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May 7th: PM2019 065 - Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!


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It was announced on the 6th that popular voice actor Aoi Yuki will be appearing in the anime "Pocket Monsters", which is currently airing on the TV Tokyo Network (on Fridays at 6:55pm), for the first time in the about 7 and a half years since the October 2013 broadcast of "Pocket Monsters Best Wishes". In "Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!", the episode airing May 7th, she will be appearing in the role of Iris as a battle between her Kairyu and the Kairyu belonging to the protagonist Satoshi plays out.

This May 7th episode is a story where a battle between Dragon type Pokémon plays out. Satoshi is participating in the Pokémon World Championships, aiming to get a battle with Dande, the Greatest of Them All, and has now won against many strong opponents and advanced to 184th place in the Super Class. He then receieves a battle invitation from Iris, a former travel companion of his. Iris had set off on a training journey together with her partner Pokémon Kibago, aiming to become Dragon Master, but it appears she has now returned to the Isshu region. As it also seems she has registered for the Pokémon World Championships, Satoshi and Go immediately head for the Soryu Gym in the Isshu region.

Wielding the powers she and her Partner Pokémon have now gathered, Iris challenges her former travel companion Satoshi to a no-holds-barred battle! The episode then shows us what happens in this battle, which has advancement to the Hyper Class on the line.

This is Yuki's first appearance in the Pokémon anime in quite a while. "I feel really honored to once again participate in the "Pocket Monsters" anime as Iris for the first time in about 7 years", she said with joy, "and while I believe there are going to be people that will be encountering Iris for the first time in this episode, it's absolutely packed to the brim with the things that make Iris and Dragon type Pokémon so appealing, so I hope it manages to make them love her and her Partner Pokémon."

"As for those of you who are looking forward to seeing her again, I can tell you that you can REALLY feel how much Iris has grown, so I really want you to pay attention to that! More than anything else, the interaction between her and Satoshi after all this time is going to be something that will really resonate with long-time viewers. This episode is one that can make you once again feel just how fun Pokémon battles are, so I hope it will deepen your "Pokémon love" even further."

The Pokémon anime currently on the air is the 7th in the series. It's a story set in all the regions that have appeared thus far, with all kinds of Pokémon that live in these regions appearing as well as the double protagonists Satoshi and Go adventure around various places alongside their Pokémon.



One day a letter arrives for Satoshi. It's a battle invitation from hiss former travel companion Iris!!
Satoshi and Iris' emotional reunion...!!
Satoshi has a Dragon match with Iris, the girl who aims to become Dragon Master!!


One day a letter arrives for Satoshi. It's a battle invitation from Iris, the girl who aims to become Dragon Master. He and the others immediately head for Soryu Gum in the Isshu region. Iris can understand how Dragon type Pokémon feel, so she detects Satoshi's Kairyu's feelings. And now a passionate battle between Satoshi and Iris with advancement to the "Pokémon World Championships" Hyper Class on the line begins!

Screenplay 冨岡淳広 (Atsuhiro Tomioka)
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
Episode Director 高木啓明 (Hiroaki Takagi)
Animation Director 香月麻衣子 (Maiko Katsuki)
Animation Director 倉員千晶 (Chiaki Kurakazu)
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Break the Limit
Ash just getting in his current class and now possibly jumping forward AGAIN this episode is pretty funny but it's been talked to death about the rushed nature of his goal at this point so I'll leave it at that. I hope he loses in that case since he just had a big victory with Sir Fetched and Dragonite could use the growth anyway from a loss.

Very excited for this episode, the month wait will be a long one

AsH KetcHHup

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Basically, Iris has done a Flint and I reckon the training trip is an excuse for her Axew to be fully evolved. The part saying 'wielding the new powers she and her partner pokemon now have' makes me feel like Axew has finally achieved its dream .
I wonder how much of Yuuki’s words are fluff and hype versus genuine feelings. She is an actual Pokémon fan herself so I can’t discount her summary. Once again another statement regarding Iris’s growth as a trainer. One episode was expected but possible continued appearances would be great if something akin to Saito or Kibana.


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Wut! Hyper class already. I wonder if Ash climbed some ranks offscreen, again.

Well he was already in the one hundreds after rinto, so he was already about one battle away.

Ash losing could actually mean another appearance for iris tho. Since from the summary the episode sounds very self contained, iris might just be a one and done.


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Wonder if we'll get to see Iris' Gible. If Axew indeed evolved all the way to Haxorus, it will be like May's Bulbasaur. We'll never get to see it as a Fraxure.