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Meh, A Kirby Comic

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Deoxys Trainer

Funny! Just funny! Maybe you should put the final bosses of the games in here....

Dedede's gonna be in the newer ones more. and Whispy Woods is gonna be there too. & Kracko. Lololo & Lalala aswell. and a certain loud mouth snail from the anime will apear too!

And to any of you who are curious, I'm not giving up on Teh one Interveiws!. I'm just taking a break from it. Kinda like what Blueray is doing with Robofett.

The Desperado...

OH OH! Can box boxer be in this later? He kicks A**!
But this comic kicks a** too!
I hope you make plenty more of these!
new comic k?
New comics! 2 actually!
New comic featuring a new cast member.

The Noise


Kirby comic creators unite.
*does cheesy effect of nothing in particular*
Yep. We keep making Kirby comics, and soon, they'll listen to us. The underdogs. over shadowed by all the pokemon comics out there....

New comic tomowo probly. or really soon.

The Sponge

Good Job, Kirby Comics Are Some Of My Favorite Comics, I Like How Tac Uses "Kirbys Condoms" As A Running Gag, Anyways...Kudos Davis
New comic.
yeah, were back to Metaknight now. be happy.
woah, all the way back to page 5!
I'm really sorry to be double Posting, I got no new comic due to the fact that I'm on vacation. I don't want this to go down any futher. Sorry if I'm being a n00b. I REALLY want this to be alive when I get back so I can do some MAJOR comic making. ^^


Lol! Swearings always such funny stuff aren't they? Especially in this comic! Just a quick question, is swearing a lot allowed in comics or only allowed to be used sometimes cos I'm making a comic and wonderin whether I am allowed? Thanks.
Anyways very funny comic, on with the show!
thanks, expect more when I get home tomorow.
and it all depends on what charater it is. a Tough charater like Krump & Metaknight are known to sware more than the other charaters. and swareing should be kept a minamum on this forum. So don't sware too often. like in every pannel of every comic.
seems Serebii don't got the 13th episode. I added it with a brand new comic!
We're back k?