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May 7th: PM2019 065 - Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

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Looking forward to Iris saying kodomo ne to Ash


Pikachu Fan
Being champion doesn’t equally being the master , iris being champion is just one step for her goal like ash , that why writer need to defined what mastery is like really


Being champion doesn’t equally being the master , iris being champion is just one step for her goal like ash , that why writer need to defined what mastery is like really
i think it depends what is the definition of master anyways regarding both ash and iris of Dragon and pokemon master respectively as they haven't explain specifically about these terms


Dragon Master
D-Day!!! It's finally freaking happening. The Iris episode airs in less than 3 hours.

I am really gonna miss this thread. I think its the first time that many of us old-fans were hyped about an episode in a very long while.

And what surprises me the most is how the so called hate for Iris as a pokegirl was vaguely brought up and dealt with.

This thread has surpassed a lot of statistics and I have really enjoyed being part of this hype train with everyone in the forum

Now let's hope the writers have made it good.

Let's hear the dragons roar!

Oh, and it's Unova vs Alola, with Melemele winning :p
I'm not sure if Iris being champion automatically means that she is a dragon master. She's still young and even as a champion, can still grow. She can still acquire more dragons to further her goal of becoming a dragon master as well imo.
When she look at Dracovish she will realize that she is not Dragon Fossil Mix Master yet.

J. D. Guy

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Oh if she wins the salt is going to be Mcdonalds' fries. I think most people who are fans of Iris knows she'll possibly lose and we have accepted that
This. As much as I'd love Iris to win this or for the battle to end in a draw, so as to lead into a more fuller rematch later while showcasing Iris in the primary now, I know full well the reality that she could lose this fight. And if that is the way things go, I'm more than ready and okay for that.

I just wish the same could be said for the Iris/BW haters if the fight does end in a draw, or even a win for Iris. I know from experience with Iris, the Black and White Anime, Goh, and many other similar scenarios that such grace is a pipedream to expect from them. :(
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