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Me singing Part of Wake Me up When September Ends


Well-Known Member
He does not suck! That was really great!! You should sing more songs!!!

P.S. I never knew you were only 9, I always thought you were like 15. XD ([spam i think, maybe i should stop] yay i'm a year older than you!! HA HA HA!! lol [/spam i think, maybe i should stop)



Mrs Brendan Birch ^^
Your much better then me and I'm 4 years older then you...plus i'm a girl *sweatdrop*. Anyway just sing louder and your'll be fine.

Final Flash

I've still got it.
Wow ~HåçKe®~, for just a kid,that's pretty good. I thought you were older though.


Funga Fufu
Ahhh! You have such a cute voice! ^0^ Sorry about that. 10 years, huh? You singing is pretty good. Heh, way better than mine. XD

I feel so old now.... -_-

Aikou Bupiggu

Well-Known Member
Woh, that really is good for your age.

I'm eleven, twelve on the fourteenth of January, my singing sucks xP

*sighs* wish I could pluck up the courage to post my singing, meh, even if I did, I wouldn't due to the sucky-ness >.>

Is it me, or did I repeat myself a few times O.O