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Mean With Envy (392)


In my nightmares
Yeah they should have put Skitty up against Meowth. But I don't care because Jynx was in this episode =D That never happens often.


I didn't like the animation. but it was a great episode, i think.

May's Skitty was pretty funny, when it escaped...

And i loved to see Gynx again.



I didn't particularly enjoy the episode, mostly because May's last Contest rival was just another COTD.

I loved that Ash and Snorant were still training to perfect Ice Beam. Just goes to show, Contests can also feature training time for Ash (He did this with Swellow too). Using Skitty in the Appeal round was odd for May. Skitty may know Assist, but it's pratically a weak Pokemon.

Loved that there was some rivalry between the COTD girl and May. I was just so shocked to see Jynx with a purple face, the rest of this was a blur. 6/10
I forget, does Ash still have his Aipom at this point?

I like May and this Joshua kid together better than him and Erika together.


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this episode was cool. It was cool to see Jessie use Meowth in the contest. It was cool to see Meowth make an Ice statue of the Boss+Persian and then changing the Persian to a Meowth. Skitty's 1st round performance was great. It was cool to see a Jynx again.



Cute and Creepy!
I have to agree with Big AL, Alfonso, and Yamato, they should have put Skitty up against Meowth. And man that girl was jeolous, can't she realize May and that other kid are just friends?

They weren't even friends. They just meet for five minutes! I however liked Erika but her clothes had to go in the fire. Those were horrible.


I didn't care for the "rivalry" that developed in this episode. This s definitely one of May's more unimpressive contests honestly.


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This was a good episode. I enjoyed the scene where Ash was training his Snorunt in the beginning of this episode, it's funny when Snorunt's Ice Beam ended up freezing Team Rocket solid.
I found Joshua a boring characted. However I liked Erica, she was cute and her personality entertained me. It's funny when Joshua was calling Skitty cute, and Erica thought that he's calling May cute. May and Erica's rivalrly was interesting, if it wasn't for Joshua.....they would've keep fighting and missed the Contest registration.
The contest appeals were kinda boring, I didn't find any of the appeals good in this episode.

This time Ash skipped this Contest's appeal round for training with Snorunt! It's something he never did when Dawn performed in any contest. Oh well, I guess he found May's contests boring at the time.


Misty Come Back!
This was one of the better episodes in the series. Erica and her jealousy is just hilarious and finally May has a rival we can are about! Erica and Joshua have a very cute relationship and it's funny that anyone could be jealous of the "know nothing" May. Snorunt was also pretty funny and so was Meowth's reaction to Persain.

I wish we could have had Erica as the series long rival instead if Drew. Drew always felt like a Gary copy and wasn't nearly as fun a character as Gary.
Whatever happened to that one lady with the Persian?
I thought for sure Meowth was going to end up battling it at some point.


I cackled at Team Rocket hiding behind a cardboard cut-out of bushes at the start, and seeing Erica getting jealous because May was talking to Joshua was funny. I liked seeing Jynx again and Erica's appeal with it was cool. I totally howled when Jessie and Meowth did their appeal and Meowth carved an ice sculpture of him and Giovanni. That was art.

Mrs. Oreo

Wow Pacifidlog town looked different than it does in the games and I liked seeing Snorunt practice Ice Beam hee hee. Skitty was so adorable as usual and Erica's jealousy made me like her. :3


So Erica had jealousy issues due to May which I thought was a wasteful faux shipping plot. I was glad to see Ash and Snorunt training for Ice Beam though. 6/10


Lol, finally Jynx was allowed to show up again in the dub, though she looked effing weird now that she was purple faced...
So we saw a Jynx again, which was a relief since the Jynx ban in the dub was extreme. I liked how we saw May getting along with Joshua.
This was nice set-up to a good Contest episode. Skitty is my favorite May Pokemon tbh and this episode pretty much focused on Skitty, so yaassss. Erica was jealous as hell, which made me hate her. :p

Mrs. Oreo

Lol, finally Jynx was allowed to show up again in the dub, though she looked effing weird now that she was purple faced...

I myself preferred the black-faced Jynx look cuz that's what I grew up seeing, but I didn't mind the change here since the animation itself was great, so Jynx's facial colour change hardly stood out.