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mega latios


Kanto Region Champ
So I went to the pre-release today, pulls were, well I forgot because I traded a lot away but, I did get all of the cards I needed for mega latios, and here is the introduction list

4-3 mega latios EX (plasma freeze latios atm, luster purge for 150 imo is better then a cheap punch at turn 1)
1 shaymin EX (set up)
2 latias EX

5 water energy
5 psychic energy
4 double dragon energy

2 colress
4 juniper
2 Skyla
3 shauna
3 switch
4 mega turbo
1 teammates
1 cyclone scoop up
4 ultra ball
1 lysandre
2 prof's letter
3 spirit link
2 shrine of memories
1 lysandre's trump card
3 vs seeker

There is changes I would like to make after posting this list but since it's a brand new strategy there is a large number of combinations left unknown currently.