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Me, Myself and Time (352)


I really didn't care much for this episode, however I will say this, at the beginning of the episode, Calista (the future version) singing was kind of creepy.
Another thing. When Future Callista told Xatu to use Reflect when they were trying to free Baltoy, I loved its reaction. It just turned to her, and its tone just screamed, "WTF?":D. Hilarious!

SC~ out


Yeah, I noticed Xatu's reaction to future Calista too.

Baltoy's voice was pretty cute. When the group was walking, Baltoy floats along instead of spinning. Just a little quirk, nothing to worry about.

Jessy trying to recite the motto again after it's been said, reminds me of that Phanpy episode.
Then they forget the number one precaution they always take with their machines.

Whoever picks out these trainer choices seems to like Togetic, if you know what I mean.

Emma Iveli

Fanfic Writer
It was pretty good episdoe, it gave me funny ideas for two possible sarinos involing those ruins but I don't think anyone wants to read them. Any way I liked it, it was a cool episode.


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Y'think it's possible for Xatu The Future Callista to be an early future Calista from this episode that got lost in time?


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No, she looks completely different than the Calista in this episode. Besides, Calista was only their dub names, it doesn't have any deep meaning to the story or anything.


Frustrated Elf
The Callista in "Xatu the Future" was named Mikoko in the Japanese version.

The Callista in "Me, Myself and Time" was named Kuruyo in the Japanese version.

So no, it's not supposed to be the same person.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
To those who said Corphish and Torkoal should have been used. NO

Corphish was a bad idea because Baltoy was trapped undernieth and they didn't want to hurt the it or the time circle. Corphish can be described my many words but careful isn't one of them.

Torkoal could have melted the steel but also Baltoy. Ash used Pikachu because he knew the electricity wouldn't affect Baltoy but go through TR's diggers like a hot knife through butter.

Silver Ryu

~Aqua Dragon~
I loved this episode! I thought the whole thing with the ancient ruins was very interesting, although it was a bit annoying how they kept talking about "the most valuable treasure in the universe." I was suprised that the cloaked lady was future Callista. I'm serious, I didn't see it coming! (I never read the episode guide) And...well, I dunno, it was just so good! And I thought it was really funny when Pikachu was poking Baltoy! Oh, and Ash is a horrible singer.
I give this episode a 9.5/10.
;343; ;343; ;343;
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*Ears bleed after hearing Ash sing*
This was an okay episode. Way too predicable though.


I found this episode to be very boring. There were a few cheesey stabs at "drama" and "mystery", completely run down by the slow pace. Way too much of the song. The whole future-self thing was a unique twist, at least.


Team Rocket's rockin
That Baltoy song they had was creepy, but it was interesting.

I knew the hooded lady was Calista when she said she had wanted to be an archaeologist (sp?) too.

When Ash was singing, I thought he was making up a knew part of the song, but he had heard it earlier.

I'll rate this 7/10.


This episode had an ethernal feel to it, making it seem a little creepy to me for some reason... which makes this episode really great...

it's very odd how many ancient civilizations have been shown during pokemon's run... Pokemopolis, the ruins of Alph, the civilization in "Xatu the Future", the Remoriadians... that temple that had the pokemon controling mask and staff... the list goes on...

and was the song that the future Callista sung taught to the present Callista? if that was so... this song would be alot like the Song of Storms for LoZ...
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Space Skitty

Hoenn Champion
I thought this episode had a unique plot to it. The song was creepy but I also thought it sounded pretty. Baltoy sounded adorable and Xatu was cool (I didn't get to see the Johto episode it was in). It was also interesting to see Ash on his own during the episode; it's been a while since Ash was on his own without the others. Overall, I thought it was a unique and mysterious episode.

Pokemon Fan

Knuckle Trainer
I'll echo all the good things said about this episode (excellent points by the way The Big Al). I'll also add that the animation for the time portal was quite a bit fancier than normal, though such neat effects will start becoming more common now I think. Also, it was a nice little detail that was added by Callista that the exact same person can't exist in the same time as their past or future selves for too long. One wonders what would have happened if she stayed too long. Was this little remark only in the dub?

Other good points:

Meowth calling out to blame the "twerps" for getting them lost.

We've often seen a Psychic Pokemon lift objects before, but not often have we seen them lift and then blow apart the objects into dusts and bits of stone. I guess that is why Callista couldn't use Xatu to do the job (because really, Xatu should have known an attack that could do the same thing), there wasn't enough room to put the rocks somewhere else, but blowing them apart would have put them at risk and I guess Xatu couldn't use a psychic attack and Reflect at the same time.

It was a rather sedate episode, but I wouldn't really call it boring, just different. I certainly see why some wouldn't see it as their cup of tea though. ^_^

Cybercubed said:
It would seem that the future self wanted to share all her discoveries with her younger self so she wouldn't waste her whole life discovering the same things, but did she?
I got the impression she simply wanted her past self to use her time more wisely. She noted that she regretted the number of years she struggled to convince her parents (and others? ) to accept her profession, all for nothing, and wanted her younger self to waste so much time worrying. She was convinced she could change her future for the better if she did that.


I loved the episode May not being in it was an extra point for me. The time ordeal was dealt with before but not like this, this time it was beautiful, wonderfully done. Ash's singing wasn't that bad, once you rip your ears off it sounds fine. I loved the episode overall I can't wait for the episode because of Drew basically so yah I give this episode an A+


He's Mad I tell ya!!
This episode seemed like one of the more mature ones. I didn't really like it because there was nobody expect Ash only in the beginning.


Team Awesome
Well, I finally have a VCR again (my best friend taped episodes for me for the last few weeks, since my combo TV broke down and I work on Saturdays), so I can catch up on my new episode reviews. Someday I'll review the earlier ones from this season that I missed. :p

Anyway, I really liked this episode. Any episode that is something different from the ordinary- "Dues and Don'ts", "Holy Matrimony", "Address Unown"- tend to be big favorites of mine. It didn't take me too long to figure out that the cloaked figure was an older version of Callista, but it still made for interesting viewing, especially when the older and younger selves speak to each other. I'm glad that the little Callista was encouraged by her older self to follow her dreams. That's a good timeless message. :)

10/10 for me


Battle Factory Champion
I really liked this episode due to the fact it was a bit different from all the others, we've been crying out for an episode like this for while.

I quite liked the way Ash was on his own for this episode, we needed to see a bit more of him without the rest of the group surrounding him for once, and infact he was actually quite funny, which was another thing I've been waiting from him for a while :p

Xatu just came out of the blue here, I didn't know it was meant to appear and so I'm glad it did, nice suprise!

Wow I didn't know Callista was the older women as well, but it freaked me out when I first saw it! It had a very good ending to it with the younger one getting all emotional and whatnot. Hmm yes interesting episode.