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I'm currently watching this anime, and so far, it's pretty good. Action scenes, funny moments, and good plots. It's a neat robot anime.

Talk about it here.


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I used to watch Medabots a long time ago, I always thought it was pretty good.

I hardly remember any of it, though...


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I used to watch this on FOX every Saturday morning since Digimon would come on right after it. I loved it, I remember liking the little robots like Metabee and I used to reenact the scenes with friends when the show ended lol. I like anime with robots and I thought Medabots was a pretty good blend of fighting and comedy from what I can recall. I wish I remembered more about it, but this was like 8-9 years ago ;_;


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Oh the nostalgia.

YTV everyday afterschool...those were the days.

I used to love this show, I'll have to re-watch it one day.

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I used to watch this on FOX every Saturday morning since Digimon would come on right after it.

Me too, same reason.

Space Medafighter X.


This show was amazing. Funny moments, slick animation, and just plain fun. Rokusho was one of the coolest characters I'd ever seen back then. So mysterious... so full of wisdom... SO BADASS!


Oh, u mad bro?

I remember watching this right before Digimon came on. One of my all time favorites back when I was little. I even listen to the theme song from time to time for nostalgia.

Good times.

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Now we're talking. Yep, I was a Medabots fan, I remember back in the day, right before school started during the weekdays that I would get up and watch Medabots then Digimon. though I could not remember what channel it was on, but I believe it was ABC Family.

Hehe, I even remember one of the Medabots I created as a kid as well, well all except the name. He was a Bee-model with rapid-fire capabilities...


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I remember Medabots. Have volume 1 of the manga (based of the anime) and it's okay. This is a really old anime, I watched it 10 years ago. If I watched it again, I wouldn't know what to think of it. I recall the 2nd season being quite dark and they also scrapped Mr. Referee. I never saw either of the seasons endings...

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Same here, I used to watch this show all the time as a kid on Fox.

I remember the odd few things about it like Metabee and the Purple/White robot.

Easy gonna rewatch the series.


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I used to love medabots as a kid along with pokemon and digimon. My favourite medabots to date is still Rokusho, a pity that Rokusho didn't appear in season 2, but Rox, which didn't appeal to me at all :/
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