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May and Drew: Mom and Dad's Trouble!

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by MapleRoses, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Title: May and Drew: Mom & Dad's Trouble
    Rating: Basically PG-13 for some chaps, and for few chaps are R, so , it's rated R for safety~ >.>
    Shipping Material: Contestshipping, Pokeshipping, Hoennshipping, Advanceshipping and other shippings I might add later
    May (as Maybelle)
    Drew (as Andrew)
    Ash (as Ashley)
    Misty (as Mist)
    Harley (as Harly)
    Brendan (as Brenda)
    Vivian (as Vivianna)
    Max (as Maxell)
    Caroline (as Carol)
    Norman (as Normandy)

    Fairy NaThz: A ten-inched fairy which brought May and Drew to Dlover City.
    Adeline: Drew's mom
    Eric: Drew's dad
    Celine: Miki's babysitter
    Lora: Mimi's babysitter
    Mimi: Andrew & Maybelle's daughter
    Miki: Andrew & Maybelle's son
    Mariah: Maid
    June: Andrew & Maybelle's goddaughter
    Leon: Andrew & Maybelle's godson
    Ann: Andrew's Cousin
    Feby: Andrew's Ex
    John: Chauffeur
    Others if I forgot, I'll add them later

    NEW Addings: Dlover city, Ravennia Town

    Again, a contestshipping fanfic! I got this idea from their names MD~ May Drew... Mom & Dad...
    It's a bit weird and wacky story... It contained a bit pokeshipping also. I also wanted if they had a bigger kid, so it can make the story wackier. But somehow I feel I can't. May will be a young mom, if her child is 13, then in what age she must be? 33?
    It's too old~XD
    But I'll still figure out how I'll add it later... Just wait and see^^

    Chapter 1 - I'm not me!

    That was a lovely day in Dlover City, the sun was rising in the east and birds were chirping and some were dancing as the morning came. May was still asleep, she heard some Hoothoot, Pidgey and Taillow were chirping loudly. She stuffed her head into her pillow, hoping she won't hear any noises but she can't. She turned, her back facing to the window and continued her sleep.
    Meanwhile, Drew lazily turned back, as he heard some noises on the bed and birds were awaking him. He groaned and tried to get back to his sleep.
    Both May and Drew noticed a voice on their bed. May thought it was her Mom, as usual, awaking her for the breakfast, she replied, "Yes, Mom, I'll awake in five minutes again,"
    At the same time, Drew said, "I'm still sleepy, put that there and I'll eat it later," because he also thought it was his maid or his mom. But, suddenly they're alarmed by the other sound on their bed and woke up; both their eyes were widened to see each other. And...
    "Aaaaarghh!" they both screamed loudly.
    They jumped off their bed, and checked their own body, from up to down, from left to right. They let out a small sigh of relief knowing that their clothes were put on neatly. But, something unusual they're wearing that day. They both didn't have those pajamas they're wearing.
    "Why I'm wearing these red pajamas? My usual pajamas aren't this one," May thought.
    "This is definitely not my pajamas. Why I'm wearing this?" Drew also thought at the same time. They looked each other, and in a same time, shouted "Who are you?"
    Both are shocked to see the face whom they both familiar too. They looked each other, amazed by the human in front of them each.
    "May?" Drew said shocked.
    "Drew?!" May said confused.
    "What are you doing in my room?" they asked in unison.
    "It's my room!" again, they both said at the same time. They looked around, to assure it's they room indeed, but... May didn't find her ribbon that always hanging on the wall, her Pokemon paintings, her photo frames... and many more... but the most important thing...
    "My bandanna!" May shouted.
    Drew also didn't find his decorations and his cupboard, study table, computer... Many things were missing.
    "It's not my room!" May said befuddled.
    "It's not mine either..." Drew replied confused.
    Suddenly two children ran to them. They were about 2 years old, one was a girl and the other was a boy.
    "Mommy!" the girl ran to May, almost hugging her.
    "Daddy!" the boy ran to Drew, also about to hug him.
    Both May and Drew jumped off to dodge the hug. The children both were in puppy dog eyes, about to cry and all of a sudden, the world stopped as the time also stopped, except May and Drew. And it made them more puzzled.
    A small figure showed herself, flying towards them with her magic wand. She was only about 10 centimeters. Everyone will know her as a Tinker bell in Disney. But this one is different. She wasn't some Tinkerbell, but she was a fairy with her pink magic wand. The small fairy had a light-pink glittery dress as her costume, and her hair was black with ponytail.
    "T-The time s-stopped?" May said stunned.
    "Well, hello. I suppose you two don't know who I am. I'm NaThz. It's me who took you two to here, to this city."
    "Hey, but why?" Drew asked.
    "Well, I have my own reasons. You two just have to do your part in this world. Take this as an acting or drama & don't ever complain!"
    May stood in amazement that she didn't even know there was a real a fairy existed.
    "What do you mean?" Drew asked unhappy.
    "Well, I'll explain all to you later," the fairy passed a paper to them. May and Drew looked at each other confused.
    "It's your biography and this is your household data," the fairy continued and gave another paper.
    "Who's Andrew?" May asked while reading the paper.
    "And Maybelle?" Drew asked also, "it's my wife?" Drew sweatdropped, "I don't think I'm married already,"
    "It's you two... It contains both your names isn't it?" the fairy answered and sweatdropped...
    "What? I'm his wife?"
    "Huh? I'm her husband?"
    "You must be joking!" May said, "It can't be... Why must YOU?" May pointed to Drew.
    "You think I wanna be your husband?" Drew replied.
    "Okay, okay... Stop quarreling, you two... Remember, you're husband and wife now..."
    They both turned, their back facing each other's back, they folded their hands.
    "Study them well, okay? And, right. Those two kids are your babies. Your twin children. The names are Mimi & Miki. Huh, I'm tired explaining. Read this yourself," the fairy popped another paper using her magic wand and passed to them.
    "I don't remember I had children?" Drew complained.
    "What? I'm 27 years old?" May shouted.
    "Hey, look at yourself. You're now an adult, so act mature, can you? Yeah, I know you aren't used to it but it can't be helped, it's your role," the fairy replied. May looked her whole body.
    "Indeed, I'm an adult now..."she said slowly.
    "Hey, you stupid thing! Stop kidding can't ya? Now, send me back to my home!" Drew yelled.
    "I said, DON'T COMPLAIN!! Hoaamm... Any question?" the fairy yawned.
    "Hey, what about our pokemon?" May asked. The fairy yawned again.
    "Well... I'm very tired... I'll explain it more later... And remember! Don't lose that paper! If you have any questions just call me, by ringing this bell," a small bell came out as the fairy swung her magic wand, "Ring this bell and fairy NaThz will be there! OK, I gotta go, bye!" the fairy vanished as the time continued again to normal.
    "Wow... It's... Amazing..." May stood in amazement. Suddenly Mimi and Miki cried, May carried Mimi up and patted her head.
    "Hush... Hush... Don't cry... Mom's here..." May comforted.
    Drew didn't do anything; he just sat on the bed and relaxed himself.
    "Hey, Drew, can't you see he's crying now? Do something!"
    "What must I do? And... It's mom's job to take care children, not me! I'm not some kiddy breeder!"
    May sighed and hugged Miki up with her right hand. Her hands were carrying her twins. Drew just sat there, he even didn't bother to look at them.
    "Hush... Hush... Don't cry..." May cheered the baby up, but he didn't stop crying.
    "Whoaaaa!! I want daddy!" Miki cried.
    "Okay, here's daddy,"
    May gave Miki to Drew, as he carried his son and sighed. May looked pathetically to him, but truly, she was feeling sorry for them both, from lost in this idiot place.
    "Okay, here am I," he sighed, while Miki smiled and suddenly someone knocked the door.
    "Mimi, Miki, come on, brush teeth and eat breakfast!" a female voice was heard by them.
    Mimi and Miki quickly jumped out from their parents' hand and opened the door. Two women wearing maid uniform lifted Miki and Mimi. Both the maids were about 25 years. They're Miki and Mimi's babysitters, Celine and Lora.
    "Morning sir, ma'am." May smiled and greeted back. As the maids went out and closed the door, May lied tiredly on the bed and read her role book. Drew sat on the bed.
    "VERY LOVING to husband?! My gosh!" May knocked her hand to her head.
    "I don't think I can act VERY LOVING to wife..."Drew sighed.
    "Hey, I think it's kinda like us, we were coordinator too..."
    "Yeah... I see," Drew said, "I won the GF," he smirked. May frowned her forehead and continued reading her role.
    "I lost? To you? "May looked the paper, "No way!"
    "No wonder... It's true..." he teased.
    "My pokemon changed?"
    "Mine also," Drew said, "but my Flygon still here..."
    "I have a Roselia?" May suddenly enlightened. Drew lied beside her, facing down to the bed. She shocked and moved quickly to the other side of the spring bed.
    "What do you want?!" she roared.
    "Just wanna see your biography, can't I?" Drew sweatdropped.
    "Why you must come so near?" May glared at him.
    "We're husband and wife now..." he teased & moved closer. Drew suddenly got an idea to tease her. He came closer to her.
    "Don't come near me!"
    May panicked and moved back, still on the bed.
    "What's wrong?" Drew moved closer.
    "I... I'm just unused with it!"
    "You'll get used..." he moved again. May shocked and continued moving further from him. Suddenly he laughed loudly. He held his stomach, trying to put up with the laugh. May glared furiously at him.
    "Just kidding, May! What do you think I wanna do? I'm not a type of that guy you think!"
    She let out a sigh of relief. He placed his hands under his head, relaxing. He lied beside May. He was still chuckling a bit.
    "You look very funny if you're panicked like that," he giggled and she playfully pinched Drew's arm.
    "Ouch!" he wailed.
    "What's so funny about me?"
    "No-nothing," he answered while looking at the ceiling.
    "Don't worry, I won't do anything silly," he said and flicked his green hair. May also read hers, while she was lounging, facing Drew on the bed.
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah... So fast got used already, our husband and wife?" suddenly fairy NaThz appeared again. May's cheek turned little pinkish.
    "Okay, now you can tell us why we're here." Drew said annoyed and sat upright.
    "Okay... You're here to play the role, I also don't know why Fairy Queenie choose you. What else you wanna ask?"
    "What about our pokemon? And our real people?"
    "Don't worry... Your real one now asleep, and this is like your dream, so your pokemon are still there,"
    "This lady once a coordinator too?" May asked.
    The fairy swung her magic wand and a big screen popped out.
    "Yup. You can see all you wanna know here,"
    "She's Maybelle? And it's Andrew? Awesome!"
    "It's on the Grand Festival." they saw the flashbacks of Maybelle and Andrew's days.
    "And who is it?" May saw a familiar face.

    I think this story will be funny so be sure to follow it~^^
    I don't know, but somehow I feel I'm so excited when I wrote this fic~
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2008
  2. iky_ledian

    iky_ledian Ledian Trainer

    another fantastic storeh

    so funny of yours!
    are there any PM LIST?
    i want join!

    i love the beginning!
  3. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    yes, there is a PM list

    I also thought maybe this is my first fic that has a bit better beginning than my other fics
    I'll post the next chap tomorrow
  4. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Sorry for the delay~~!!
    Okay, here's the 2nd chappie as I already finished it. As I've already said, this chappie is gonna be some sicky~XD
    *covered my own mouth*
    Aww... Me and my big mouth!!
    Second, I've found how to add their extra children!!

    Chapter 2 - Door Opened!
    WARNING!! RATED R for Mature themes!

    "It's Ash!" she shouted.
    "Yeah, he's Ash. But his name's Ashley here. And the girl's Mist, you knew her as Misty," Fairy NaThz explained whilst pointing to the screen with her magic wand.
    "They're stuck at this world too?" Drew teased.
    "They're husband and wife?" May looked the screen seriously, "Wow!"
    Suddenly the screen vanished as some light-pink glitters appeared for a second. Drew and May stared at Fairy NaThz.
    "So, you understand your job now? Easy matter, isn't it? It's almost same as your real character anyway... Also, peoples called Andrew by Drew and Maybelle by May. It should be easy for you two to adapt from the changes,"
    "Yeah, indeed it is," May answered. Fairy NaThz popped a book and gave it to May.
    "In here, listed ALL you can know about your role part," fairy explained, "it contained both Andrew and Maybelle's days, you need to read it,"
    May accepted the book, "ALL? It must be very much to read,"
    "Yeah, but, there will be someone can help you, because I can't always come if you ring the bell... Well, I have my own works too..."
    "Who is it?" Drew asked.
    "Just wait and see... If I tell ya now, it isn't a surprise right? Okay, I should be leaving now, do your job well, okay! Bye!" the fairy vanished and the time continued again.
    "But, Fairy!" May shouted, but it was too late.
    "I think we must learn to take care of our children,"
    "Yeah..."May sighed, "Just treat it like siblings of ourselves,"
    "But the problem is, I'm the only child and I don't have any siblings,"
    "And this book," May lifted up the big book. It was slightly thick with brown cover. If we didn't notice the title, you must thought it as a Magic book. May opened the book and read it.
    Suddenly, Miki and Mimi ran to them again. May got up and carried Mimi. Drew lifted Miki. They two went out of the room. The two maids followed, since they're the babysitters of the twins.
    "Ma'am, Miki and Mimi need to eat breakfast,"
    "They haven't eat breakfast yet?" May asked.
    "They just finished brushing their teeth," Celine answered.
    "Okay, Miki," Drew let off Miki and gave him to his babysitter, "eat your breakfast first,"
    "Mimi too," May let off Mimi also. The twins smiled and the maid fed their breakfast. May and Drew sat in the dining room.
    "Here's your breakfast, Drew, May," another maid served their breakfast. She was wearing black dress with a white apron. Her body was slightly fat and she had a black hair, with few white hair.
    "Thanks," May said and began eating. Drew also ate his. Not more than 3 minutes, they've already finished.
    "I think we need to know more about this house," Drew said.
    "Yeah, I don't understand too much about this acting thing," May replied and finished eating. May wanted to call out her maid, but she didn't know her name. She then took her plate and Drew's to kitchen. Drew went back to room to read the role book.
    "May, you just can let me do the chores," the maid said.
    "It's okay," May replied, "Umm... May I know your name?"
    "Why, May? I'm Mariah. Did you forgot my name?"
    "Oh, I... I... I'm just confused..." May said nervously.
    "Are you alright? Something's wrong today?" Mariah asked.
    "Should I tell her? Or not? I'm very unused with conditions here... But if I tell her, what will happen? And will she believe it?" May thought.
    "Maybelle?" Mariah called concerning.
    "If tell you, would you believe it?" May asked.
    "Of course I will, I've been treating you like my own child, I've been working for you since you were still a kid, if not, why would I call you by name? For maids like me, it's very rude, isn't it?"
    "Yeah, indeed... First I wanna ask, whose house is this?"
    "Of course it's Drew's! You moved here since you two married and asked me move here also, don't you remember? Why? Did you suffer from amnesia?"
    "No, it's not that..."May said. She began to tell Mariah what's exactly happening. (A/N: sorie~ I'm too lazy to write~XD *bangs my head for laziness*)
    "So, you're not Maybelle?"
    "Yeah! You understand what's happening now? I'm stuck here... In the fact, me and Drew wasn't compatible at all... Do you believe what I said?"
    "Don't worry, I believe you. I can see you're not some bad people. If you're bad, you wouldn't tell me right?"
    "Thanks," May said, "I just don't know what to do,"
    "Just play your role, I'll help you if you got something wrong," Mariah said, "and I'll help you explain something you don't know, just ask me whenever you think you need it,"
    "Thanks!" May said delighted, "I guess I need to take a shower," she continued and went to her room. As she went in, she found Drew was sitting on the bed, reading the role book. She sat beside Drew.
    "Drew," she called, "I already told Mariah about what happened to us..."
    "Who's Mariah?" Drew asked.
    "The maid," she simply answered.
    "What? You told her about us? Are you mad or what?" Drew replied and got up.
    "But I believe she isn't a bad person because she agreed to help us out," she replied.
    "Help us out?" Drew asked.
    "Yup. She agreed to explain to us if we don't know about something or we got something wrong," she explained.
    "Are you sure?" He asked unbelieving.
    "Yeah... Maybe she's the one Fairy told us about someone who can help us?" she replied.
    "Okay then, "Drew said, "but I still think we're in trouble,"
    "What trouble?" she asked, looked innocently at him.
    "How we are going back? Don't tell me, we're going to act like this forever?"
    "You're right, Drew!" May got worked up, "My gosh!"
    "I think I can barely stand to be a husband of yours," he said and flicked his hair. May glared at him angrily.
    "What did you mean?"
    "Umm... Nothing," he just answered simply and grinned, "do you have any idea for us to get out from here?"
    "Nope," May said hopelessly, "But, think at the bright side! We can get more experience out here!"
    "Huh?" he looked curiously, "Bright side? What bright side?"
    "We can learn to take care of children, and I like them!" May answered, "They're very cute, aren't they?" she walked to a table and took a photo frame that contains a family photo, then back to the bed and sat on it.
    "Look!" May showed the photo frame to Drew, "they're so adorable!"
    He stared at the photo, "Ugh... I never liked any babies,"
    "We have to try to get used with this condition, after all, we got Mariah's help,"
    "Maybe you're right this time," he sighed.
    "But, I miss my Pokemon already," May stared at the photo. The photo was taken in a garden, with Andrew was carrying Miki and Maybelle with Mimi. On Maybelle's shoulder was Roselia. Beside Andrew was Flygon. In front of them were Nidorina and Nidorino, Flareon, and Ampharos. Teddiursa was standing on Flareon's body. Altaria was on the ground.
    "Don't worry, they'll be alright," Drew comforted her. She stared at him and nodded. May stood up and placed the photo back. Drew watched her. May opened the cupboard. Coincidentally, Mariah came in.
    "Ah, right time," May said, "Mariah, are these all my clothes?"
    "Yeah," Mariah answered.
    "What do I usually wear?" May asked.
    Mariah thought few seconds, then she took a pair of shirt and pants, "This,"
    "Thanks," May thanked, "Drew, you want get your clothes too?"
    "Yeah, thanks,"
    Mariah took another pair, it was Andrew's clothes. May took it and thanked Mariah.
    "By the way, Mariah, why did you come here?" May asked, "Is there anything you wanna let me know?
    "Oh, right," Mariah said, "It weren't only us in the home. Also June and Leon,"
    "Who are they?" Drew asked first before May.
    "They're Ann's children. Ann is Andrew's cousin. They are your god-daughter and god-son also,"
    "God-children?" May curiously asked.
    "They should be back by this afternoon, I think, now they're going to their friend's home,"
    "Oh, Thanks," May said and Mariah left the room. May took her shirt, which was red-colored with white dots, her skirt was black colored with skimpy shorts, which also red colored. Drew's clothes were green-colored with purple collar and his trousers were light teal. She passed Drew's clothes to him and walked to the bathroom. She slid the bathroom's door to the right side, since the door was a sliding door. And suddenly, Mimi and Miki ran to the room. Miki hugged Drew. But, Mimi didn't find May. She was about to cry, but Drew quickly lifted her up.
    "Mom where? Mommy!" Mimi asked.
    "Your mom is taking a bath," Drew said.
    "Uwaaa!! I want! I want bath!" Mimi cried.
    Lora came and gave Mimi's clothes. Celine also passed Miki's clothes to him.
    "Umm, Sir, usually, ma'am will take Mimi together to shower," Lora explained.
    "Huh?" Drew said and frowned his forehead, "okay, I know, you two have eaten yet?" he asked to Lora and Celine. The two babysitters shook their head.
    "Okay, you can eat now, I'll take care of these kids," Drew said. As Lora and Celine left the room, Mimi cried louder. Drew went closer to the bathroom and knocked the door.
    "May!" he called.
    May heard some sound and replied, "What?"
    "Umm... The maids said that you usually take Mimi together to shower, "he said.
    "What?" May replied, "Tell Mimi to be patient, I'll be there quickly,"
    "No, I can't, she's crying loudly now can't you hear?"
    "Just do something to silent her!" May shouted. But, Mimi quickly jumped out from Drew's hand as she heard May's sound and slid the door open, and May was very and truly shocked.
    "Waaaaaa!!!" May screamed out loudly and quickly covered her body with her hand. Drew was also shocked and couldn't do anything except turning back quickly, with Miki, of course.
    "Mommy!" Mimi called and smiled innocently to her mom. She went in the bathroom and hugged May.
    "Mimiiii!" May called angrily, but she tried her best to tolerate it.
    "I-I think you should use your towel, "Drew said nervously since he never saw something like that. May quickly covered herself with her slightly green towel. Mimi's eyes went teary, knowin that her mom was angry and May quickly hugged Mimi up, then the young baby smiled widely.
    "Done?" Drew asked, his back was still faced to May.
    "Yeah, thanks," May answered hopelessly, thinking Drew certainly will tease her. Drew turned to her, still carrying Miki. May saw his cheeks were turning red and giggled.
    "Hey," Drew called, exactly like when Roselia ever teased him near the pool, "y-you should close the door correctly,"
    "Yeah... But, it's Mimi who opened the door, "May replied and she didn't realized that her cheeks were turning red too.
    "Mommy! I want shower!" Mimi said cheerfully and gave her baby smile, which had made May melt down.
    "Okay, Mimi. Let's take a shower," May replied to Mimi, "Next time I'll be careful," she continued and went in to the bathroom.
    "Miki and Daddy take shower too?" Mimi said and smiled cheerfully.
    "Umm... No thanks, "Drew quickly and nervously answered, his cheeks were still red as a tomato. May closed the bathroom door.
  5. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    I like this fic, and I'm a big ContestShipping and PokeShipping fan!
  6. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    Thx turtwigfan1, I'm glad you loved this fic~

    Added a PM list!
    If you wanna be in the list just tell me~

    Chapter 3 - Back To World/Work?

    Ten minutes later, May went out of the bathroom with Mimi. She saw Drew was playing happily with Miki. She was delighted and happy.
    "Drew, it's your turn now," she said and dried her hair with towel. Drew looked her and put Miki down.
    "Miki, it's out turn now!" Drew said, pretending there wasn't anything happened before and went into the bathroom, then slid the door closed. May put Mimi on the dressing chair, facing to the mirror of the dressing table. She opened the drawer and found a comb. She squatted and began to comb Mimi's soft hair warmly. Like what her mom does to her when she was a little kid.
    "Okay, Mimi now is beautiful already!" May said, finished combing her baby's hair.
    "Thanks mommy!" Mimi said and kissed May's cheeks. Mimi ran out from the room. May sat on the dressing chair, dressed herself up. Soon, Drew and Miki came out from the bathroom. Miki sat on the dressing chair, like usually he did. May combed his hair, like she did to Mimi.
    "Okay, finished," May said as Miki kissed his mom's cheek and ran out to find Mimi. Drew gazed at her with a strange look.
    "Why look me like that? You wanna get combed too?" May asked playfully, whilst she placed the comb back to drawer.
    "No, thanks... You seemed close with the twins,"
    "Well, they're my own children..." May replied as they walked out to living room, where Miki and Mimi were playing.
    "I hope you'll forget what happened this morning," May said embarrassedly.
    "You hope so," Drew answered. May glanced at the clock. It was 12.15 then.
    "Got used to this life yet?" Drew asked.
    "Not really..." May answered, "Without my bandanna," she said teasingly. They both laughed.
    The doorbell rang and Mariah opened the door. A teen girl, who was about thirteen years old and a boy older than them went in after they put their shoes to the shoes rack.
    "Leon, June," Mariah signaled to May & Drew. The girl had a black hair. Her hair was tied with a pink small ribbon. The boy had a brown hair. His hair was kinda like Gary Oak's hair.
    "Mom, dad," the girl greeted and sat on the yellow-colored sofa. The boy followed and sat on it.
    "Get shower first, June and Leon,"
    The two got up and took their clothes, then June took bath on first floor's bathroom and Leon took bath on second floor. May held Mimi and sat Mimi on her thighs. Drew placed Miki between him and May. Soon, June and Leon finished and ran to first floor, where May and Drew were sitting.
    "Mum, where's the pizza?" June asked.
    "What pizza?" May asked back.
    "Yesterday mum said will order pizza for lunch isn't it?" Leon said.
    "Oh... The pizza... It's at the kitchen," Mariah answered suddenly. Then, June and Leon ran to kitchen quickly.
    "Thanks," May whispered to Mariah.
    "It's okay, I overheard Maybelle said she'll buy pizza yesterday, so I called pizza this morning," Mariah whispered and went to kitchen. As June and Leon came out from the kitchen, they was already holding a slice of pizza each. Then Mariah came out with three slices of pizza.
    "Here is for you two," Mariah gave to May and Drew.
    "Thanks," May received the pizza. Drew also took the pizza.
    "And this is for Miki and Mimi," Mariah divided the pizza into two slices, then gave it to Miki and Mimi each.
    "Yay!! Thanks!," Mimi happily took the pizza.
    "Hurray!! Thanks Mariah," Miki ate the pizza.
    "They're so cute," May whispered to herself while she stared at the twins.
    "Yeah, you think so too?" Drew said.
    "Drew?" May looked at him unexpectedly, "I thought you never liked babies and cuties," she continued, wasn't afraid that the twins could understand because they're having fun in the pizza. Drew turned and stared at the twins, "Maybe I disliked cuties... But since I saw these twins I liked them," Drew patted Miki's head.
    "Oh Drew..." May stared at him, gave him a 'that-is-so-sweet' look.
    "Why do you stare at me like that?"
    "No... I just find you're interesting too... Umm... I mean, you're not as worse as I think..."she answered.
    "So, how worse do you take me as?" Drew asked, grinned lightly.
    "I-I mean... You're still not bad at all," May answered nervously.
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know," he replied.
    "Mommy, I want pizza!" Mimi suddenly said.
    "But there's not any in the kitchen, it's already finished up," Mariah said. May saw ketchup was all over Mimi's lips and she brushed it.
    "You can have mom's," May said, feeding the pizza to Mimi and she happily ate it.
    "You can give her your pizza? I thought you would do anything to get a slice of it," Drew teased. May snapped at him.
    "Hey, dad, I don't think mom's a big eater since she married to dad," June said.
    "Ho, you mean mom's a big eater before that?" Leon replied, "My god, you wanna get bashed by Dad?"
    June shook her head. Drew chuckled and May sweatdropped.
    "Okay, okay... I'm a big eater, happy now?" May replied unhappy.
    "Okay, June, Leon, it's study time isn't it?" Mariah cut in, "Look it's one o'clock now,"
    "Yep," June and Leon finished their last bite of the pizza and jumped to wash their hands.
    "Well, How do you like this life?" suddenly the time stopped again and Fairy NaThz appeared.
    "Not too much," May answered, "still kinda unused with it... Something different in this life I think?"
    "But you loved Mimi and Miki, yea?" Fairy said.
    "Maybe... They're so adorable and innocent..." May said, stared at the floor.
    "So, how can we go back to our real life then?" Drew asked.
    "I'm afraid you can't for this time being," Fairy answered. Drew and May's eyes were widened.
    "WHAT?" they two shouted in unison.
    "Yup... The rules are... You have to do your role nicely and well before you can go back... I really can't help you this time," Fairy explained, "it's Fairy Queen's order, rules are rules,"
    "Hmph... That's bad..."May sighed.
    "But you can shop as many as you like and can eat whatever you want!" the Fairy teased, "it's not your money after all,"
    "You're right...!" May replied, with her eyes sparkling. Drew sighed.
    "You want us to stay here forever? Shopping won't do anything good to our role now," Drew said and crossed his arms.
    "You have a point too," May sighed.
    "Umm... And here's else. June and Leon are extremely smart and they can notice the changes in you two quickly, so beware! They're not some nuisance kids, though... But they're very sensitive and this will be a challenge for you two!"
    "Sure, I love challenges..." Drew said smirking, "I'm sure I can cope,"
    "Yeah, they're not bad, but they're very playful, still. I suggest you two act as usual if they're there,"
    "I'll try to," May said hopelessly.
    "Not try, May. You wanna back to your home right?"
    "You bet I am!"
    "SO, we'll give the best performance! Treat this like some contest, " Drew replied.
    "Okay then," May encouraged herself, "we'll make it!"
    "Nice! Okay, see ya later on! Hope you like this life yep! Buh-bye!!" the fairy said and vanished.
    "Oww..."said May, "I guess we have to do it better if we wanna go back to our world,"
    "What world?" June suddenly appeared between May and Drew. They were shocked by her sudden appearance.
    "Umm... June... I meant..."May tried to explain, "I meant..."
    "We meant 'work', not 'world'," Drew continued. June nodded understanding. May was relieved.
    "Ohh... What work?" June asked again.
    "Coordinating!" May quickly answered nervously.
    "I see," June said.
    "By the way you're supposed to do your homework aren't you?"Drew asked, "why are you here?"
    June smiled embarrassedly, "Hehh-hehh I just... I just... wanna back to do my homework," June said as she quickly ran to her room in the second floor, avoiding her father's anger. As June went into the room, May sighed.
    "Uhh... That was close," May sighed, "thanks, Drew,"
    "For what?"
    "For explaining the world and work,"
    "You're welcome- I meant, if we got discovered then it'll be a doomsday for me too, so it can't be helped but I have to take care of it," he replied.
    "Whoaaa!" Miki suddenly cried loudly. Drew looked him and asked, "What's wrong, Miki?"
    "My pizza!" Miki pointed to the floor. May and Drew saw a small piece of pizza on the floor.
    "Oh... Your pizza dropped to the floor?"
    Drew asked, "But it's too dirty,"
    "I want pizza! I want pizza!" Miki cried.
    "My pizza's finished up," Drew said not knowing what to do.
    "I gave mine to Mimi," May replied. Mimi came to Miki and shared half piece of hers to Miki.
    "Miki can have mine," she smiled innocently. Miki stopped crying and they ate their pizza.
    "Aww... So nice," May said and rubbed her hand to Mimi's head, then saw the piece of pizza that Miki dropped to the floor earlier and stretched her hand, trying to get it and put it to rubbish bin. Meanwhile Drew was doing the same, and their hand touched each other's. They blushed and quickly pulled their hand, and apologized to each other.
    June and Leon, who were watching from second floor, seemed bit confused as they two are sensitive.

    I know this is a short chappie, but the next one will come tomorrow!
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    sorieh for not reviewing last chap
    i'm soo busy to do my biology homework!

    2nd chap,... it's so... sexy!
    oh, mimi... you're so... naughty!

    3rd chap is fine, and i just love June and leon!

    may without bandanna? IMPOSSIBLE!

    just admit if you like him, may!
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    It's okay, iky_ledian~
    and, umh, yes!
    May is without bandanna!

    The next chap won't be so sexy anymore so just wait for the launch!
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    Chapter 4 - Weird Parents and Something Forgotten...

    "Mom and dad are a bit strange," Leon started.
    "Yep," June nodded, "as I know, they're very loving to each other, I think it's usual to hold hands, why must apologize?"
    "Wanna get all sorted out?" Leon asked.
    "Okay, let's ask them," They ran to their parents, sat on another sofa.
    "What happened to mom and dad? I think you're acting strangely today,"
    May went nervous, "Oh, nothing happened, just too tired,"
    "Tired?" Leon frowned his forehead.
    "Yeah, we...umm... We...we... Just had a bad dream," May said panicky.
    "Your mom meant SHE just had a nightmare last night so she can't sleep,"
    "Oh," The two teens nodded, although they're not too convinced.
    "Okay, I hope you're alright mum," Leon replied, as they two walked to June's room.
    "Ow..."May sighed, "I don't think we're safe now,"
    "Yeah as you know it's your entire fault!" Drew moaned, "If you didn't say you're tired-"
    "SO, you're blaming me right now, Mr. Rose?" May glared at him.
    "Isn't it right? If you give me a chance to speak to them, those things won't happen,"
    "I'm very nervous that time!"
    "I bet they're doubting us now!" he replied and crossed his arms. The two teens entered their June's room and Leon close the door. June sat at her study chair, and Leon sat on her bed.
    "I think it's kinda weird,"
    "Yeah," June agreed, "a nightmare can really change romantic couple to a totally like stranger?"
    "Dad's a bit different also,"
    "Right, I think he's too cold to mum and us,"
    "Hmm, what's wrong with them?" Leon touched his finger to his chin while thinking, "I just can't figure it out,"
    "I'm afraid they two had a fight or somewhat," June said worried.
    "Yeah, I'm just scared if they had a fight it can continue everyday. If something like that happens, they can declare a divorce, even those were only 'temper words', then... Uhh... You can guess how the outcome is,"
    "Those 'temper words' can't be undone... And they'll... It's just too horrible," June replied.
    "Care to find out?" Leon asked.
    "Sure, why not?" June replied, "maybe we can help to settle it down,"
    "We can start this night, can we?"
    "It's okay with me,"
    "Okay, it's set!" Leon said, "Let's plan how we'll begin our interrogation,"

    In the living room...
    "I think they'll believe my excuse, after all we're their parents," May said defensively.
    "You think they're as silly as you? Children also can doubt their own parents. Don't take easy on them; remember what fairy told us earlier?" Drew replied with a harsher tone, since there's nobody in there. Celine was taking a shower and Lora was in her room, second floor. Mariah was gardening.
    "I know they're sensitive but-"
    "Don't take them as simple thing just because they're just mere kids," Drew cut in her words.
    "Okay, okay, it's MY fault!" May said insincerely.
    "Next time let me do the talking,"
    "UP TO YOU, Mr. Perfect!" she shouted rudely and put Mimi on the sofa, leaving the little girl confused. She walked while stomping her feet hard to the floor, and went to her room. She banged the door hard and locked it. June and Leon heard it and quickly ran out. They saw Drew was sitting alone on the sofa with Miki and Mimi.
    "I bet they quarreled again, it's bad," Leon said. They two quickly went down the stairs and to their dad.
    "What happened?"
    "We just argued," Drew calmly answered.
    "ARGUED?" June and Leon replied.
    "AARGHH! D(a)mn you!" May said to herself and sat on her bed, "I just want bash him up right now! DREW! I wish I can punch you and throw you out of this world!" she groaned whilst punching umpteen times to the bed. She stomped her foot to the floor few times angrily.
    "ARGH! Drew jerk!" she groaned again.
    In the living room, Drew was placing Miki to the sofa.
    "Really?" June asked in a shocked expression, "Why?"
    "I don't know why she yelled at me," Drew said, "I guess I should comfort her, can you kids call babysitter to take care Mimi and Miki?"
    June called Celine and Lora, while Drew walked to the room. They watched his dad walked, June just sighed.
    "Oh, mean, my instinct was right," June said.
    "D(a)rn it! We have to stop this before it's too late,"
    "How to?"
    "We can help to comfort them," Leon said and shrugged.
    "I hope it can, but now I guess it'll do nothing,"
    "I hope Dad will apologize to Mum, and NOT argue with her,"
    "Really no others we can do?"
    "I guess you're right. Don't you see dad's so cold towards us? He even simply answered they argued, it means he didn't care for it!"
    "Perhaps. I know Dad's too stubborn. Just let's see this night," June replied hopelessly as she glanced at the clock. It was only 06.55 P.M.
    May slid the bathroom door closed after she took her bath. She put Mimi off from her lap. Drew entered the bathroom afterwards, and of course, with Miki. May combed Mimi and herself, and then she hugged Mimi up. She switched the television on, until Drew finished his shower. They were still not talking to each other. Miki ran to her and she combed him. She hugged the twins up and brought her two children to kid's room. She laid Mimi and Miki to the bed and patted Mimi's head.
    "Mom, Mimi want story," Mimi said.
    "Story?" May replied, "Umm... Okay," she looked around to find the story book. Suddenly, a hand gave her the book. It was Drew. May looked up, and then received the book from him. She opened the book and began telling stories.
    "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl live with her stepmother. She was so beautiful, so, her stepmother was jealous of her," she started. Drew gazed at her intently, until she finished telling her story.
    "Why does he stare at me like that?" May thought.
    "Err-ehm," May pretended a cough. Drew alarmed and blinked his eyes few times. May walked up and she went to her room. Drew followed her as he closed the twins' room slowly. Drew sat on his bed, watching the television. May was busy tidying her pink-colored dressing table.
    June and Leon opened their room's door slowly. They peep into their parents' room, observing them. Not more than thirty seconds, they closed back the door silenty.
    "See?" June said, "They're not talking to each other,"
    "I guess there's really a problem with them," Leon replied.
    "Yeah, maybe," June answered as they walked into their own room.
    May went out from the room and walked to the dining room. Mariah was serving the dinner. June and Leon sat on their seats. May also sat on her chair.
    "Mum," Leon started.
    "Hmm?" May answered.
    "Did you and dad argue last night?"
    "No," May lied.
    "Tell us the truth, Dad told us it's a yes," June said.
    "Umm... Yeah,"
    "Why?" Leon continued.
    "Because... It's because...," May scratched the back of her head nervously, "Oh, it's nothing, just some silly things,"
    "I thought you two never argued just because some silly things?"
    "Yeah, tell us what the matter, maybe we can help,"
    "Oh, it's because..."said May panicky. She didn't have any excuse.
    "THINK, MAY!" May thought.
    "Think, think, and think! Stupid May, you have to come to an Idea!" May spoke to herself.
    "It's because your mum want Harly to live here with us," suddenly Drew said from behind.
    "Drew?" May turned back.
    "HARLY? Wanna live here? What the hell!" June screamed.
    "Yeah, I objected and she was angry,"
    "Goodness, I surely don't want that d(a)mned Cacturne guy to live here," Leon replied, "but why he wanna live here?"
    "She said Harly's so pitiful because he didn't have home to stay after his journey," Drew said and sat on his chair beside May.
    "Mom, I guess you shouldn't be too kindhearted to Harly," June said, "Remember when he ever came to here and how he wrecked our family?"
    "Yes, he was SURE a horrible b(i)tch," Leon agreed. May just smiled nervously.
    "I already said children won't approve, you're just too stubborn," Drew said to May.
    "Oh, yeah?" May replied sarcastically.
    "You need to hear my advice in future,"
    "Okay, okay," May answered while stuffing a spoonful of food to her mouth.
    "I guess everything's okay now," June whispered to Leon. Leon nodded his head. After they finished eating, May sat on the sofa, watching TV. She immediately jumped and screamed, which made the others to look at her strangely.
    "Drew! Look! Here's a contest in town!" May screamed enthusiastically and turned back to Drew. She sweatdropped, as she saw everyone was watching her strangely.
    "Sorry, I got too excited for the contest," May smiled embarrassedly. Drew walked to her and sat.
    "Mum? I thought you've quit coordinating?" Leon asked.
    "Huh? Is that so? Um... I mean, I want back to coordinating again,"
    "Mind your words, don't get panic," Drew whispered to her.
    "Huh?" Leon stared at his mom strangely.
    "Back to coordinating? You're almost too old to be a coordinator," Drew sneered.
    "Hey, mind you, I'm not old!"
    "What if I say you can't participate in the contest?" Drew whispered to her.
    "What the hell!! Why you must torture me, Drew!" May whispered as she looked him with her wrathful look.
    "You're not May, but Maybelle now," Drew whispered.
    "Follow me to our room after this," May whispered as she break the glare and turned back.
    "Okay, make sure the children won't be suspicious,"
    "Fine, hmph," she said loudly and walked to her room.
    "I guess I have to take my words back," June said, "they're not okay,"
    "Yeah, maybe we should continue our plan," Leon sighed.
    "I think Mum said something to dad before she went back to her room moments ago," June replied.
    "I also, but I don't know what she said, "Leon sighed.
    Drew followed May to their room, and as they two are in the room, he closed the door.
    "You owe MUCH explanation to me," May said and glared to him closely; their eyes met each other's eyes.
    "What must I explain?" he replied sarcastically.
    "FIRST, why you must use Harley as excuse, and even said I want him to stay with us!" May asked, still glaring closely at him.
    "Oh, that," Drew said, "It's just one of few excuses to embarrass you,"
    "You sure a JERK!" May said angrily, "And why you must say I'm too old? What did that mean?"
    "Remember, you're not May," he closed his eyes and turned away whilst smirking. May's 'icy daggers' look was still aiming on Drew.
    "The body is not mine, but the mind and soul is clearly MINE!"
    "Up to you," Drew flicked his hair. May crossed her hands and turned away, "Anyways I'll still participate in the contest,"
    "Oh? You will?" Drew sneered, "I bet you even don't know what your Pokemon's moves are,"
    May stood still and realized that he's exactly right.
    "Oh, my! It's indeed right!" she thought.
    "Oops, I think I made a correct guess, isn't it?" Drew smirked.
    May smiled nervously, "Um... I will read from the book!"
    She took a glance at the clock, it was only 8.20 PM. She took all her pokeball and sent her pokemon out. Silver beams flashed from the balls as Roselia, Teddiursa, Nidorina, Altaria came out.
    "Hi all," May greeted and petted them all.
    "Not bad, huh?" Drew sneered, "Who'll you bring if you enter the contest?"
    "I... I don't know..."she said hopelessly.
    "But, maybe Altaria will do a great job on contest," she petted Altaria.
    "Err mm... May," Drew called. May turned to Drew whilst hugging Teddiursa.
    "Are you sure you didn't forget something?"
    "What did you mean?" May replied.
    "Like... Something? Think, maybe you've forgotten something important," he tried to give a clue.
    "Huh? What?" May still didn't know.
    "Never mind," Drew flicked his hair, "I think you can use Roselia,"
    "Hey, it's just because it's your-"
    Drew pretended to clear his throat and May suddenly realized and shut her mouth with her hand.
    "Okay, return," May returned all her Pokemon back.
    "Huh," May sighed, "it's too close,"
    "You should learn to control your mouth," Drew teased.
    "What!" May glared at him, but quickly turned back, "Up to you, but, I don't know I'll enter the contest or not,"
    "You forgot something for tomorrow, May," he thought, while staring to May.
    To Be Continued...
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    Chapter 5 - Goodnight Kiss

    May sat on the right side of the bed and Drew was on the opposite side. Drew lied down to the bed. May just sat, she just realized something.
    "I'll sleep with Drew," she thought, "I'm not used to it,"
    "You're not going to sleep?" Drew asked.
    "I'm not used to sleep with someone else on my bed, and a... he's a guy," May sighed.
    "Ugh, you're such a nuisance," Drew complained and got up, took his pillow, blanket and moved to the floor.
    "He moved at once?" May thought. Meanwhile, June and Leon were outside their room, discussing about something; mostly about their weird parents.
    "I'm very confused about them," June sighed.
    "How about we look what they're doing through the door again?" Leon winked and headed towards the room. June followed. They sneaked to their parents' room, and finally they opened the door silently and slowly. They only opened a little, only fit for an eye to spy through the door. They just stood there and watched their parents.
    When Drew was lying on the floor, the door opened unnoticed by them. Leon and June were peeping at them secretly and they closed the door slowly as they saw Drew was lying on the floor.
    "This is terrible! They slept separately!" June said shocked.
    "Sh(i)t! The things are starting to get ugly now," Leon said worried.
    "Yep, we must do something," June replied.
    "Now? It's impossible... Tomorrow... We have to go to school,"
    "Or... Tomorrow morning?"
    "I doubt they'll up by that time," Leon said.
    "Yeah, but, it won't harm us if we try it right? If they haven't up by the morning, we'll discuss it later," June said. Leon agreed and they two walked to their own room.
    Meanwhile, May was still staring at Drew, who was sleeping on the floor. She lied on the bed and turned off the lamp. She covered herself with her blanket, then turned back.

    May's POV
    I felt kinda pitiful to him... you're d(a)mn stupid May! Why you must say you're not used to sleep with a guy? Now he must be feeling cold, what should I do? Should I ask him to sleep on the bed?
    Ugh, I'm so confused... I think I should awake him up; I'll try to get used with him... And, he's not a bad guy, I suppose. So he won't do anything to me.

    "Drew?" I called, but there's no response, "Drew?" I called again, but Drew wasn't responding at all.
    He's mad at me? No... It's impossible, he must be slept or he didn't hear...
    "Drew?" I called for the third time.
    There was no response also. Then, I stood up and came closer to him and squatted.
    "Drew?" I called. Still, not any responses were heard.
    He's asleep... Should I wake him up? Or... Maybe not?
    But, I think I shall wake him up...
    I called once more, with a louder tone. But, Drew wasn't awake. I think I have to shake his body to wake this sleeping jerk up. Umm... But... I shan't do that.
    Don't tell me he's really mad at me?
    Ugh, maybe I should really wake him up

    Normal POV
    She braved herself to reach his arm. May stretched her hand closer to him, closer, and closer. And, she got his arm.
    "You must wake him up, May," she thought. She shook his arm.
    "Drew," she called whilst shaking his arm, "Drew, wake up,"
    Drew slowly opened his eyes, "Uhm... May?"
    "You're awake, Drew?"
    "What's the matter, May?"
    "You can sleep with me on the bed," May said and smiled.
    "Oh, it's fine, the floor will do," he answered.
    "It's okay," she said.
    "Are you sure?" he asked.
    "Yeah!" she smiled warmly.
    "Very sure?" he asked once again. May nodded.
    "Why this sudden decision? I think you're up to something,"
    "D(a)rn! You don't trust me huh? I'm just trying to be good," she said and crossed her arms.
    "It's not that, but I-"
    "Okay, don't say anything. You must be cold here on the floor, come on, and sleep on the bed!" May said whilst grabbing his arm and pulled him to get up. Drew got up. May took his pillow and his blanket and placed them to the bed.
    "Okay, you can sleep now," she said as she finished tidying the bed.
    "Uhmm... Thanks," he said and sat on the bed, then turned off the lamp.
    "Welcome," May replied and snuggled to her pillow, her face was facing to the ceiling whilst blushing. But, the lamp was turned off so anybody can't see her blush. After all it's her first time EVER to sleep with a guy in a same bed.
    "Why did you ask me to sleep here?"
    "It's just... I feel pitiful to see you on the floor and I'm afraid you'll pass flu to me if you catch it tomorrow," May mumbled. She just can't admit if she felt something to him.
    "I think it's not because you're scared of 'something' shadowy?" Drew teased as he lied on the bed, also faced to the ceiling. His hands were under his head.
    "Hey, I won't scared of something like that!" she protested, "I'm not so coward, after all,"
    Drew chuckled by her statement.
    "Of course!" she quickly answered.
    "I thought you aren't used to sleep with a guy?"
    "I'll try to get used then," May answered.
    "You don't afraid I'll do something bad to you? Maybe kiss, hug or kidnap, or even the others?" he said.
    "No," she answered, "I know you won't, and even you did something, it's not my body after all,"
    "So, you trust me so much?" he said with his calm style.
    "You should be happy okay!"
    "Okay, now I say, I'm very honored to have your trust, Miss Maybelle,"
    "That's better,"
    "But..." Drew said as he turned to May, "Are you sure now?"
    She glanced at him, "Huh?"
    Even the lamp was turned off, they can see each other, not very clearly of course.
    "I'm afraid," he said as he came closer, "I..."
    He grasped her left hand and slowly came closer to her. May just laid there, stunned.
    "I've just broke... your trust,"
    He slowly kissed May's forehead. May closed her eyes, she felt warm. But, if she can, she also wanted to push him away. Who wants to get kissed by their rival anyway? Or an irritating jerk? Fortunately, he just kissed her forehead, not her lips. Maybe some of us wanted that he just kiss her on the lips, but, she was not included. She just can't push him away, and just can't bear to do it.
    He pulled and they opened their eyes. She can see his face on the top of hers.
    "Good night," he said, then let off his hand and slowly get back to his place.
    "Yeah, goodnight also," she muttered stunned, "uhmm... Husband," she smiled, finally saying the word. He looked the brunette, amazed.
    "Oh, yeah, wife," he replied.
    "I take it as goodnight kiss, is it?" May asked.
    "Yeah, you can say so," he answered.
    They went back to sleep, but for some reason, they can't sleep this night.
    To Be Continued...
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    awwwwww come on update already!!!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz i love june and mimi. shes so naughty opening the door on mommy! i thought hed kiss her on the lips but forehead is good 2. good job. 2 thumbs up!!!

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