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May's Teardrops On Her Guitar~ Contestshipping! (Rated T)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ~StarWisher~, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. ~StarWisher~

    ~StarWisher~ Ikari-licious~♥

    Shippings: *Mainly* Conteshipping (May x Drew) with *Not-as-major* Ikarishipping (Dawn x Paul), Pokeshipping (Ash x Misty) and Shootdownshipping (Kenny x Zoey)

    Rating: T for curse words and possible sexual comments

    May's Teardrops On Her Guitar

    Chapter one: The New Girl

    Drew looks at me
    I fake a smile so he won’t see
    What I want and I need
    And everything we should be


    “Hey Drew!” May greeted cheerfully and energetically as she waved towards her best guy friend, the chartruese hair Drew. She hurriedly half ran, half walked towards Drew.

    “So how was history class?” May asked, as she stepped into the already long lunch line.

    “It was nice,” Drew replied. “And today we got a new student in our class! The girl is really nice and amazing!”

    “Oh.” was May’s only reply. She felt a twinge pain of jealousy.

    “Mhm. Her name is Holly, you wouldn’t believe how much we have in common!” Drew told May.

    Once again, “Oh.” was May’s only reply.

    Suddenly a girl with long amber color hair and royal blue eyes walked up to May and Drew, locking arms with Drew. “Come on Drewy, you promised me a school tour, remember?” said the girl, smiling sweetly.

    “Of course, I remembered Holly!" Drew scoffed with a smirk, and led the girl on a tour of the school without even saying another word to May.

    May suddenly felt her stomach lurch. She felt like vomiting, and for two reasons. One: Because that girl just called Drew, Drewy. And second, mostly because Holly only knew Drew for less then an hour and already had the guts to call Drew, Drewy while May knew Drew for almost seven years and haven’t called him Drewy once!


    Even after giving Holly a tour of part of the school, Drew was still hanging with Holly, and apparently he was laughing at something she said.

    Finally, getting bored of the never-ending argument between Misty and Dawn between who is better, Ash or Paul, May went over to the table Drew and Holly were sitting at.

    “Um, Drew?” May asked. She was about to say something else but Holly interrupted her.

    “Oh, is this one of your fangirls you were talking about, Drewy?” Holly asked.

    Now May was annoyed. “Hey! For your information I’m one of Drew’s closest friend and has been his best friend since fifth grade!” May retorted angrily.

    “Oh. Well sorry!” Holly shot back. “I don’t know everything about everything unlike you!”

    “Aagh!” May yelled irritated and then shouted, “Whatever!”

    “What was that about?” Zoey asked as May sat down.

    “Miss New Girl thought I was one of Drew’s fan girl, that’s what!” May said angrily, steam coming out of her head. "And that girl has a ‘Drewy’ problem.” May added afterwards.

    “Well, you two are starting off as good friends.” Soledad said dryly.

    “Don’t make me laugh.” May muttered. She looked around. “Hey, where’s Casey and Sakura?”

    Casey is with her boyfriend, Georgio and Sakura is trying out for the play, ‘Shrek 2’.” Misty replied, taking a bite out of her cheeseburger.

    “Didn’t she play Cinderella last year in the play, ‘Cinderella’?” Brianna asked.

    “Yeah she did,” Dawn told her. “And the year before she played Jasmine in ‘Aladdin’.”

    “So, she’s probably going to be Fiona or the Fairy God Mother in ‘Shrek’.” Soledad said thoughtfully.

    “Yeah…” Zoey agreed. “I mean she played pretty much every princess or main character in every play. Like in eighth grade she played Wendy in ‘Peter Pan’. She’s a really good actor, that’s why she gets the parts.”

    “Yeah, she’s also a good dancer, that’s why she won the talent show last year.” Brianna said.

    “What song did she dance to?” May asked, finally joining in on the conversation.

    “Wasn’t it ‘Teardrops on my Guitar'?" Dawn asked.

    “No! It was ‘Get over it’ it by Avril Lavigne, am I wrong?” Misty asked.

    “I believe you’re both wrong!” Zoey started. “It was ‘Breakaway’ by Kelly Clarkson!”

    “Oh yeah! It was!”

    “How come she sang-”

    “She danced to the song, she didn’t sing to it!”

    “Oh, whatever!” Dawn exclaimed. “How come she danced to that song? She usually sings to… happier songs?”

    “No reason why, its her favorite, that’s why she chose that song to dance to.” Zoey told her.

    “Oh yeah…”

    “You should enter the talent show!” Brianna told May suddenly.

    “I-I should?” May stuttered.

    “Yeah!” Brianna exclaimed. “You and your guitar are amazing!”

    “Yeah, you should.” Everyone agreed.

    “Well, I suppose....” May replied weakly.

    Finally, the bell for lunch to end rung.


    Well, that's it for this chapter. Not very good I know, but I promise it'll get better! (Hopefully).

    Also rules here:
    1. Follow all SPPf rules! (Obviously :p)
    2. No flaming/bashing my story, the pokemon character or even my OC that you may not like (thank you : D), but constructive criticism is welcome, and if you see any mistakes please tell me. ^^; I think I got all of them though.
    3. Erm... can't think of a third one. Enjoy the story? (Please try at least ^^)

    I also have this story on fanfiction (and it is completed :D), so those of you who have read this story please use don't give any spoilers. Thank you!

    Hm... think that's all I have to say.

    Please leave a review! : D

  2. Dragonfree

    Dragonfree Just me Staff Member Moderator

    Moving this to Shipping Fics since it's... a shipping fic. If you explicitly want it in the main fanfic forum instead, you can ask me to move it back.
  3. Ikarishippy fan

    Ikarishippy fan Diehard☆Ikarishipper

    Aww this was cute and sweet.
    Don't know wht's with that Holly girl though -o-
    Either way, gret job on the chapter! I didn't spy any mistakes in the first chapter! ^^ (Of course, I sort of rushing ^^; *heehee* ;D)
  4. Allyson


    This was so cute :D
    I love this song and the fics great xD
    Poor May :(
    Cant wait for the next chapter ;]
  5. ~StarWisher~

    ~StarWisher~ Ikari-licious~♥

    May's Teardrops On Her Guitar

    Chapter Two: The Broken Promise

    I'll bet she's beautiful
    That girl he talks about
    And she got everything
    I have to live without


    May sighed, watching jealously over Drew and Holly who were shoving each other playfully.

    "You wouldn't believe how smart Holly is! She's a straight A student! Who knew someone could smart and beautiful!" Drew exclaimed.

    May shook the memory out of her mind, practicing the combo she made for Squirtle to do for her Coordinating class, coordinating A which was for those who were better coordinators.

    Aqua tail and ice beam, aqua tail and ice beam! May repeated in her mind. Wait a minute, isn't today the day we take that one test? Oh shoot! It is! What was that combo again? Um, let me see... I was going to use Glaceon and Beautifly. Beautifly was going to use psychic to move Glaceon's... was it shadow ball or ice shard...?

    May closed her eyes, imagining a shadow ball and psychic combo and then a ice shard and psychic combo. Eh, I'll use ice shard and psychic...

    "First up, Mr. Drew Rosalind." said Mrs. Ribbons, a young chocolate hair teacher with friendly olive green eyes.

    Drew bowed as he stepped forward to the front. With a flick of his green hair he released his Masquerain.

    "Masquer!" It said in a rather majestic voice.

    "Masquerain, you know what to do." Drew told it, flicking his hair once again, smirking.

    It nodded it head and in a jiff it let go of a range of bubbles then in another second it used silverwind, popping the bubbles so it rained a light sprinkle of the bubble's remains. Awes were heard from the crowd of coordinators. It was a quick, but beautiful performance.

    "Very nice performance, Mr. Rosalind." Mrs. Ribbons commented, marking something on her clipboard. "Now, your next performance?"

    "Why, thank you Mrs. Ribbons. And I will be using my Roselia and Flygon for this round." Drew announced. Mrs. Ribbons nodded, marking something else on the paper on the clipboard.

    "Roselia, Flygon, come on out!" Drew called out his pokemon, a pokemon with three large thorns on its head, with a red rose and blue rose for hands, plus a leafy skirt and his large dragonfly pokemon with its red eyes and rhombus-shaped wings.

    Drew smirked confidently, then yelled, "Roselia magical leaf!"

    "Rose!" yelled the pokemon as it shot it's attack, a storm of leaves that circled around roselia, then shot straight up into the air about to attack Flygon.

    "Flygon, flamethrower!" Drew ordered, flicking his hair.

    Flygon nodded, then shot a mouthful of angry flames at the leaves, leaving the flames in an angry red and orange glow until the leaves were nothing but black cinder on the floor.

    A cheer came from the crowd quite impressed by the combo. "Very smart, Drew." The teacher said impressed. Drew flicked his hair and smirked in response.

    "Now, lets have Holly Cherrytop come on up and do her combos." Mrs. Ribbons said, tossing her chocolate color hair behind her shoulders.

    May scowled at her. Why was she in her coordinating class? Why couldn't she be in some other trainers class such as One Element Training, or Pokemon Breeding, or just Pokemon Training class. She just had to be in May's coordinating class. Why was she even taking the class? She has only been here for three days, geez.

    Holly smiled shyly, tossing her amber color hair, she released a snow-white pokemon with a kimono-shaped body with two ice crystals on its head, along with purple skin peeking around its eyes and ina diamond formation on its forehead. "Froslass..." it said.

    Holly smiled at it in encouragement, then shouted, "Alright Froslass, lets do doubleteam!"

    Froslass nodded, creating multiples of itself, making a diamond outline.

    "Now, lets give it an icebeam!" Holly yelled.

    "Froslass..." All the Froslass' echoed, as an icy blue beam formed in its mouth. Soon, a beam of cold ice shot out its mouth, heading for the center of the diamond they made. "Lass!" Soon there was an explosion and as soon as the white smoke from the explosion vanished, a floor of ice laid where the diamond outline of Froslass once were.

    "Wow! That was quite impressive!" Mrs. Ribbons said, congratulating her on her magnificent performance.

    "Thank you very much, Mrs. Ribbons!" she said, blushing from embarrassment at the comment.

    "Now, to see your next appeal won't hurt, am I correct?" said Mrs. Ribbon, smiling sweetly at Holly.

    Holly nodded, returning her Froslass then reaching for two more pokeballs. "Go, Milotic and Minun!"

    In a flash of red light a mouse-like pokemon with blue-tipped ears and blue cheeks with a minus sign in the middle along with a flat tail also shaped like a minus sign. "Minun!" yelled the pokemon in a cute, perky voice.

    In another flash of red appeared a long, snake-like pokemon with long hair-like fins which drape from the sides of its head. The pokemon known as Milotic, covered in blue and pink scales.


    "Milotic rain dance!" Holly ordered. Soon enough clouds had started to form and rain started to fall.

    "Now, use thunder Minun!" Holly yelled. It certainly was a good thing Coordinating class was outside.

    "Minun!" screeched the cute mouse-like pokemon as it shot a blast of powerful lightning into the cloud, causing it to bounce back and crash powerfully into the ground. Screams were heard over the powerful sound of thunder.

    After a minute or two, some claps were heard.

    "My my, Holly!" Mrs. Ribbons exclaimed. "Th-that was amazing! Magnificent! Fantastic!"

    Holly blushed and thanked Mrs. Ribbons for her kind words as she returned her pokemon, then walked over to Drew, who congratulated her on the excellent appeal.

    "Hmph! What do you know? We have an even bigger showoff then May!" May suddenly heard a familar girly voice say.

    "Harley!" May exclaimed.

    "That's right, hun!" Harley said.

    "I thought you were in a different coordinating class...?"

    "Well, I was but then I got transferred. Don't act too surprised, alrighty hun?" Harley told her, smirking.

    "Whatever..." May mumbled, rolling her sapphire eyes.

    xXx-- Later --xXx

    May had gone, and like Drew and Holly she did excellent along with Dawn and unfortunately Harley did a great job too.

    "Hey Drew!" May greeted, smiling widely. "Nice appeal in Coordinating class!"

    "Thanks." Drew muttered.

    May scowled, annoyed. What? No 'You did great too'?

    "Well, anyway, we're still going to the prom together, right?" May asked, shifting her backpack from shoulder to shoulder.

    "Oh yeah! Sorry May, but I sort of promised to go with Holly. She asked me last period so I said yes." Drew explained to May, muttering.

    So that's what all that giggling from Holly was about. May thought to herself, she felt her shoulders droop in disappointment.

    "Oh. Okay." May said.

    "Besides, I promised her to go, so I can't break it." Drew also pointed out.

    "Hey, May?" Drew asked.

    "Hm? Yes, Drew?" May asked, giving a "what is it?" look.

    "Do you happen to have a date to the dance?" Drew asked.

    "No, not yet." May replied. "Why?"

    "Would like to be my date to the dance?" Drew asked.

    May blushed. "Sure! I mean, why not?" May asked, giggling.

    Drew shrugged, laughing.

    "So you promise to be my date to the dance?" May asked, grinning at the green hair teen.

    pinky promise!" Drew laughed, holding out his pinky. May giggled along with him.

    "Heya Drewy!" greeted a certain girl with amber color hair.

    "Hi Holly." Drew said with some enthusiasm. This made May a little mad. When she was there he was indifferent, yet when she's here he's Mister Enthustiastic!

    "Hi May!" Holly also greeted, nonchalance in her voice as she talked to her.

    May forced a smile. "Oh, hey Holly." May also forced herself to say.

    "So Drew, I can't wait 'til the dance!" Holly told Drew, obviously excited.

    May felt as if Holly was just rubbing it in her face that Drew was going with her and not with May, who Drew promised to go with first.

    "So May who are you going with?" Holly asked.

    "Oh. Err... not... with anyone... yet." May murmured. "I was going to go with Drew, but he told me he promised..." her voice trailed off.

    "Oh! You mean... Drew was going with you first?" Holly asked.

    "Well, he was." May told her.

    "Yeah, I was, but I promised I would go with you, Holly, I didn't with May." Drew explained. "And a promise is a promise."

    "Someone should tell you not to make another promise after promising someone else..." May muttered quietly to herself.

    "What was that?" Drew asked.

    May sighed. "Nothing... I-I'll just go now. I should be getting home." May said quietly.

    "Mm. You do that." Drew said.

    May glared at Drew from the inside, her insides which felt as if they were breaking, especially her heart...

    As soon as May got home she went straight to her bed in her room, and cried silently into her pillow. After about ten minutes of crying into her pillow, she got up and washed her face. She looked into the mirror and saw her eyes were pink and puffy and black mascara streaks (she forgot to put on water-proof mascara) had ran down her cheeks.

    "How could he forget all about me?" May asked herself quietly.

    As soon as she was done washing her face, she sat down on her bed, bouncing a bit. Her dad was at the gym still, her mom was down with her friends, visiting, and Max was being geeky someplace.

    As May bounced lightly on her bed, she noticed a picture she kept on her shelf where she kept her alarm clock (or broken alarm clock that is) and pokemon figurines. It was a picture of when May and Drew were in Elementary School, when they were ten. May was holding a brown guitar with red rose designs on it. May felt a tear slide down her cheek at the picture of her and her once close friend. Why did Holly have to come into the picture and ruin it all?

    That's it for this chapter for now. :) Let me know if you find any mistakes please. I checked over it, but ya never know. A mistake may still pop up somewhere.

    Also thanks to everyone who have replied so far.

    And also I'll keep the thread here! 8D Thanks, Dragonfree, ^^; I forgot where the shipping fics were suppose to be.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2009
  6. Ikarishippy fan

    Ikarishippy fan Diehard☆Ikarishipper

    Aw poor May ]:
    That's mean of Drew )x How could he forget that he promised to go with May first? D:<

    Well, I'm looking forward to the new chapter! Update soon! :]
  7. Hollypaw's_cool14

    Hollypaw's_cool14 Jayfeather is too

    Good fic. I love how you added the different songs and movies and how Drew is like completely obvious to what May was hinting about keeping promises. Keep going, and PM the next chapter to me, plleeaase? <:p Thanks
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2009
  8. Contestgurl227

    Contestgurl227 Active Member

    This iss sooo cute <3 i love the whole thing the story I cant wait for the next chapter
  9. ~StarWisher~

    ~StarWisher~ Ikari-licious~♥

    Thanks for the reviews everybody! :)


    May's Teardrops on her Guitar

    Chapter Three: Luvdisc Cabin

    Drew talks to me
    I laugh cause its so funny
    I can’t even see
    Anyone when he’s with me

    "Dearie, wake up!" May's mother, Caroline, called. She knocked gently on the door. May groaned. "Wake up, honey! It's a school day!"

    "Alright, alright! I'm up, I'm up!" May called groggily, slowly getting out of her nice, warm bed.

    She soon heard her mother's footsteps walking away from her door. May opened her closet door, searching for the right outfit to wear. After about five minutes of modeling in front of her six feet mirror, she decided to wear her new rose red halter top and faded blue jeans with her clear, one inch tall high heels. Today she had P.E. so she bought along a pair of sneakers.

    May took a quick ten minute shower, putted on her clothes, and hurriedly collected the books and other stuff she'd need for school today. Luckily, May made it just in time for the school bus. "Hey May!" greeted Misty. "So how was Coordinating class, yesterday?"

    "It was fine. Mrs. Ribbons especially liked my combo of Psychic and Ice Shard." May answered.

    "That's good!" Misty told her.

    May nodded. "So how was your class?" May asked.

    Misty grinned widely. "Well, I certainly aint getting an F in that class! I ended up beating everyone there! My Corsola and Gyrados were unbeatable in the double battles! And you should've seen my Starmie kick this Octillery's butt! Don't even get me started with how great Politoed and Dewgong were!" Misty siad excitedly. May giggled at Misty's excitement.

    "Well, that certainly is good to hear." May told her. "So... Who are you going to the prom with?"

    May groaned a bit, slumping back a bit. Misty gave an annoyed look. "I'm going with Gary." she muttered.

    "You aren't going with Ash?" May asked.

    "No. He's going with stupid Melody." she muttered again.

    "That sucks." May told her.

    "You're still going with Drew, right? You wouldn't believe the stupid rumor I heard this time! -" Misty exclaimed, but was cut off by May.

    "Sadly, no. He made a promise to Holly that he'll go with her." May said Holly's name with some venom.

    "What!? You mean the rumor I heard is true?!" Misty exclaimed. May nodded her head.

    "B-but that isn't right! He said he would go with you!" Misty practically yelled at May. "Who asked who? I bet that little preschool brat asked Drew! I knew she always had a crush on him!"

    "Misty! Calm down!" May told her, sweat dropping at her "crazy"

    -- At School --

    "Hiya May!" Drew greeted. May looked up from her locker to see Drew next to her. "Oh. Hey Drew." May said quietly.

    "Hey Drewy!" greeted a certain amber color girl whom May hated.

    "Heya Holl." Drew greeted, giving her a kiss on the lips. Holly returned the kiss, giggling.

    May just stood there, her heart breaking in two. "I-i better go..." May whispered, backing away. Apparantly none of them heard her. May tried her best not to let the tears come, but she couldn't. She ran to the nearest girl's bathroom as quick as she could. Luckily for her no other girl was in there. Tears were now sliding down May's cheeks, her eyes weren't pink and puffy yet, but they were getting there. Since when were they dating? May asked herself, still crying. The school bell rang, signaling for her to get to her homeroom. May quickly wiped away her tears, luckily she had been smart enough to put on waterproof(or tearproof) mascara. She checked herself making sure she didn't look like she has just been crying, and hurried to class, which was pretty difficult since she was wearing high heels.

    Ding. Ding.

    The bell rang just as May stepped into her classroom. May looked around for a place to sit. There was an empty spot next to Drew and an empty spot next to Dawn. Drew or Dawn? Drew or Dawn? May chose Dawn, not wanting to deal with Drew for the moment.

    Just as May sat down, Dawn started talking. "Did you know spinach head over there is dating the new girl, Holly!?" Dawn whispered fiercely. May nodded sadly.

    "How did you find out?" May whispered back.

    "Saw the scumbag making out with him. Plus, last night at Luvdisc Cabin-!" Dawn started.

    "Romantic date with Paul?" May asked slyly, grinning.

    Dawn blushed. "Yeah... But anyway, I also saw Drew and Holly there!" Dawn whispered. May's face went pale.

    "You wouldn't, but I would, believe how much of a flirt that girl is! She was coming onto him like a... a... what's the word? Eh, never mind! But seriously, she was wearing like a dress that hardly went pass her butt!" Dawn exclaimed while still whispering. "That girl is..." Dawn didn't get to finish her sentence.

    "Uh, hey May." said an embarrassed Drew. "Listen, uh, about Holly and me..." his voice trailed off.

    May sighed. "You two are dating?" May asked.

    "Well, I guess..." Drew replied, still embarrassed. He waited for a bit. Waiting for May to say something like, 'Well, it's fine by me if you go out with her.' or something similar, but it never came...

    "I saw you two at Luvdisc Cabin." Dawn told Drew.

    "Oh. You did? Romantic date with Paul?" Drew teased.

    Dawn stuck her tongue out at him. "Shut up, and yes, I was on a romantic date with Paul, okay?" May giggled slightly.

    "Anyway, what were you doing at Luvdisc Cabin? I mean, were you even planning to go on a date with Holly? When I saw you, you looked surprised to see Holly, like you weren't even expecting her to come." Dawn said.

    "Oh. Well, true i wasn't planning on going on a date with her, but he just came in, told me she was waiting for someone but he never came." Drew explained.

    "Then why were you there?" May asked, cocking her head slightly.

    Drew blushed. "I was going to call a certain somebody if they wanted to come with me, but they never answered or called back." Drew stole a quick glance toward May.

    "Was that certain somebody Holly?" Dawn asked, a bit sourly. Drew didn't notice the sourness in Dawn's voice.

    "No." He shook his head.

    "Who was it then?" May asked.

    "It-it isn't important anymore..." Drew muttered.

    "Oh. Okay." May said quietly, slightly

    -- First Period (P.E.) --

    A shrill whistle filled the lockerroom as May entered. May frowned slightly. "Listen up, ladies!" called Ms. Trapioca, a tall blond hair woman. "There will be no need for you to change into your P.E. uniform today. Today we will be watching the soccer game with the Ever Grande High's Deoxys versus Larousse High's Rayquaza!"

    Cheers were heard, and claps (most likely from the cheerleaders) were heard. "Woo! Go Rayquazas!"

    "I suppose we have to go get dress to cheer on our school then." May said to Dawn.

    Dawn nodded. "Yeah! I also suppose HARLEY will be wearing his cheerleading outifit! I also hope he remembered to bring his POMPOMS!" May said.

    "I heard that, you ungrateful little twerp!" Harley screamed through the walls of the boys lockerroom. May and Dawn giggled. It was fun to mess with Harley, even if Soledad WAS going out with him.

    May and Dawn quickly changed into their lime green shirt with black sleeves and limegreen skirt with black edges. On the cheerleading outfit's top there was a black V that went from there armpits to just below their chest. They also putted on their black socks and green ballet shoes.

    La Rousse High had a lot of rival schools such as the Sootopolis High's Kyogre and Lavaridge High's Groudons. Their biggest rival schools though were the Ever Grande High's Deoxys, so obviously this was an important match.


    As May, Dawn and the rest of the cheerleading squad waited for the soccer game to start May spotted Drew along with Holly. May scowled jealously at them. They both had their arms around each others waist and apparently Holly was giving Drew a kiss on the cheek, giggling as she did so. May looked away, jealous. But what Drew said that morning was still biting at her.

    "Ever Grande is the best!

    We will take you down with all the rest!

    E-V-E-R- Yeah-eh! G-R-!" yelled the Ever Grande cheerleaders in their red and blue uniforms.

    May felt a poke on her side. She looked over to see Dawn. "Hello!? Ms. Cheerleader captain! Routine time!"

    "Huh? Oh, right." May muttered.

    "All right everybody! Positions!" May yelled. "Time to blow the roof off the house!"

    "One, two, three!" yelled the squad.


    Holly watched without much fascination as she watched the cheerleading squad do their cheer. She watched as a blue hair girl and a girl with dirty blond hair pick up a brunette, May, and throw her into the air.

    "Watch as the Rayquaza's put the-"

    Holly looked at May with disgust. I certainly hope May wasn't the one Drewy was actually waiting for. The scrawny little runt and her chickenlegs.


    Sorry if there's any mistakes! D: I admit, I didn't check this chapter before posting this. --; There shouldn't be too many, but if you see any, let me 'kay? Hope you enjoyed this! I admit I don't really like the ending in this chapter because of how I'm portraying Holly... Btw, I hate this chapter's name! I was trying to think of another name for this, but failed... miserably...

    Constructive reviews are more than welcome.

    Edit: Also if you want be on the PM List just tell me! ;D

    Last edited: Aug 15, 2009
  10. Hollypaw's_cool14

    Hollypaw's_cool14 Jayfeather is too

    Good chapter! Nice touch with Harley, adding that bit of humor was perfect. So were the hints that Drew tried to give May.
    I don't know why, but I just love that sentence.
    I only caught one mistake
    I don't think putted is a word...<:p Loved all the desciptions by the way.
    This is turning out really good. Ash with Melody, Misty jealous and going with Gary... I wonder if one of the girls will come up with the plan to make Ash jealous(if he isn't to blockheaded and just brush it off), and who Gary likes.
    And who is/was the dirty blond that threw May into the air?
  11. MapleRoses

    MapleRoses Jaejoong is HERO

    You got a nice idea of putting a songfic into chapters :) others tend to make a songfic one-shot...
    And each blocks of lyrics represent the chapter! 8)

    hmm, i spotted several typos here...


    is this an unfinished sentence? >.>


    overall, i like it. But I think you should capitalize letters when needed. (ex. Move names and "I") it's rather confusing to divide the words with the move names.

    Oh and Drew is a bit OOC cuz he acts all-cheerful and rarely teases May XP
    umm... Maybe it's because he's her friend since fifth grade? Yes? :x
    anyways, try to put him in character, okay?
  12. Lexiebee88

    Lexiebee88 Bleeding Black Rose

    come on next chappie already!!! love the fic and i heart that song soooo much. do u think Taylor Swift is a contestshipper like me? anyway i think.......

    i think for the talent show that may's going to sing the song at the end of the fic and drew will notice her feelings. that would be an awesome ending!!![spoiler/]
  13. MayContestShipperDrew

    MayContestShipperDrew Pokemon Coordinator

    I'm new to Serbiiforums.com but I think I know enough to know that your fic was awesome. Hope you update soon! GO CONTESTSHIPPING!!!=);munchlax;
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2009
  14. ~StarWisher~

    ~StarWisher~ Ikari-licious~♥

    Thanks for the reviews everybody! :) Sorry for taking so long on posting this next chapter~ XD


    Chapter Four: Talent Show Tryouts

    He says he's so in love
    He's finally got it right
    I wonder if he knows
    He's all I think about at night

    "I would like all those who are trying out for the talent show, who haven't already sign up to come forth to the auditorium." Announced a mysterious guy over the speakers.

    "You're trying out aren't you May?" Misty asked May. May nodded.

    "Which song are you singing?" Misty asked.

    "It’s a secret.” May whispered back, leaving to the auditorium. Misty glared after May as she left.


    "Next up are Nicole Miles, Amy Trapmins, and Coco Perkies who'll be dancing to... Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna." Mrs. Rips folded her arms, waiting for the three to begin their dance.

    A girl with red curly hair, a girl with long, silky blue hair and a girl with short, crimped purple hair stood, their heads down, waiting for the music to start. As soon as the music started they started dancing, movie their hips in circles then sticked out their left hand, then right. After about three minutes of dancing the song ended and Mrs. Rips complimented the girls on their dancing.

    "Very good girls, very nice and creative dance. Now, next up will be Drew Rosalind and Holly Cherrytop singing, No Air by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown." announced Mrs. Rips. May's jaws dropped slightly. Drew was trying out for the talent show?! May hid behind a girl with long pink hair, not wanting to be seen by Drew. She did NOT want Drew to know she was trying out for the talent show!

    Drew had changed into a white long sleeve dress up shirt with a red tie and black pants. Holly was wearing a silky pink tang top with a black skirt that had a pink butterfree design on the end of her skirt. She also wore clear high heels that were about three inches high.

    Holly began with: "If I should die before I wake..."

    Drew began to sing: "I'm here alone, didn't wanna leave..."

    Drew's voice vanished from May's ears as May's mind drifted away from herself. They are both in the talent show? And they're doing the song, 'No air'? But why? May asked herself, watching as Drew sang to Holly, and Holly sang to Drew.

    ~Flashback: In Sixth Grade~

    "Hey May, we should try out for the talent show together!" Drew suggested one day.

    "Hm. Yeah, we should!" May agreed happily. "But what we do?"

    "Sing a song together, of course!" Drew replied.

    "Which song, though?"

    Drew thought for a moment. "How about... Eh, Skater Boy?" Drew suggested.

    May shrugged her thin shoulders. "Sure. I guess, but it's not a duet song, you know?" May said.
    "Well, we can make it a duet song." Drew told her, smiling.

    "But somehow I'm still alive inside
    You took my breath but I survived
    I don't know how but I don't even care." May heard Holly sing. She also saw Holly wink at Drew.

    May bit her lips out of jealousy, envy welling up in her chest, threatening to drown her in it. Her mind started to travel a bit.

    "Where did you get the guitar?" Drew asked May, pointing to her brown guitar with red roses designed around the lower part of her guitar.

    "I got it at that new guitar store called, 'Songstar Guitar Store' " May answered.

    "Can you play any song on it?" Drew asked.

    May smiled. "A few." she replied. "Do you know how to play a guitar."

    Drew nodded, grinning. "I took some lessons.

    "That was very good! Loved how you even added some moves to the song." Mrs. Rips told them, smiling.

    "Thanks you, Mrs. Rips!" Holly thanked, bowing.

    Please, please leave! May pleaded quietly. Leave, leave, leave! Leave already! Please, please LEAVE!

    "Next up is Sakuno Hallis and Jacob Turner doing 'Touch my Body' by Mariah Carey."


    "Come on Drewy, let’s go." May overheard Holly tell 'Drewy'. Yes! May silently cheered.

    "Thank you very much for participating, uh... Roderick Vreders, Missy Jones, and Peter Limbles." said Mrs. Rips.

    The three, a boy with black hair with red streaks in it, a girl with short, layered purple hair, and another boy with spiky red hair bowed, thanking her for the compliments.

    "Next up is May Maple who'll be singing to the song... Uh, Miss May Maple, you didn't put the name of the song you're doing..." Mrs. Rips pointed out.

    "Oh, that's because I want it to be a secret." May told her.

    "Oh. Okay, I guess I can allow that. But you're still going to have to sing some sort of song, and afterwards tell me the song you're going to actually play for the talent show." said Mrs. Rips.

    May nodded. "I'm going to sing a part of..." May thought for a second. "Big Girls Don't Cry." May announced. Mrs. Rips nodded, signaling for her to go.

    May cleared her voice then in a clear, strong and powerful voice she started to sing,

    "The Smell of your skin lingers on me now" May sang clearly and slowly. A tranquil atmosphere filled the room as she sang.

    "You're probably on your flight to your hometown
    I need some shelter of my own protection, baby
    To be with myself and center,
    Clarity, peace, serenity," May finished her part of the song, praying the few lines had been enough to get her into the talent show.

    Mrs. Rips nodded. "Beautifully done, May."

    May bowed in respect. "Thank you, Mrs. Rips."

    "Now, I need you to put the name of the song and who it's performed by." Mrs. Rips told her, handing her the clipboard.

    "And just to make sure you can sing the song, I'll see you today after school, if that's okay with you, that is."

    "Of course, Mrs. Rips." May replied.

    "You have a wonderful and majestic voice, I hope you that." Mrs. Rips told her.

    ~Next Morning~

    "So how was the tryout?" Misty asked.

    "It went nicely," May replied as she brushed a few strands of her brunette hair out of her face. "But you believe who I saw there!"

    "Who?" Dawn asked eagerly.

    "Drew and Holly!"

    "What! No freakin' way!" Dawn exclaimed.

    "What were they doing!?" Misty questioned eagerly.

    "They were tying out for the talent show together. They were singing the duet song, 'No air'!" May told them.

    "He wouldn't!"

    "How could he!?"

    "Is Drew here today?" May asked.

    Dawn shook her head. "Nah. He's absent today.

    "That's good, because they'll be announcing who'll be in the talent show today."

    "Good morning students!" the principal said over the intercom.

    "Right on cue." Dawn sighed.

    "First off, I would like to announce who will be performing in this years annual Talent Show! They will be: Cherry Mendy playing the Piano, Sakuno Hallis and Jacob Turner singing to, 'Touch My Body',..."

    May yawned slightly as she listened to the cheery voice of their Principal, Mr. Rudwin.

    "Lucy Lacins singing 'Best of Both Worlds', Abraham Jockins playing the electric Guitar, Matthew Petis on his drum,..."

    May started to tap on her desk.

    "May Maple singing 'Teardrops on My Guitar,"Misty, Dawn, and a few other kids from May's homeroom clapped and cheered for May. May blushed slightly.

    "Congrats!" Misty cheered.

    "So THAT is what you're singing!" Dawn whispered, winking at her.

    "Hinata Sari, Yuki Tunnin, and Temari Horma dancing to 'Kiss My Lips', Drew Rosalind and Holly Cherrytop singing the duet song, 'No Air',..."

    May gripped her desk tightly and clenched her teeth. Darn it!

    Why did they have to make it? May asked herself quietly. Already she could feel the hurt well up inside of her like the tears welled up inside her eyes.

    Had she been forgotten?


    Let me know of any mistakes you see and feel free to review~ So, what do you guys think will happen next chapter?
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    There should be a question mark. I love this ship and this story!! I hope it doesn't have a bad ending!! But by the song (which I love and it has Drew in it! What a coinkidinc!) the ending is sad and he'll probably be with Holly. May should sing "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne.
    Hey hey you you I wanna be your girlfriend!
    Sorry about that. I can't wait to see what actually happens! I hope you haven't given up on this fic! I'm dying because of the cliff hangers!

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