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Mean Teachers


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We've all had them. Mean teachers who have no business teaching children. They can be either the type that rolls in drunk, or the kind that are verbally abusive to the kids, either way, they shouldn't be teachers.

I remember when I was in first grade, our teacher told us that none of us would ever amount to anything, just because most of the class was having a little trouble with that week's spelling list.

When I was in third grade, our teacher wanted us to sing songs that made us think of Halloween. I sang The Doors' "People Are Strange." She asked me if I wrote that song, and I told her that it was The Doors. She kicked me out of the class (threw my stuff out and made me sit in the hall for a week).

Then there is always the teacher I had in seventh grade. When I started my period, it was the last class of the day. She told us all to leave. I didn't move. She told me to get out, and I replied that I couldn't. When she asked me "Why the hell not?" I told her that I had started my period. She made me clean the seat myself before I could go home.

What about you? Any bad/mean teachers?

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Nope. Every single teacher I've had has been terrific. Even in public school. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones.
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Someone said my Kindergarden teacher shouldn't teach little kids. She complained when we didn't sleep during nap time for one.
My seventh grade said alot of bad words for one thing. Then next year she got transfered to third grade and when I looked at the yearbook not a single one was smiling in their picture. I then asked one of her students if she was mean he said yes and started crying.
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Thanks for letting the world know you visit a therapist albeit you're 14 years old.

All my teachers were ****ing awesome except for this ***** I had in 7th grade. Her name was Ms. Reiche and she was my Algebra teacher and like I was really good at math but she assigned like a **** ton of homework and I am a lazy bastard so I never did it and I dropped down into pre-algebra so I'd pass. Due to this the last math I took in High School was Algebra 2, though it should've been the first I took. If I hadn't dropped into pre-algebra due to her work load.

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Only one bad one that I absolutely cannot stand. I used to hate a lot more, but then I realized I was being stupid and actually deserved their treatment. I'm in no way perfect for this one but whatever. Anyways. Pretty much my math teacher this year played obvious favorites, and would constantly go on about how some of the kids in his class weren't good at math. He'd always bring up the kids who did good on tests, always use them as examples. It got really annoying really fast. Didn't help that he was a fat frenchie that also smelt bad. Anyways. Pretty much I was recovering from trauma, so I wasn't scoring as high, so he sort of condescended to me and thought I was stupid. Funny how when my report card came in and all my other courses where high, and the fact that all my math courses previous were pretty high. Oh, and he killed my spot in Pre-Calculus next year. I got back on the waiting list though. When I score that high 80-90 in pre-calc I'm gonna walk into his room with a grin, show him the mark and leave it at that.


I've had some pretty unforgivable teachers. In tenth grade my biology teacher was just annoying. And she looked like the troll from Harry potter. If you said one thing she sent you to the office and requested that you were switched out of her class. She sucked. But oh well. She'll be fired soon, she is kinda lazy. I'm graduated. So it won't matter.


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This one teacher I had was an absolute b@#%&. Her name is ......... to offensive to tell. I just have one message to all of you. If you see a old hag anywhere, then run.
There was one 6 years ago. We were on a school trip to Austria and one guy had to puke. The girl next to me started to yell and freak out because of that and I tried to calm her down and said "it isn't that bad". Then that teacher hit me on the head as hard as he could and yelled "if you think it isn't that bad, you can clean it up".

Yup, adults picking on 13 year old kids, way to go.

He also threw another kid against a closet during that trip. Certainly not a guy that should've graduated as a teacher.

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This one teacher I had was an absolute b@#%&. Her name is ......... to offensive to tell. I just have one message to all of you. If you see a old hag anywhere, then run.

Is she very fat, have a short bob that may be colored orange, and wears heavy makeup and atrocious, colorful clothes?

That's the description of my (temporal) fourth grade teacher: Ms. Nelson.

She was a horrible, horrible person. She called us all names, would pick on some students, embarrass some of them (she ended up embarrassing me at one point), and a few other things. Because I took the bus, I wasn't subjected to her yelling, but the others were. My mom was talking to her on the phone one day, and she has that sickly-sweet voice when she's being nice. She told Mom to hold on a second, then screamed at some of the kids to shut up, and came back with her honey-coated voice asking "I'm sorry, where were we?"

We thankfully had her for only two months before we got a new teacher, whom was extremely excited to teach and was very fun to have.


Two years later, we were at the Renaissance Festival. It was raining to the point we didn't stay long and had to return to the bus. Walking toward the entrance, I swear to you, I mean I SWEAR to you I saw her, waddling in all green clothing with her now-carrot-top hair. I didn't see her face (which would have meant she would have seen me and maybe even remembered me), but I would have recognized that form anywhere, and with those very clothes and hair-style. I went to my friends freaking out over it, and they didn't believe me. I was devastated.

She is so far the only nasty teacher I have ever had. And yes, I went to a charter school.


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I had one horrible teacher - a high school social studies teacher - but she was devilspawn. I truly think that she didn't know how to deal with teens. She talked down to pretty much everyone in the class, like we were five years old. She never tried to help students understand the curriculum. Instead, she made snide comments about their intelligence when they asked her if she could help. She took phone calls in class all the time, and when students asked her to stop, she put them in detention.

Worse still, she'd do anything to make it seem like she was the one being wronged, going so far as to lie about what students said. She even got a couple of students (including me) suspended when she blatantly lied about us planning to hurt other students.

And the worst thing? She's still teaching at the high school, and we still have this on our permanent records.


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I had a teacher. Mrs. Woijick or something like that. She was my science toeacher for 2 years. D: At first she was cool but than one day she said that this one dude looked like her brother and one of my classmate thought she was talking about someone who died so he asked her "Who died" and coincidently her brother died and she got pissed off. She grabbed his stuff threw it in the hallway than kicked him out and yelled "I could get you suspended". Than she started crying.

Another time the teacher was giving us a lectureon honesty. She was passing around shells and I accidently broke one. When she asked who broke the shell I conidently rose my hang and said "I did" ,expecting her to thank me for being honest, fu** no! What she did was scream at me saying that it was her favorite shell (bs). What a hypocrite *****.

That was the main teacher that everyone hated. Sorry if it has a lot of grammar or spelling errors. I typed a lot and I'm too lazy to revise.


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Wasn't really a teacher, but was a camp instructor for Mystery Camp. I forget why but he went on a rant and started swearing a ton about something... Then again the students weren't nice either.


1st grade i didnt understand it Me: I acidentally put it on the rong side of paper teacher: Looks like your one of the people i'll be seing next year. :mad:


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I've had a few mean and just generally bad teachers. Coincidentally they were all science teachers.

8th grade- While this particular teacher wasn't so mean to me but she was entirely too rude to the rest of my peers. She used to call gay kids out on their homosexuality and called the Hispanic kids in our class racial slurs. She got fired.

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I had a professor my Sophomore year of college who was a B*TCH. I hated that woman so much. She couldn't teach for sh*t either. The worst was when I was having trouble with the practicum aspect of the class, and I went to her about it to try and get some advice. She basically told me too f*cking bad and it wasn't her problem. I ended up dropping and retaking it later with someone who, though I didn't love her, was at least decent.


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I've generally had a good run with teachers.

The only bad example I can think of is one of the first grade ones I had. My friend had to use the bathroom, and as per the classroom rules, he didn't speak, but only raised his hand. She ignored him, unfortunately. After a few minutes, he started waving the hand, bobbing up and down, wiggling and squirming, stomping his feet. She just would not acknowledge the kid. He ended up loosing his bladder right there in his chair and all over the floor, the poor guy. I think he cried.


I have this one instructor who I cannot stand taking classes with. She makes me feel uneasy alot of the times when her personality seems to be so condescending a majority of the time.


I just remembered: I had a history teacher who was arrested for being in a child pornography ring.

Crazy shit man...