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[MBC] - Monthly Banner Contest | March 2012 - Voting Thread

Discussion in 'Digital Media' started by Zhanton, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi


    [MBC] - Monthly Banner Contest
    March 2012 Voting Thread

    I apologise for the delay in getting this up! I've decided to shift the schedule back by one week because April has five Sundays, so in the end there won't be any major differences.

    Let me once again remind you of the requirements for March 2012.

    • [*=left]Theme: - Monochrome
      [*=left]Medium: - Vertical Banner
      [*=left]Specifics: - Banner Size: 220 x 410 pixels. You are free to use any renders or other resources of your choice, but your banner must be predominantly in varying tones of one colour of your choice.
      [*=left]Animation Permitted? - No

    Before you cast your votes, though, I must refer you back to the voting rules which can be found towards the end of the first post in this thread.

    For the sake of clarity, I ask that you adhere to the following format when placing your votes.

    Use this form please.
    [B]Entry 1[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 2[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 3[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 4[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 5[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 6[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 7[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 8[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 9[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 10[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [B]Entry 11[/B] - Brief critique (at the very least, one or two sentences)
    [I]I would like to place my vote for[/I] [B]Entry ___[/B] because ____________

    I would also like to remind you that if your vote is deemed inadequate because you did not provide critique or did not provide adequate critique for each and every piece, your vote may not be considered valid. Continually spamming or placing invalid votes may result in an infraction, so consider this to be your warning.

    Inside the following spoiler you will find the eleven entries I received. When voting, please ensure you take note of all the rules.

    Voting will close at midday (GMT) this Saturday. I will then announce the winner sometime on Saturday night (GMT).

    Best of luck to all of the contestants!

    ENTRY 1 - No description provided.

    ENTRY 2 - No description provided.

    ENTRY 3 - " I chose orange because it matches my render. I've used all orange, even the border"

    ENTRY 4 - "Its deadmau5 in grey monochrome."

    ENTRY 5 - No description provided.

    ENTRY 6 - "The mecha in this banner is Eva Unit 02 from Neon Genesis Evangelion. The brush and tree setting Eva 02 is placed in is symbolic of the changing of the seasons."

    ENTRY 7 - No description provided.

    ENTRY 8 - "A Blue theme with the Jhoto mascots."

    ENTRY 9 - "The chosen color is grey. Lyrics by Mat Kearney."

    ENTRY 10 - "To exploit the vertical banner theme, I decided to use a long render which is focused in quite close. I did this to make it feel more intense. I predominantly use crimson hues, varying from burgundy to splashes of bright red. With tints of purple to encapsulate the atmosphere. I felt the colour red represents danger well, which is what this woman is supposed to radiate. Her ruthless attitude depicted in the text added."

    ENTRY 11 - "Pink is the color of femininity, and nothing says feminine better like two final fantasy femme fatales~"

    That's about it, so have fun voting! On the whole, I was definitely very pleased with the high quality of entries this time around. Best of luck, guys! And sorry if the formatting got messed up here and there, vb4 is really hard to work with.​
  2. ~Light

    ~Light Well-Known Member

    Entry 1 - The banners looks quite dark and the images are are too transparent. I don't like that you can see the background through the renders. No flow in the banner, lighting isn't good, text wasn't needed here.

    Entry 2 - I like the colors and the flow, the lighting is also good. Not a fan of the text and the effects around it.

    Entry 3 - Just a render on a background with no flow, no blending, no lighting. Text is hard to read.

    Entry 4 - It's a resized image. Nothing more.

    Entry 5 - Really really love this one, I like the colors used, and I like the abstract effects. It gives a space looking atmosphere and it really fits the banner well. Whoever made this banner did an awesome job.

    Entry 6 - This banners looks a little weird. Not a fan of the render used. I like the effects around the border, but I don't really like the banner. Bad choice of a render imo.

    Entry 7 - Really love this banner too. The yellow looks great with the black & white colors. Great banner, but the lighting should come from the left corner in the top, and not on the bottom right of the render. The text ruins it a little, I'm not a fan of it. Still a great banner though.

    Entry 8 - Extremely simple background, typo in the text and bad renders.

    Entry 9 - The text on this banners looks great, love the atmosphere this banner creates. The rest of the banner looks a little too blurry imo.

    Entry 10 - I didn't see what the banner was about the first 10 seconds. The render is too close and fills the entire banner. There is no focus point which makes it hard to see what the banner is about. No great text but it's not bad either.

    Entry 11 - Love the banner, love the colors, love the text, love the style, this banner is a lot better than the rest by far imo.

    I would like to place my vote for Entry 11 because it's simply the best banner in this contest by far. Great job to whoever made it.
  3. Thermatic

    Thermatic GIMP Geek

    Entry 1 - I like the font, the renders and the general atmosphere, perhaps a little too faded though. No really lighting makes it dull. Doesn't showcase much skill.

    Entry 2 - Lighting and focal point is well executed on spiderman. Contrasts well, font is lacklustre and detracts from the style.

    Entry 3 - Background is reasonable, but overall, it too dull. The font is bad and the render doesn't work well, there is no flow.

    Entry 4 - Resized badly, no effect, just a picture, possibly recoloured. Nothing added.

    Entry 5 - I like where the lighting is placed, the focal point is good. The render is of a decent quality. Fractals blended in well. Feels slightly empty though & could probably use a border. Not really my style although it is good.

    Entry 6 - Effects applied and seen toward the bottom of the banner are nice, but the background is otherwise plain. Render is ok, overall as above, feels a tad empty. No strong focal point either.

    Entry 7 - Focal point is nice, dull but colour contrast keeps it looking lively, as well as the depth which makes it look 3D. I like the font setup too, its just a very cool banner. Could still use a bit more contrast though to make the render less faded.

    Entry 8 - Some effort was made, but that is the only positive thing I can say. The renders are poor, the background couldn't be much worse (no offence), the Text isn't spelt correctly. No real redeeming factor.

    Entry 9 - I like the style, but the renders are of bad quality or over-contrasted. This effect may have been intentional, but I think it looks low quality because of this. Font doesn't work with it for me.

    Entry 10 - I like the render and the intensity, but perhaps over-contrasted a little. Font is ok but doesn't really add anything.

    Entry 11 - Renders are of good quality, the pink shade is ok, but having no other colours (even if it is monochrome) means there is no contrast. The transparent background makes it more like a vandalised render than a banner.

    I would like to place my vote for Entry 7 because the focal point is great, which makes it stand out more than others, the lighting and blending is subtle and nice. I like the style and it's scored highest in my estimations.
  4. Kamajama

    Kamajama Well-Known Member

    Entry 1 - Really don't like this style, as there is no real focal point due to the multiple renders and the transparency just bugs me.

    Entry 2 - I don't like the choice of color here but I do like the lighting on it. Seems a bit plain in some spots, but that's probably do to Spiderman taking up so much room.

    Entry 3 - The renders just kinda pasted on and is a bit too large so probably should have been resized. Not really a fan of scanlines when they cover the entire banner either.

    Entry 4 - Ehh. Don't really know what to say. Just kinda looks like a slightly edited image.

    Entry 5 - I like the overall atmosphere and color of this one but it seems like the lighting may have been overdone in some spots. Followed the theme well here.

    Entry 6 - This has good composition and doesn't give me pain to look at it, so that sets it apart from much of the competition. Might just be from the image used but it appears to have some pretty good depth.

    Entry 7 - Don't like the textures, the use of color, or the text here, just seems all too messy. It had a good idea but just wasn't well executed.

    Entry 8 - Ehhh, lol. Random shapes in the background aren't doing it for me, nor is the dual-focalpoint.

    Entry 9 - Seems like a good overall idea here, but just isn't very aesthetically appealing so it really doesn't keep my attention for too long.

    Entry 10 - Really difficult to determine exactly what I'm looking at. The red is a bit too saturated in some areas.

    Entry 11 - Looks like a couple colored renders with a border and a few brushes. Maybe I'm just too unappreciative of this style. Any sort of effects or lighting are non existent, as the banner is almost completely renders.

    I would like to place my vote for Entry 6 because it's the overall most visually appealing here albeit a bit simple-looking.
  5. Atari

    Atari Did it on 'em

    Entry 1: It's pretty good. With the exception of the text, I like pretty much all of the elements. The overlay brushes look pretty nice and the pale colors are sweet. The placements of the Lyra pictures (lol can I guess who made this?) are sort of awkward, but doesn't really take away from the banner so it's fine.

    Entry 2: The lighting in this is sooo good. x -x And so are the brushes. And Spidy's placement, and the text. I like how the render also seems to pop out. Overall the banner's very easy to look at and is very attractive.

    Entry 3: The background doesn't flow well with the render... And the text is a little fuzzy. Besides those two things, I like the overlay shades effect and the background selection.

    Entry 4: Just a stretched image. Sorry but not that great. "/

    Entry 5: I like all of the effects placed in this banner! I like the roundiness and galaxy-like feel of this as well. I have a feeling the render character is supposed to relate with this somehow, but seeing as you neither provided a description nor any banner text, I am mystified as to who he is or what significance he serves besides just being there lol.

    Entry 6: The textures in this banner are really good. I like the mixed rough type feel as well as the soft, which gives it sort of a post card-type feel. I also like the contrast given between nature and the mechanical! The render and background go together nicely, and the color scheme is very good.

    Entry 7: Wow. x -x This is amazing. The textures, the colors on the render's shirt popping out, and the attractive text that flows with the banner so nicely. I don't see anything wrong with it! Good job. c:

    Entry 8: Good effort! Next time, try to prevent your renders from becoming fuzzy and keep them clear. Also, this isn't monochrome and doesn't fit with the theme. Total fail lol.

    Entry 9: This banner seems just a little too grey to me... And nothing is really popping out as special and there's no focus. The text is fairly good tho.

    Entry 10: The variations of red really make this banner stand out! I really like the chosen render, and the brush textures are very cool. I may have changed the positions of the words 'your words shatter,' but aside from that the font is good and is readable. Plus, I see what you did with the eyes to make her appear more fierce. Overall I like it a lot. c:

    Entry 11: It's good! I notice the white-be-gone type background which is really really cool. The positions of the renders are pretty much flawless, and the border textures are nice. The only thing I think I would change would be the noise placed in the foreground of the renders.

    I would like to place my vote for Entry 7 because... I dunno what to say. It's good.
  6. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    Sorry guys but I sort of vanished. Nonetheless, March's contest is well and truly over, and here are the results. Dim the lights, please.

    Firstly, let me reveal who made each entry.

    1. PikaPal_Lyra
    2. Mew_
    3. Wadder2
    4. Zero Kiryu
    5. Kamajama
    6. Atari
    7. Sweet May
    8. cooloolcool
    9. meowth_city
    10. Thermatic
    11. HarmonySH

    And therefore, the winner of the March 2012 MBC is Sweet May (Entry 7)! Well done to the runners-up, Atari and HarmonySH as well.


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