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May 27th: PM2019 112 - A Triumphant Return! The Alola Champion!!

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Battle Royal *urgh*

Better make a Ash vs Kukui 2.0 with his allstar team as a "preperation" for the M8. That Battle Royal in the Alola league was so horribly done and I don't expect it to be better here.


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Battle Royal *urgh*

Better make a Ash vs Kukui 2.0 with his allstar team as a "preperation" for the M8. That Battle Royal in the Alola league was so horribly done and I don't expect it to be better here.
I think this is more of the game Battle Royal 1v1v1v1
Incineroar being utilized would be nice since he didn’t get that much screen time after evolving from Torracat for obvious reasons

Is that a funny way of saying Mr. Mime?
i kind of can't wait to see how his alola classmates react to dracovish's appearance here too.
A very obvious "Wow!" without getting freaked out that a head was attached to the tip of a sliced-off tail.

Want to be scared? Just bring a Ghost-type. Even Mimikyu. It's a stereotype.


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There could be a segment where Ash recalls the Pokemon Kukui has belonging to him back for his Master's 8 battles.

Jk that won't happen.


Lillie will probably be freaked out and Gladion would question why does Ash get all the “rare” Pokémon and want to challenge him
You mean that Pokémon Ash used in battle for the first time in years in the beginning of the saga and disappeared completely around half in the series?
His father, yes. That one.


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About time we got this episode!!!! I'm freaking hyped as hell and honestly this makes the project mew's title so freaking funny in retrospect, nice meta joke by the writers
I kinda hope we get 5 Battle Royale matches with Ash's entire alolan team minus Nagandel
So like maybe Ash with Rowlet soloing a bunch of rookies
Ash with Melmetal against Guzma Illima and Hau
Ash with Lycanroc against Gladion Kiawe and Lana
Ash with Incineroar against Kukui Hapu Mohn
Ash with Pikachu against Hala Olivia and Nanu

But mostly I want to see Incineroar battle, istg if its just Pikachu it'd suck
Hope we also see Kukui's sixth mon lol

And as for Alola's champion status, I hope we get some context and celebration to it rather than just being used as a promotional tool yet again

Ah neat, I get the Aether family in one episode and rest of Alola in the other? Best of both worlds :)
SM fans are feasting right now! If these episodes are handled well I legit dont need anything more SM related except maybe seeing Chloe helping Lana's eevee evolve into Vaporeon
They haven't been super consistent with how they refer to Champions as of late. Sometimes it's "x region Champion", other times it's "x league Champion". Shirona was called the "Sinnoh Region Pokemon League Champion" not too long ago I believe.

League winner is an entirely different term, yeah (yuushousha). Same with the term used to refer to Dande being "reigning champ" of the PWCS (ouja, the native Japanese term for champion).

Yeah this should be the final nail in the coffin that Ash is the champion of alola as Cynthia is to Sinnoh. I mean it was obvious, why wouldn't the league winner be the champion in a region where there isn't an E4, with Kukui serving as a defacto champions league. It's the same in games with Galar, you beat the galar league and Leon and you become the champion
surprised not to see @SerGoldenhandtheJust here. he's gonna love this title when he sees it

glad to see ash's title get some recognition
College was a *****, have final exams going on right now so was rarely using my mobile but i did see the titles on twitter and got hyped!!! Can't wait for these episodes tbh, JN is such a treat


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Hopefully they show some of the strong trainers we missed out on in the main PWC in this, to show that ash indeed still surpassed them
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