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Maypsyco's Variety Shop

What do you think of my shop

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Okay, I'm back, and I've finished Sabre's request


Wario used eBay...
I like your work, could I have a banner?Here are the pics
I hope that's not to many pics, and in the middle in big print say "TEAM MAGMA" then under that could you put "Join us or fear us."
I'm sorry, he doesn't do banners, as I learned the hard way...(I asked for a banner, and he said he can't make banners, and the person who makes them is NEVER on.)


Wario used eBay...
Where is the guy? My request is still not done!


I'm currently working on requests, that's where I am. I was just on vacation last week a day after coming back from camp, so I've been very busy lately, but I am working on all of your requests. Provided no one posts after this, I'll edit when done.


Beginning Trainer
Could you please do me a sprite edit? If so, here is the description for the Pokemon. It's for an RPG site. ^_^

Snubbull wears a simple gold crown upon his head and acts like royalty half the time. His lifelong ambition is to find a matching sceptre and lovely fur trimmed red cloak. Oh and did I mention he has a monocle?

Thanks in advanced, if you choose to do this! ;135;

Neko Godot

Hey! Listen!
I'd like a IPWMLRL animation thingy...

Anyway, the title would be : Pokemon Centers would have to be closed.

Then a boy(R/S trainer) walks in to a Pokemon Center and says "I'd like my Pokemon healed."

Then the nurse says "We can't do that. The government spent our budget to nuke Johto. Sorry."

And that's it... Thanks in advance! :D
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Here's octoboy's request.


Well-Known Member
I want two things like my trainer card below but instead of castform and loudred put in rayquaza and groudon.Also a battle scene with Rayquaza fighting groudon.thanks


Wario used eBay...
I'll just wait for now...


Sic Transit Mundus
I want dark shiny groudon chao, and, if possible:


You see Girl from FRLG(with HUGE breast implants) and Boy from Emerald falling in love.
Becoming champions of the Kanto League and Hoenn League


Getting married
Settling down
Having Kids(find in-game(you know, how they look before the battle) (Misty with breast Implants and Lance as the kids) and a Giant house in Ever Grande, S.S. Anne next to EVC
Replace Pokemon Center and Waterfall with Big House

Their Pokemon, Shiny Groudon, Shiny Deoxys(Attack Form), Shiny Rayquaza, Shadow Lugia, Shiny Raikou, Shiny Entei, Shiny Celebi, Shiny Mew as pets


IPWMLRL, trainers could get married, have kids, be rich, and live normal lives. And pokemon would be pets. And you could have huge houses and own companies. In this case, people own Devon AND Silph)


...okay, I'm sorry, but I'll have to close down this shop. I'm the only one working here, it doesn't seem like I'll be getting any help soon, and there's just WAY too many requests here, and with school coming up next week for me, it'll just be too much. I really hate to do this to everybody who's requested here, especially the ones who I had to make wait forever, and I hate to do this because I've had this shop for such a long time, but I can't take it anymore, I'm only one guy.
I'll make another shop sometime.
Mods, please close this thread.
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If this isnt too much trouble then could you please make me an animation
If pokemon were more like real life than
ruby guy goes to plane
guys take pokeballs
guy releases forretress
guy says you cant take this forretress you suicidal bomber then repeat
if you could do this i would be very happy :)


Wario used eBay...
He just said he was closing down the shop because of too many requests for him to do, and no one is helping him.


I Crush Everything
thank you for the animation red socks.


the guy with no name
well if you still check this thing ill have a tc, any one will do fine