean to her :(
  17. SoulGuardian

    SoulGuardian PICHU ROXORZ!

    Is it me or is Dia the only character catching new Pokemon?
  18. Dia406

    Dia406 Totally not gay!

    I hope Dia gets the Riolu egg.
    Anyway heres an (attempt summary and just for the last part):
    Riley and Dia are battling a Steelix. After the that it looks like Dia is making food for him and his pokemon(look at Puu on the bottom watching Dia thats so cute) not really that surprising. This part I'm not so clear about but I think Rileys thinking about how Dia is a good training and with his kind heart he can raise pokemon to be very strong( after all look how quick Roo evolved), so Riley thinks its a good thing to give Dia the Riolu egg to see how good he really is at raising pokemon. I'm not sure but I think Roo is using solarbeam on that steelix. Prediction: Dia meets up with Pearl and The Lady and finds out they have some new pokemon to, well they are getting new pokemon.

    This is just an attempt I'm not the best I'm probaly the worset but please enjoy.
  19. ....?
    So this whole time, He thought he was subordinate to Pearl?

    Poor Dia, and I thought Pearl was his friend.
  20. SapphireSwampert

    SapphireSwampert Worldend Dominator

    With Dia clearing that out of the way, I feel stronger as an Absurdist Shipper : D

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