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May 7th: PM2019 065 - Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!


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I mean, Kukui was literally a professor, the Masked Royal and the final boss of the Alola League.. Gary competing in the PWC doesn't take away from his research in the slightest..
That was kukuis field of research as a prof, people keep bringing up stuff like this when all the profs have there own fields and if gary was following oak then oak isnt a battle professor, when he was a trainer in his youth that was before he was a professor.


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Dawn isn't the strongest female companion
I get that, since the set-up is different. But again - to use my race game analogy: I just gained more then 350 positions because I received 12 points for a 1st place in one single 3-car race. So I don't see it as a problem if Ash's ranking jumps up a few 100 in the lower tiers when he wins a battle against a higher ranked trainer.

No? But so far we've seen that PWC is 1v1 or 2v2. Having a full battle out of nowhere seems really unlikely.

Tell that to Snivy (battlewise -for one of Ash's starters- it has little to no impressive feats) or Palpitoad (screentimewise).

Only if she fully evolved both Axew and Gible. Dawn is packing Mamoswine and Togekiss (now a Fairy-type), and might have an Icebeam wielding (Mega-)Lopunny and Typhlosion. So she'd be well equiped to handle Iris' team.

Not to mention May, who has Blaziken, Venusaur, Glaceon and might have a Blastoise and Snorlax by now.

I still see enough people hating on Iris..
Her Mamoswine got tossed around by Dragonite like it was nothing. Never mind that Excadrill also exists who has been with her for a very long time.


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Dawn isn't the strongest female companion

Her Mamoswine got tossed around by Dragonite like it was nothing. Never mind that Excadrill also exists who has been with her for a very long time.

I never said she was, but that she would be 'well equiped' to deal with most of what Iris has. And yes, Dawn isn't a battler, but also.. Iris wasn't really in control of Dragonite either at the time, which may have put Dawn off-balance even more.

Excadrill exists, but so does Quilava (hypothetical Typhlosion). Ground -> Fire, but Fire -> Steel. So if you knock that up as a tie.. Who knows. It's not as if Dawn would need it for any other of Iris' squad, while Excadrill is the main counter to most of Dawn's heavy hitters: Mamoswine, Togekiss.


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Probably would happen more often than you not feeling butthurt and taking my comments so personally, I guess.


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Wut! Hyper class already. I wonder if Ash climbed some ranks offscreen, again.

Yes please. Axew not evolving in BW made sense but not this time.

All hail offscreen development, even iris axew evolved offscren.

I am intrigued to see iris's behavior towards ash and especially his 2 dragons.


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it is too much to hope for Ash to mention he got Goodra, Noivern and Naganadel?
I want Noivern to come back, guy deserves it after being shafted. Same with Goodra.

Too bad two are released and one is forgotten


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Isn’t it funny how both battles that would make Ash advance to the next class have involved his Dragonite?

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Aesthetically, hyper beam is better than hurricane, imo.
Yea, I forgot to write a sentence saying the moves themselves are pretty strong. People don't seem to like hyper beam because of the missed turn after. I guess it depends what they decide to do with the hurricane. In the Korrina episode, they just showed gusts of wind. I can't remember but I think against golurk Dragonite's hurricane was animated to look like an actual hurricane.

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I hope Ash's Dragonite learns a new move in this episode. Its current moveset is really trash.

Hyper Beam is really the only move I feel it should replace at the moment, at the same time Dragonite has so many options to pick from It's hard to lock down what they could replace it with.

There is no excuse if Dracovish takes out Iris' haxorus.

To be fair we don't know how long she's been training Axew up till now or even if it's evolved or not.

Plus, if Iris doesn't know about Dracovish considering it was literally brought into the anime's existence in it's debut episode, how can she know what she's facing?

The surprise factor could easily throw her off, heck I wonder how she'll react to seeing it if it gets used at all here.

I mean to be fair we don’t know how strong Dracovish actually is or how strong it was when it was first revived, so for all we know it could be that strong.

well it did tear through Electroweb like tissue paper without much effort, so there's that.

Aesthetically, hyper beam is better than hurricane, imo.

I actually kind of like the fact that Ash's Dragonite is using a flying type attack since it's a move correlating to one of it's main types.

the only other dragonite in the anime to use a flying move was Lance's and all it used was Wing Attack.

Hyper Beam on the other hand feels way to generic to me, so if any move was to get switched out I'm hoping it's that one.