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May smiles emoticon Pixel art


My Emo Friend
um just something that i did today, i tried my best with shading, but i think it turned out cute. and also please dont steel. i know i also got lazy, and didnt do much motion with it besides the mouth

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PokeBreeder Willis
good may but instead of only the mouth and the blush rushing in make her move a little more. other than that its really good


Up and away
Oh wow, that's pretty good, and I really like your style; Simple, but good. Though I kind of think that the blush became a lil bit too excessive near the ending frames.What program did you use to color it with?


I've seen a few similar to this at DeviantART, not bad.


My Emo Friend
I used photoshop7 to color this, and yah i did kinda rushed in with the blush, but im just fiddling around with the animation part in photoshop