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Mecha Moth's Trading Emporium ~Shinies & Events~

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by MechanisticMoth, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    My time zone is in my rules: US Mountain Time. Here's a handy converter: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/mdt

    I'll be free most nights this weekend. Saturday night after 7PM MDT and Sunday night after 7PM MDT.
  2. Arquellania

    Arquellania New Member

    Hey there! I was speaking to you yesterday on Discord about Dreammons but I realized I don't satisfy your post minimum on PC, lol. So, digging up this decade old account instead. EDIT: Apparently this account is so ancient that my posts no longer display. Huh. The more you know. Apologies for that!

    Interested in:

    151 - Shiny Mew - lvl 30 - E p p i e - Adamant - 31/30/31/x/30/31 - Ghost - Old Sea Map Event
    258 - Mudkip - lvl 1 - M - Luric - Bold - Dream - 31/31/x/x/31/31 - Electric
    133 - Eevee - lvl 1 - M - Choppii - Careful - Moon - x/31/31/31/31/x - Dark
    147 - Dratini - lvl 1 - F - Raes - Adamant - Dream - 31/31/31/x/31/31 - Dark

    Going under the assumption that non-shiny Aprimons go at the same 2:1 rate that Dreammons do. In addition, this is in no way all that I'm interested in, lol, so I'm incredibly flexible. This is just a vague idea, as I don't want to overwhelm you with a laundry list. And I also didn't want to list entirely ridiculous asks, lol.


    All have their hidden abilities.

    209 - Snubbull - lvl 1 - F - Troy - Adamant - Dream (Heal Bell, Close Combat, Double-Edge, Feint Attack)
    222 - Corsola - lvl 1 - M - Troy - Jolly - Dream (Amnesia, Barrier, Confuse Ray, Water Pulse)
    361 - Snorunt - lvl 1 - M - Troy - Timid - Dream (Spikes, Avalanche, Hex, Fake Tears)
    369 - Relicanth - lvl 1 - M - Gusto - Adamant - Dream (Water Gun, Muddy Water, Brine, Skull Bash)

    133 - Eevee - lvl 1 - M - Gusto - Timid - Level (Curse, Detect, Yawn, Natural Gift)
    155 - Cyndaquil - lvl 1 - M - Gusto - Timid - Level (Extrasensory, Flame Burst, Nature Power, Foresight)
    158 - Totodile - lvl 1 - M - Gusto - Adamant - Love (Ice Punch, Dragon Dance, Crunch, Aqua Jet)
    495 - Snivy - lvl 1 - M - Gusto - Timid - Friend (Pursuit, Iron Tail, Sweet Scent, Captivate)

    3DS Name: Cass
    Friend Code: 3067-5226-5169
    Trainer Name: Moon
    Do you need clones: Nope. Receiving my Powersaves today and I'll learn how to clone before the trade, if it occurs.
  3. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    Hey there! What was your Discord handle again? 2006 account is super old, too!
    I'd be interested in all of those Dream Ball pokes. Are the others in Apricorn balls shiny or regular? If they're shiny, I'd be glad to take them. If they're not, then no thanks on those 4.
    Let me know how that goes for ya!
  4. Arquellania

    Arquellania New Member

    Same as my 3DS name — cass#7839! I asked you about the Dreammons in the PC trade corner server sometime yesterday. :)

    They're not at the moment but I'm happy to breed them. It's best that they be a separate trade, though, since I just started Moon and haven't reached the nursery yet.

    Going to grab the Powersaves now and figure it out, lol.

    Can also add, if you're in need of one:

    Dream HA Spinarak (Megahorn, Twineedle, Toxic Spikes, Pursuit)

    EDIT: Successfully cloned! All prepped for a trade.
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2017
  5. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    Yeah, no rush. I mostly have everything I want, so I just try to get mons with the trader's OT and stuff in different balls that I don't already have.
    Yes, I will need that Spinarak, so that brings you up to 3 out of the 4 you want.

    I can't trade tonight, but I'll be able to trade probably tomorrow (Saturday) night.
  6. Arquellania

    Arquellania New Member

    Ah, gotcha! I'll breed them ASAP then. :) Self-bred shop ball shinies wouldn't interest you, right?

    Revised my list for the Dreammons, if that's alright! Cut it down to three as per your request.

    151 - Shiny Mew - lvl 30 - E p p i e - Adamant - 31/30/31/x/30/31 - Ghost - Old Sea Map Event
    258 - Mudkip - lvl 1 - M - Luric - Bold - Dream - 31/31/x/x/31/31 - Electric (does it have its HA? just curious)
    385 - Jirachi - lvl 5 - NA - WISHMKR - Bashful - Pokeball - x/x/30/x/x/x - Poison

    Tomorrow will probably work! We're pretty close in terms of timezones (I'm in EST). Just lemme know when you'll be available.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2017
  7. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    Trade complete. Thanks Cass!
  8. Phoenixsong

    Phoenixsong you taste like fear

    Interested in: 25 - Pikachu - lvl 6 - サトシ - 21121 - 2017 - Hardy - x/x/x/x/x/x - Ice - Pokémon I Choose You - Tie In-Distribution - Hoenn

    -I have two dream ball arceus, one JP and one EN. Both level 100, both untouched with random IVs, both with my OT from the respective game. JP arceus is currently nicknamed "Kami" and EN arceus is currently nicknamed "Mrs. God", but they can be reset to species name/named something else if you prefer.

    -A deoxys from Pokémon Rocks America. Naughty nature. Has a really weird nickname ("RANGUVAR") and I don't think I can change it anymore because the file it came from is likely gone, but I did catch it myself. It has a tiny bit of experience but I don't remember where it came from, so it probably has somewhere from 1–6 unidentified EVs.

    -A 10 ANIV tyranitar, level 100, bold-natured, EV-trained with 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 in a stat I don't remember but probably HP. (No, I'm not sure why I bothered doing this, it was ages ago.)

    3DS Name: Phoenix
    Friend Code: 1032-2637-4429
    Trainer Name: Phoenix
    Do you need clones (Yes/No): No

    I can look through my other dream ball mon if you're not interested in any of those; off the top of my head the only ones I didn't see in your list of already-haves are eevee (JP) and espeon, but reading your most recent posts it sounds like you may not need those anymore? I don't think I have any shinies or other events you'd be interested in, unfortunately, so checking through the dream ball stuff is all I can offer. Might be something else interesting in there; I don't remember what all I have, haha.

    Let me know if there's anything else you need to know about the pokémon I'm offering!

    (notes to self, ignore this: EN arceus and ttar are in White; JP arceus and dream ball espy are in B2; dream ball eevee is in Black; deoxys is in SS)
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2017
  9. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    Thanks for the interest, Phoenix. I'm actually going to be limiting my time on Serebii and closing my shop. I will be on other websites, but probably not on Serebii for much longer. Thank you, and sorry to disappoint.
  10. MechanisticMoth

    MechanisticMoth Eloquent Speaker

    All Good Things Must Come to an End

    tl:dr - I am closing my shop.

    Unfortunately, because I can no longer check Serebii at work without IT Security getting mad and I've found other avenues/sites for my collection that I prefer, I will be closing my shop.

    Thanks for the great times Serebii, but I don't think I'll be able to balance two shops on two separate websites while hack checking at the same time. I have about 90% of everything I want, so there's not as much of a desire for me to keep on maintaining two shops.

    If you want to catch up, I abbreviated my handle to MechaMoth. Look for me on other Pokemon sites and Discord.


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