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[MBC] - Monthly Banner Contest | February 2012 Thread


le quant-à-soi
[MBC] - Monthly Banner Contest

February 2012

Hello, one and all, and welcome to the February 2012 MBC Thread! The first time a regular contest runs is always exciting; there's often a noticeable buzz in the air with many people talking about it, speculating whether it will be good or not, whether it will last, who will win, what will happen, and although the lead-up to the MBC has been rather hushed with the exception of the past week, it's been exciting nonetheless, and I'm definitely excited to be the one hosting the monthly contest; it's the first time a regular contest has been held in the Digital Media section in quite a while, with the last one being the Weekly Banner Contest. I hope the MBC lasts just as long as the WBC, if not longer!

Formalities aside, it is crucial that, if you haven't already done so, you read through the Rules Thread. If you haven't read through it yet, do it right now. If you've already read through the thread, I encourage you to freshen up your memory and have a quick read through it anyway.

February's typically associated with love, the colour pink, and leap years, but as you may know, I'm not one to pick bland themes. Being a pop music fan, you should be able to work out why I've chosen the theme I did for February. So, without further ado, I present to you the topic and restrictions for the February 2012 Monthly Banner Contest!

  • Theme: - Music
  • Medium: - Banner & Icon Set
  • Specifics: - Banner Size: 390 x 150 pixels; Icon Size: 100 x 100 pixels. The banner and the icon must complement each other; they do not necessarily have to feature the same style/render/etc, but they must complement each other and clearly form a set.
  • Animation Permitted? - No

Remember, do not submit your entry as a post; PM it to me using the following form:

[B]Username:[/B] username
[B]Image Link:[/B] www.image.com
[B]Description:[/B] If you would like to write a brief description as to how it matches the theme, etc, feel free to do so, but please keep it brief.

I, username, have read through the rules of the Monthly Banner Contest.  [B]Yes / No[/B]
When you send in your banner, you will receive a confirmation PM within three days just confirming that I received your entry. Entries close on Friday February 17th so make sure to get your entries in! It's better to get them in early rather than leaving them until the last minute and forgetting about them.

I think that's about it, so I wish you the best of luck. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a PM or ask in the thread.

Update: If this wasn't clear already, you need to make both a banner and an icon.
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I'll just have to work around the stupid banner size.

But I'll definitely enter as this look fancy dandy cooliotastic.


I'll do my Lilliest
If you mean music... say I have Katy Perry's song lyrics and have Lyra on it.. does that count?
Or the thing hafta be all Katy coz its her lyrics in the banner? nya~


le quant-à-soi
If you mean music... say I have Katy Perry's song lyrics and have Lyra on it.. does that count?
Or the thing hafta be all Katy coz its her lyrics in the banner? nya~
As long as you interpret the theme in some way, shape or form and through your description you explain to me how it fits the theme, if I think it's adequate then that's fine. So for your example, as long as you say in the details part of the form that it's Katy Perry's lyrics or whatever, then yeah that would be all fine and dandy.


le quant-à-soi
February '12 Monthly Banner Contest

Entries are now closed.

I received a healthy amount of entries in the end. I'll have the voting thread up in roughly 48 hours. Best of luck!



Due to an error on my part, I'm just waiting for one contestant to resubmit their entry. I'll try my best to have the voting thread up tomorrow morning before I go to school, but if not by this time tomorrow. Sorry for any inconvenience caused; due to this error, there will be extra time for voting.