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May 27th: PM2019 112 - A Triumphant Return! The Alola Champion!!

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In hindsight with all of the speculation about Lillie and Nihilego. As nothing is official or set in stone. Its the one entity that Lillie is scared of. Even though Silvally cured some of the fear. It still probably exists. I never thought that pairing was plausible because I always thought that if for whatever reason it was to be caught. It would be by Gladion instead. The older brother helping and assisting his younger sister master her fears. It's a great story in my opinion.


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Even though I’m not a fan of the whole “Ash finds that the battle is too easy” theory, it is weird to want him to lose here especially after he just beat an E4 and Champion tier Gym Leader. Guess I missed those posts so fair enough.
One of the reasons why I advocated that theory is because I realized that Ash getting depressed after losing no longer has the same impact as it once had. Especially after Bea pretty much did it much earlier.

So, what on earth would make Ash depressed now? Especially when he's in the Master 8?


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Ash losing here and getting depressed about it would be terrible in plenty of ways. Firstly, being a champion tier trainer and losing in a region that's....let's just say not exactly at the highest level is bad enough. Being "down" over it would be even worse cause it was already shown once after the Bea battle and being down over losing an insignificant battle royale which isn't even a formal PWC battle would be super dumb to say the least.


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Wondering which one, maybe Ash Naganadel joins him?

Trying to think which would fit him most and can be used during the Battle Royal to not be too Big and the ones I can see are:

That's about it
I think he’d be best with Kartana personally, but I have a feeling that he’ll have this shiny Nihilego we keep hearing about,.

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I am really looking forward to seeing the preview of this episode even though I will find it disappointing that Ash may just only use Pikachu. I still hope for a good battle
I think he’d be best with Kartana personally, but I have a feeling that he’ll have this shiny Nihilego we keep hearing about,.
Well in the games Kartana is the only other UB that we see human characters actually command in battle so I wouldn’t mind if Gladion had one.

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So we still don't know who will Gladion use, if he will fight but I'm guessing it will be Nihilego.

Can he use the poison Z-move at least?

Lord Godwin

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yeah but with Marowak and whoever Gladion uses at the same time.
I would want to see Gladion Fighting with Kukui (especially Silvally vs Incineroar).

I wonder if the final will be Ash and Kukui od Ash and Gladion.

Imagine Ash loosing and Gladion Fighting Kukui in the grand finale.
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