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May/Haruka Fan Club V.2

Discussion in 'Clubs' started by OfCorsola, Dec 28, 2014.

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  1. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    Welcome to the May/Haruka Fan Club V2!

    As you may know, May/Haruka was the female lead of the Advance Generation saga, airing back in 2002-2006.

    Starting off as a 10 year old girl who disliked Pokemon and loved traveling, being with Ash and Brock at the time being sparked her dream of being a great Pokemon coordinator! May's our favorite energetic, ditzy, and shopaholic female.

    Over the series, we have witnessed May grow and blossomed. Even her return in Diamond and Pearl showed that she was still growing. The princess of Hoenn!


    Now, I know the last club got shut down, but lets improve this one! Let's start some interesting posts about her since she may return for a cameo, just once!

    -All SPPf rules must apply
    -No one liners especially the infamous "Hi, can I join." please add more details and possibly why
    -No flaming or bashing on May. (Actually, let's not bash on anyone)
    -Shipping posts are allowed but absolutely NO wars.
    -Do not be disrespectful towards others
    -No double posting
    -Please credit any fanart/videos you post
    -Any mention of any form of May is welcomed, manga, games, anime, but please do remember the main focus is anime May.

    Pokegirl Fan~

    To be a part of this list, you must ask to join. Simply writing a post does NOT mean you're a member.

    Please contribute! Let's build this club back up again!
    With a topic? I think so!

    Now with ORAS, do you think May will make a cameo in Pokemon XY? What will be her role?
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2016
  2. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    I'd like to join.

    No I don't think May will return for ORAS promotion, especially since there was a 5 minute short of her and Brendan a while back that wasn't canon to the anime. There's also nothing that indicates that she'll return in the upcoming episodes so far, and I think by the time there are new episode titles released after Serena's Showcase debut episode that it'll be too late.
    There is someone with a Treecko that was revealed in the new opening, so I think this will even hurt May's chances of returning even more since he seems to have some significance to his character, and plus I think it'll be too late for ORAS promotion and May's return after he leaves or whatever happens
  3. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    I wouldn't mind joining this club I like may but not very familar with the anime though haven't watched it since the first season of pokemon

    Now with ORAS, do you think May will make a cameo in Pokemon XY? What will be her role?

    well I don't think may will be have small return in pokemon xy just because she is a staple of he old generations but like i said not sure I haven't really watched much of the newer anime :/
  4. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    Even though we really delved into XY so far, I still have hope for May returning. Oh well, one can speculate. However, with all the fanart and posts, her fandom is pretty popular and that's good to hear.

    I think we should open another topic.

    What's your favorite fanfic about May?
    I don't have a FAVORITE one in particular, because most of them are just used for shippy purposes. But I'd love to hear other's point of view!
  5. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    I'm currently reading one where she's traveling with Ash, Paul, Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont through Kalos, though it seems that Paul is the most focused character in the fic.
    I also read a fic where Ash turned dark and left for many years after having some kind of fight with May. They somehow make up at the end of the fic and seemed to start traveling with each other.
  6. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    That's such a cool fic, mind sharing the link?

    What other anime character reminds you of May
    Marie from Soul Eater. They both have high pitched voices, are both ditzy, clumsy, and kind and sweet. Overall, they both are very caring and sweet hearted and a little bit of an air head but are strong on the inside and devoted to what they do.
  7. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    I'll have to look through my favorites on ff.net, but if I find it then sure.

    Anyways with the new topic question; Serena from the XY series and Sakura Haruno from Naruto remind me of May for some reason. Serena and May seem like their development is a little bit similar, but It seems that May found her goal a little quicker than Serena did.
    As for Sakura, I'm not sure why she reminds me of May tbh. She just gives off a feeling that reminds me of May.
  8. PT88

    PT88 Member

    Can someone please tell me the episodes where we see ''May's Expeditions''? I love it when she does that

    I know it first appeared in A Mudkip Mission, but I can't remember any beyond that.
  9. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    I would like to see Serena meet May as well as Dawn. I think all 3 girls would get along since it seems all 3 have some similar interests and such. And a May and Serena meeting would be nice since both seemed to start out not knowing what they wanted to do and eventually finding something that they were interested in. Too bad it seems like May won't be brought back for ORAS stuff, they could have easily brought her back into the anime for a few episodes and we could have actually seen a May and Serena meeting.
  10. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    Actually, I think all the girls should meet May, (Dawn and Misty already had) but I think Serena and May would have great dynamics with Dawn and May since they both are chasing a dream where they failed at first but then are in progress of excelling. I think it would be cool if they all meet (Including Iris and Misty) May can tell them funny stories about her brother and Ash.
  11. TheFlygon

    TheFlygon New Member

    Oh a May club, not surprising. I wouldn't mind joining, May is one of my favourite characters in pokemon after all. Personally I hope she comes back with the release of ORAS. Anyway I'm being a ramble now.
  12. OfCorsola

    OfCorsola Brock and Misty!

    Welcome to the May club!

    So here's a question for kicks, since we have some new members

    Why is May your favorite character/liked character
    For me, it's because she's most like me. Of course, there's a lot of anime characters I can pull from a hat that has similar aspects of me, but unlike the others, everything about her is like me. It's like I'm in animated form xD

    Also, I would like to add on to the other topic question:
    What other anime character reminds you of May?
    I mentioned Marie from Soul Eater, but I also find much similarities between her and Shezka (Did I spell that right?) from FMA.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
  13. 3fiddy

    3fiddy Z

    I would like to join also :) The question why is May your favorite / liked character ??

    Well currently I dvr the pokemon advance episodes that come on Boom every day. I'm watching them when I get time. May is very neat character. Although she is a bit silly or missing some info at times correcting herself is a very admirable trait. Like , "O really ?" Haha I'm silly , I'll do this next time. Still keeping confidence and finding a solution.

    The fact her brother is on the journey with her and how everyone shows patience.

    The other aspect of Pokemon competing in competitions interests me to have a Ribbon Pokemon. Where they earn ribbons from HGSS all the way up to ORAS. Would like to have that one day. I learn from her also in a different way than Ash. So she's a pretty big deal lol.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2015
  14. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    Why is May your favorite character/liked character
    I liked May because she had a decent story arc and had decent character development as well as a nice design. I also loved her rivals Drew and Harley as well as her interactions with both of them. Her personality was pretty sweet too; she seemed like she had a nice personality and was kind of quiet imo. I also liked the thing that had to do with noodles and eating; I don't remember where it came from but it was pretty funny imo. She also had pretty cool Pokemon as well and had an interesting battling style.
  15. 3fiddy

    3fiddy Z

    What's the deal with Drew forgetting her after their first battle ? Or am I missing something.
  16. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    Hm I'm not sure. I don't really remember that tbh since it's been like forever since I watched an early Hoenn May focused episode. I guess it could have been to build up their rivalry a little more and maybe even symbolize that Drew didn't acknowledge May yet since she was just starting out. Their rivalry was great though imo and I enjoyed how both interacted with each other by the end of AG. May did seem to surpass Drew by the Kanto Grand Festival imo so I guess she got his respect by then.
  17. 3fiddy

    3fiddy Z

    Working my way through the season. About to watch May's 2 nd competition against Drew with his Roselia and Grace with Medicham :)

    Yea I'm thinking Drew was only focused on #1 and really playing up the mechanic of getting "blown off ". Which is a great lesson to learn and many people can persevere through that unfair bump in the road. Which leads me back to one of Mays greatest qualities. She is so new to contests but she continues to make adjustments with a good attitude :)
  18. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    I think I really enjoyed May's character the most in the Battle Frontier arc. She seemed to be focused on more as a character then as well as her interactions with her rivals, which were very interesting imo. It almost felt like she became more of a co-star in the series. Her rivalry with Drew was pretty interesting and her rivalry with Harley was funny and entertaining. I also liked the rivalry she formed near the end of the series with Solidad.
  19. 3fiddy

    3fiddy Z

    It's exciting to see her relationship with Drew build. I'm in the early stages of Pokemon Advanced (Gulpin it Down) so seeing that the relationship will continue to grow I pay very close attention when they have an episode together.

    By the time the Battle Frontier Arc comes around I'm thinking she is a much more accomplished trainer and can do things confidently. She is at such a beginning stage right now. Ex. her adolescent brother pointing out flaws etc. Which IMO learning pokemon is not a linear line. There is so much to learn lol. She is excelling in competitions and ways to present her pokemon. Not quite complete trainer but great in some areas. There's just so many areas to master.

    Today I traded with someone and received a Shiny Beautifly . That's a keeper going in my Butterfly Box :)
  20. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ ^Me whenever I visit the PAD

    I guess I'll start a new topic question:
    What is your favorite May focused episode and why?
    My favorite May focused episode is probably the Battle Frontier episode Time Warp Heals all Wounds. I liked it because most of the episode focused on May and it had a great plot imo and we saw May get an Eevee at the end of the episode.

    I also loved the movie Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea because it seemed like she was the star of the movie, the plot was great, and I loved how she showed her emotions in it as well as bonding with Manaphy.
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