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May 14th: PM2019 066 - Flabebe's White Flower


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Kinda why I really never feel anything when Go’s Pokémon evolve. Most of the time all it is is another box to be checked for his Pokédex.

Yea it sucks but one and done is basically all this series does even for companion reunions.
That is so sad. Hopefully Iris’s episode is good but if it’s not then way to go Journeys...


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Only Goh’s pokemon can evolve without doing anything on screen, while Ash’s can be seen on screen for an entire series without evolving once..

Rune Knight

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At least be a Kalos episode.


Can ash's mons appear in this episode? Or letting them appear will still majority of spotlight!

Who cares about pwc?just show the fans a poster of ash pose with mons

Who is chloe?sassy girl got an evee and lost her sassiness and writes daily diary thats it...her story is done

Give goh plenty of episodes even then he feels less developed than chloe and ash with less no. Of episodes

Rune Knight

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At this point, Viridian City or even Cerise Park may as well be their own regions.


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But WHY the white flower one and not the others? Plus why do I feel a repeat of Flabébé episode of XY with losing its flower?
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Is this episode going to be associated with Chrysa (Kikuna) and Ren (Renji)? Quite unlikely as of now.
Why I asked such a question? Because when Chrysa got her first focus episode in JN047, then 10 episodes later, in JN057, a joint focus episode with Chloe, so I think it might be associated with the female assistant, though it is nine episodes after JN057, not ten. Also, it is a flower-themed episode.