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May 7th: PM2019 065 - Dragon Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!

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Was I the only one not expecting Iris past this episode at least back to back? I’m just grateful to get an appearance at all which will once and for all shut up the peanut gallery about her never appearing due to unpopularity.


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It's not fair that Iris gets one episode return than how Misty, May and Dawn got more episodes since their return cameo.
May and Dawn were part of arcs.

Misty and Brock were unfortunately stuck and treated as a pair, they only received a single focus episode each so basically same deal as Iris here only they appeared more. At least she actually evolved things and grew offscreen though... none of the main cast has done that since May!


Iris' return isn't a special occasion in the same way those were since characters returning is a regular thing in Journeys, like in the same vain you could say that it's not fair that only one or two characters got to return in previous series compared to however many JN will end up having. It's just different situations. Multiparters have never been common in Pokemon so regardless of timeslot etc they most likely would've done a series with multiple cameos like this, shame Iris didn't get her time earlier but it is what it is I expect the same for Gary and other companions too.
Also, we are getting her return at least. Specially after all this time where we've thought she lost her chance.

I'll count on my blessings and celebrate this episode for what it is.


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Wait, Aoi Yuki? Isn't she a VA for main characters in isekai anime?
Tanya Degurechaff from Saga of Tanya Evil
Kumoko from So i'm spider, so what?
And now Azusa in new anime, Slime Taoshite 300-Datta Ken


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Better one episode than more episodes with Iris just being there like Dawn in BW and Misty in Brock' s second cameo in SM
I think most people would probably prefer if she had more episodes, even with less focus on her character.

I mean, I sure hope Gary doesn't end up showing up for only one episode too. Unless they're planning to have these characters come back later on for another episode(s).

I just don't see why they can't have more episodes, considering the rest of the episodes are fillers. Like, episode 63, 64 and 66 are fillers. Why can't one of them be a second episode for Iris so we can have a first episode with her introduction and the first part of the battle, and the rest of the battle plus send off in the second one.

I just don't get why fillers seem to be the main plot in JN. While the actual main plot gets some episodes here and there. It should be the other way around...


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Yes, THE aoi yuuki
Also cilan is voiced by miyano mamoru. They went all out with BW.
Now we need Koyasu to voice someone and fight Leon


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May and Dawn only came back as a package deal that promoted Wallace being the then-Hoenn Champion (because we went through all Hoenn without a single mention of Steven being the champion...for some reason) to promote Pokemon Emerald and Cynthia having a battle cameo in eastern Unova.
Is that supposed to be worse than returning to be a stepping stone for Ash's rank, or for Goh to fight with over Ash's boyfriend rights?


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Is that supposed to be worse than returning to be a stepping stone for Ash's rank, or for Goh to fight with over Ash's boyfriend rights?
Those two girls were stepping stones. No returning character ever gets to win it big. Iris is pretty much set to lose it big in a worldwide(?) level.
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