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Me, Myself and Time (352)


Man of Mystery
This episode was pretty boring to me.

I didn't like all the time travel stuff and Baltoy is a pokemon I don't have much interest in.

I didn't like this one much...


New Member
Did anyone notice that this episode creates a major time paradox? This episode violates one of the major time travel rules: you can’t change an event that will prevent you from going back in the first place. Meaning that if you went back in time to kill Hitler as a child (and succeeded), he would never grow up to commit the atrocities that occurred during his reign. This would give you no reason to go back in the first place because it never happened.
Something of this sort happens in this episode. Because of the events of the episode, young Callista knows that she will grow up to go back in time after she has discovered the ruins. But she has already discovered the ruins because her future self has brought her there. She won’t need to spend her life trying to discover the ruins because she already knows where they are.
If old Callista used the book to find the ruins in the future and basically tells young Callista this, young Callista has no reason to discover the ruins in the future because she has already discovered them. This would mean that the old Callista would not travel back in time and the young Callista would not find the ruins.
The only way around any of this is if you assume that Callista grows up and pretty much spends her whole life at the ruins and then goes back in time because she feels that she needs to tell her younger self about it. But that means that she really has no future because it will keep repeating like that.
I don’t know if that made sense or if I explained it well but either way a paradox is the result. There was a reason that Doc Brown wouldn’t let Marty meet his past or future selves.


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was cool to see Baltoy for the 1st time. It really was fitting for this type of episode. It was cool to see Calista as both a child and an adult in this episode. It was cool to see a Xatu again. Thanks to the title, it was easy to tell that it was Calista's future self with Ash. The Time-travel Paradox was a bit messed up, but I'm not surprised really. I think it would've been to confusing.



James FAN!
I liked it and I didn't expect her older self to be shown. I really want Ash to see his older self or something in one episode


Cute and Creepy!
I liked this episode. It was nice seeing Ash alone for once. I liked seeing Baltoy. It was cute. I also think Callista and Ash make a sweet couple.


It was a nice episode. The time traveling plot was kind of interesting and it was nice seeing this story develop. I don't know but I feel that the writers did a good enough job setting this episode up from the beginning and leaving me with an interest about the ancient civilization.


Well-Known Member
The whole mysterious aspect of this episode was really interesting and I thought this episode was exceptional in synopsis if you compare it to the other episodes in "Advanced Generation". And I love Team Rocket being so oblivious again.
AT one point, I did take take a very wild and random guess that the mysterious woman was going to be Callista in from the future. I was really surprised that I ended up being right. :)
Ash is not a bad singer, I have to say. :)


Let's go to the beach, each.
I remember thinking that the woman in red was Courtney from Team Magma until she was revealed to be Baltoy's owner in the future. Seeing Baltoy and Xatu pretty much handle Team Rocket's drill mecha by themselves was nice though and I only wish that May and the others had appeared more here. Alas, this was just an Ash episode.


Totally saw that future self coming a mile away.
The best part of this episode was Pikachu having fun making Baltoy wobble back and forth.
That song will be stuck in my head for days now. -_-


Totally saw that future self coming a mile away.
The best part of this episode was Pikachu having fun making Baltoy wobble back and forth.
That song will be stuck in my head for days now. -_-

Mrs. Oreo

At first I thought that the older Callista was from Team magma cuz of her dark burgundy cloak ha ha. I never was a big Baltoy fan and sadly this episode didn't change that despite having a unique plot. ^^;

Mrs. Oreo

Lol, I wish she had worked for them. At least that would've made her more special than just a CotD who owned a Baltoy...

Well at least she had done time travel in this episode, so even tho this episode felt like a normal AG filler in some ways, I thought that Callista was more memorable than most AG Cotds. :3


Meowth fanatic
Whoo. The song was creepy, but I also thought it sounded pretty. Baltoy sounded adorable and Xatu was cool. It was also interesting to see Ash on his own during the episode: it had been a while since Ash was on his own without the others.


"Me, Myself, and Time" was a good episode. Callista was a sweet addition to the episode and I was proud of her for being so ambitious. When I first saw the woman in the hood, I assumed that she was Callista's mother, using the phone call as an excuse to reconcile with her daughter. I turned out to be wrong, of course, and the plot twist was an unexpected one.


Yajilon is such an average Pokemon in the games, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it debut in such an unexpected manner. The plot involving Kuruyo's older self was pretty intriguing as well, and it was nice to see a Natio again after so long. If I had one complaint, it was that Satoshi's friends deserved more attention.


Well-Known Member
I liked the episode, I kinda worked out what was going to happen based on the title and the earlier parts of the episode. It was really cool though and the storyline was very intriguing. Team Rocket annoyed me so much during this episode but I am glad that they destroyed the machine.


Looking back, I'm somewhat surprised that Celebi wasn't involved in this episode given that thus far, all time travel subplots in the anime had involved a Celebi.