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May 21st: PM2019 067 - Pikachu the Suspect?!

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the elder eevee
do we not have a title for the gary episode? cant we just make a makeshift one. I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THE CLIP WHY DOES ASH HAVE INFERNAPE IS IT HIS?? AAAAH


I don't mind Pikachu-focused episodes. Actually, I like those so you won't hear me complaining lol

Ultra Beast Lover

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Another Pikachu centered one. I mean, ok but why the sudden interest? It used to be we'd be lucky to get one Pikachu episode per season


Call me Robert guys
Oh jesus who the hell wanted this, literally who lol??


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Oh jesus who the hell wanted this, literally who lol??
Definitely not me! Like seriously where do they have the time for this especially when we lost like 2 months of no episodes.


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Did you not see Mr. Mime's face in that one episode? That was a clear reference. Granted, I think that was episode like, 7 or so.

They also had Marie Iitoyo as a stunt cast guest VA and promotor back at the start of PM2019, she's best known to Japanese Pokemon fans for her role in the dub of that movie.
They've acknowledged it for quite a while.


I don't think so, cuz it learns a new move every other generation, and it already learned a new move in SM.
I dunno. It's just that the special preview had a weird shot of Pikachu, and then there was a shot of Pikachu and Ash in a cop uniform. I feel *something* is happening to Pikachu. Of course, it's just a feeling.

Ultra Beast Lover

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Pikachu is the prime suspect in the disappearance of Tracey. He was last seen going to Gym Leader Misty's Gym but reports indicate he never arrived. Professor Oak had this to say, "It was all Pikachu's doing! Tracey was begging Pikachu for a journey contract, when he didn't get one he decided to go to Misty to ask for help in getting a contract. I heard Pikachu order the Pokemon to make their problem disappear, then he told me to keep quiet and he'd let me study Ash's Pokemon. Well Ash stopped paying!"


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This seems like it's going to be another TR based ep where they cause some mischief but this time it gets blamed on Pikachu but it's up to the kids to disprove Officer Jenny's accusation.
I could actually see that, they get a Pikachu from that stupid machine of theirs and it goes around causing trouble. Ash's Pikachu stumbles across the scene later and gets blamed
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