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May 20th: PM2019 111 - Mohn and Lilie: A Reunion on the Tundra

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Hopefully they recast Lillie’s dub voice but nonetheless best girl is back. I don’t want to be too hopeful but perhaps with the snowy climate (no pun intended) that she evolves Snowy. Another team change would be nice as well since Iris got Haxorus and Serena got Delphox along with move changes. And similar to her game arc after she’s done helping her parent (in this case Mohn) she goes on a real journey to another region.


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Hopefully they recast Lillie’s dub voice

Sorry bro, but not happening. If that was going to happen it would have by now.

Besides, I doubt TPCI will want to recast her for one episode. Even if it would be a vast improvement... :(

Another team change would be nice as well since Iris got Haxorus and Serena got Delphox along with move changes.
And Clemont getting Diggersby...

Heck, they opened that door way back in SM by giving Lillie an Ice-Stone. I mean, why give her one if she's NEVER going to use it?
And yes, I know it was to keep Snowy cute & marketable, but now that she's no longer in the spotlight may as well. If Axew and Fennekin can of all Pokemon can finally evolve, so can Snowy. (And become the terror of all Dragon-types!)

At the very least give Snowy a new move. Her spamming Powder Snow REALLY got old quick...
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We got a new summary with some new details:

News have emerged of a mysterious Pokémon having been spotted on the Crown Tundra in the Galar region, so Satoshi, Go and Koharu head there to research the matter. At the same time, Lilie, a girl Satoshi befriended in the Alola region, has also come to the Crown Tundra with her brother Gladio and mother Lusamine in search of her lost father Mohn.


'Mysterious'? One of the CT legendaries? Maybe a UB?

Would be nice to see Goh catch a UB, though he'd need someone to give him a beast ball.

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Ah yes, Mohn is in the Crown Tundra, 'cause when I think of "Crown Tundra" I think "that one guy from the tropical bean islands"

Which means that the strange pokemon likely isn't calyrex and is actually an Ultra Beast bringing Mohn home
Time to finally see the Max Lair? Heck, maybe we could see Nebby here, that'd be cool.


Which UB would you pick for him?
I think Poipole would be the safest option, but I could see Stakataka, Kartana or Buzzwole all working.

I would actually love Pheromosa, Celesteela, or Guzzlord (lol), but I doubt that any of those are options.

Though I don't really expect him to catch anything significant here, it was just an idea.


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Yasssss Chloe and Lillie the best poke girls since Misty as meeting <3!!!!! Hope Vulpix gets an update :).
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