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Mega Melee

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The new Battle Competition is rumbling in. This one seems pretty interesting but it's also disappointing that we can bring 6 mons but battle with only 1. May be easier to predict and counter certain Pokemon this way though, there's probably gonna be dragons in every team and lots of Mega Kangaskhan of course.

What about you, people? Are you gonna participate and have you picked your teams yet? Would you participate to win or for lols? :D


I think I'll mostly be relying on perish song on Altaria. But I want to play encore-disable Alakazam too. Also yawn is really broken in this meta on Slowbro and Blastoise.


I liked this purely for the fact of the different scenarios, one move literally defines the match. Or you can play some serious mind games, especially if you think you have some form of advantage.
I came across 1 of each variant of Yawn, Slowbro and Blastoise. One I lost since I mis-clicked and the other, there literally wasn't much I could do once I Protected and saw that was a move. Oops.

Krokketto Prime Danjal

Done with worldly lies
My best tournament yet by far but oh, my poor untrained Mawile! Having to endure all those earthquakes and flamethrowers and I didn't even give you your mega stone to hold but some piece of miracle ribbon instead. The victories were very amusing indeed!
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