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may is not 100% confirm gone

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by corphish, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. Gigusei

    Gigusei Well-Known Member

    Aww... hell, now we have May fans speculating about her coming back and Misty fans speculating about Misty. Then they are going to be moanin' about both of 'em getting replaced by eachother... Greeaaat.
  2. Locker

    Locker Banned

    i like the new female trainer too, i wish they'd use the male dude from Diamond&Pearl too;328;
  3. Yugito

    Yugito Active Member

    Now I think of it, it seems that Male trainers from Advance, DS and onwards won't be given a chance to be shown in the light of anime. I can just picturing them in the backstage pleaing the director to give them their debut appearances. XD
  4. Locker

    Locker Banned

    yup, thats the same thing they did with Brendan, the male hero from Ruby/Sapphire&Emerald
  5. Probably we won't see him because his look...well.... isn't interesting :/
  6. dark trainer

    dark trainer Well-Known Member

    hahahahahaha may is gone i have no pity for may fans i realy couldnt give a dam who stays or goes
  7. Light Bulbasaur

    Light Bulbasaur Comin' On Down!

    Don't forget, it's not only Drew who's going to Johto. It was also Harley and Saori as well. That's three of May's rivals, not to mention the two recurring ones, that would be out of the picture. Often the pokemon anime has made a big deal about following your rivals. Ash often followed in the footsteps of Gary; the Indigo League, Johto, and now Shinou. The same is said for May. Drew and Harley were going to Johto, and they were the ones to tell her about it, so she would want to go there as well. Drew was going because Saori (his big rival) was going.

    It's all about the rivals. XD
  8. darkjigglypuff

    darkjigglypuff Borderline Troll

    Now that I don't have Advanceshipping to distract me, I can focus on
  9. sCiZoR_2006

    sCiZoR_2006 Cascade Trainer

    Based on Serebii's quote and the new teaser pic from CoroCoro, this thread should be closed.
  10. GreenKirby

    GreenKirby GreenKirby

    YES!!! OWNAGE!!!!

    Finally! My least favorite pokemon character of all-time is leaving! Good ridance, she was very annoying pest anyway, most episodes of that involve her majorly was a borefest. Nearly all her rivals were bad (Harley being the sole exception) and most of them only lasted 2 episodes with a cameo at the grand festival. She was a downright terrible character and went stale very rapidly. That and she likes bashing my favorite pokemon.

    I don't even want to talk about her fans!-_-

    However, I think I will miss Max. He was a good character. I hope he suceeds very well.
  11. DuquÊ?

    DuquÊ? Too lazy to pick a pic

    May, Max and Brock are out! End of discussion! Yay for Ash's new companions!
  12. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Maybe with those rumours about there being 2 series do you think that maybe may will get her own series with max and max will start his pokemon training in it?
  13. Locker

    Locker Banned

    Naw...don't think so
  14. Cherimu Dude

    Cherimu Dude Well-Known Member

    another johto series? for May? nay i doubt that very much
  15. PsychedelicJellyfish

    PsychedelicJellyfish formerly R. New

    Well, Misty and Tracey did every now and then, so May, Max and Brock probably will too...
  16. Judai-and-sho

    Judai-and-sho The Best of the Best

    I would actually like a May/Max/maybe Brock series. I think it would be very intresting. I think it would go over pretty good. Hey, you never know. Also, I could see May returning, maybe 1 year into Shinou(for us anyway) having come in 2nd in the Johto Grand Festival and now she wants to try her hand at Shinou's contests. It would make sense. They can easily have May do Super Contests in Shinou without actually becoming a part of the main cast. May and Misty are two totally different animals, so you cannot say whether or not May has a shot of returning based off of Misty.
  17. striker

    striker I AM THAT IS

    DAMN if we pray hard enought she might

    (holding hand a praying now)
  18. Locker

    Locker Banned

    well a new Pokemon Chronicles season could come out;munchlax;
  19. Jay star

    Jay star Coordinator Lover

    Did may say in the last episode we see her she was going to johto ? just everyone is saying about her going there, and i know she hasnt been there so she could do but was it ever confirmed anywhere?
  20. Judai-and-sho

    Judai-and-sho The Best of the Best

    Its not confirmed as to what exactly May is doing. She may decide to go to Shinou without Ash.
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