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Me, Myself and Time (352)

Very interesting..

Well I liked not seeing Max, May and Brock. But that Baltoy song was kind of annoying after a while.

Alot of Johto pokemon appearing recently Remoraid, Flaffy, Xatu, Sunflora, Belosoom ect.

Who looked at Xatus face when it used relect a second time. I couldn't stop laughing, I still am.

I didn't except Callista was Callista fromt he future. But Baltoy had a sweet voice, one of the better dub voices. :)

Team Rocket didn't have much of an appearence in this episode did they? but more than May, Brock and Max. It was also funny when Xatu was pecking Cacnea and there were just standing there.

lol, a very different kind of filler episode. But an Ash only episode was a nice change. 10/10

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member
I loved this ep due to the face that Max didnt get a major role!!!1



Wolf, and proud.
I kinda liked the Travel Through Time song...:)

C.J. Ray

I wanted Shaymin! :(
This was probably my favorite episode in the seventh season, with "Game-Winning Assist" being second. It was a nice and mysterious episode that offset the goofiness of the episode that came before it and the miserable two-parter that came after it. (Which is my most-hated contest episode two-parter in the series, because May was being mean to Bulbasaur in that Rubito contest.) Great episode, and the time machine thing was nifty.

EDIT: Could someone PM me the lyrics to that song that was sung in the episode? I want to make an Unown version on it to put on my website and put part of it in my sig here, but it's a pain to remember how it goes.
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The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I finally got this one archived. I like the idea of the Pokemon world being full of ancient artifacts from advanced civilizations. It kind of gives it that mysterious feel. Too bad the rest of the anime is so shallow and these ancient artifacts don't effect the world beyond isolated fillers.
I liked this episode, only because it got really interesting about halfway through.
I thought it was an okay episode, it didn't have enough humor and action though. I thought the future girl was meh okay.

Rating- 4/10 Not the best filler


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The episodes with the ancient advance civilizations are always interesting even if they are just fillers cause they add a sense of mysticism to the world of Pokemon. I love the song, it's so catchy.


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When Ash and Pikachu got separated from May, Max, and Brock in the fog here, they ended up finding a girl and her Baltoy sometime later. This episode had a mystical feel to it, between Callista's search for those ancient artifacts and her encounter with none other than her future self toward the end. Perhaps the lessons I took from this episode have shaped my overall interest in Pokémon so far, and I wouldn't have guessed just how useful for my mind they would be in the present day.
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No. 1 Machop Fan

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The episode was a bit boring now we know why they don't do musical episodes it's because os Ash's singing voice.

Which reminds me. Wasn't Ash supposed to be an extremely horrible singer? He didn't sound that bad in this episode.


Great filler.

Ash got a lot of screentime, wow.

And i loved to see Callista's Baltoy, it was very mysterious.



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I loved this episode soo much. This episode reminded me of that one episode before Hoeon when it was just Ash/Team Rocket. Yah I loved how it was just Ash and loved how Meowth blamed Ash and the gang for getting themselves lost, LOL Cuz it happens so muchXD
I also found Ash singing to be kind of cute. And I LOL'd when Ash got so confused about the future stuff funny. Yah I also liked the background music, it was good over all.


Let's go to the beach, each.
Great filler.

Was it really Filler? REALLY? I mean, Baltoy debuted and we got to see some ruins; that has to count for something. This really was a complicated episode though. Never have I witnessed so many events in a Hoenn episode before. I thought it was just going to be another Hoenn debut with Baltoy but then time travel was involved and Ash got a role and then there was terrible singing in the dubbed version. Ugh. 3/10.
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Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
It was an interesting and mysterious episode. I did suspect the girl soon in the episode to be the future girl (I am good at that, kinda). She had a nice singing voice and a song that would get stuck in your head lol. Ash wasn't too bad at singing but he was doing it softly, some people are better are singing softly then loudly.

Is it me or at the end when she was leaving it sounded like she might be dying in the future? Just the way she kept saying I don't have much time left.


Shiny Flygon
I usually don't like episodes like this, when only one main character is doing something. But meh, at least Blatoy got a debut appearance...