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Melodic Soul: Kotone Shippings Discussion

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Hey, guys! With the HG/SS games on the way, as well as a completely new female protagonist, I can't help but wonder, "who will I ship her with?"

So I was wondering, do you guys already have someone you ship her with, are you waiting til the release of the games? If you already have shipping(s) picked out, explain them pl0x. I can't ship her with anyone for the life of me (no matter how hard I try), so hopefully there's either some new characters or the shippings you guys post here rub off on me or something.

Remember, don't bash any shippings in this thread - respect everyone's shipping preferences.

A list of all the current Soul shippings by Vycksta. =] Hope she doesn't mind I added this here.

Vycksta said:
ANYWAYS. For the benefit of the thread, ALL officially named Soul ships.

Hiro refers to game verse Gold and Kamon for game verse Silver. Applies to both Gold/Silver AND Heart Gold/Soul Silver for the sake of the official list at Freewebs.

AdvancedSoulSilvershipping - Kamon x May x Soul
Aeronashipping - Whitney x Jasmine x Clair x Soul
AIContestshipping - Ash x May x Dawn x Soul
Akaieishipping - Soul x Umbreon
Ameshipping - Fantina x Soul
Ananassashipping - May x Dawn x Soul
Aneirashipping - Soul x Froslass
Aniseshipping - Soul x Misty
Apparitionshipping - Phoebe x Soul
Aprilshipping - Soul x Totodile
Arukidaserushipping - Steven Stone x Gold x May x Soul
Austriashipping - Alice x Soul
Biyakoshipping - Soul x Luxray
BlackSoulshipping - Silver x Soul
Blessedshipping - Soul x Ninetales
Blossomingshipping - Soul x Shaymin
Bromeliadshipping - Newton Graceland x Soul
Cadishipping - Soul x Togekiss
Cainwenshipping - Caitlin x Soul
Caramelshipping - Soul x Lopunny
Caribbeanshipping - Soul x Palkia
Carysshipping - Lovrina x Soul
Channingshipping - Charon x Soul
ChiCanalshipping - Soul x Bianca
Cloisonnéshipping - Soul x Ho-Oh
Compassionateshipping - Volkner x Soul
Crueltyshipping - Soul x Mewtwo
CrystalClearshipping - Soul x Wallace
Cyprusshipping - Soul x Entei
Daphneshipping - Apollo x Soul
Deliriumshipping - Soul x Zero x Notched-ear Pichu
Descartesshipping - Soul x Giratina
Elafonisishipping - Soul x Manaphy
Ennuishipping - Sabrina x Soul
Essenceshipping - Soul x Dialga x Palkia x Giratina
Fashionableshipping - Jupiter x Soul
Filigreeshipping - Soul x Lugia
Flaxshipping - Soul x Notched-ear Pichu
Folkloreshipping - Morty x Soul
Freckleshipping - Hayley x Soul
Frisianshipping - Soul x Miltank
Ginsuishoushipping - Eusine x Soul
Gloriousshipping - Soul x Entei x Raikou x Suicune
Graphemeshipping - Soul x Unown
HeartSoulshipping - Hiro x Soul
Hollandshipping - Soul x Domino
Impendingshipping - Brandon x Soul
Influenceshipping - Gold x Soul
Innervoiceshipping - Steven Stone x Soul x Zero x Notched-ear Pichu
Jezebelshipping - Lambda x Soul
JohtoFestashipping - Soul x Kazunari
Juneshipping - Soul x Cyndaquil
Kadoatieshipping - Soul x Persian
Kansasshipping - Whitney x Soul
Keepershipping - Falkner x Soul
Kokoroshipping - Soul x Candice
Lacunashipping - Melody x Soul
Lazarusshipping - Soul x Steven Stone
Libeccioshipping - Winona x Soul
Lollifireshipping - Flannery x Soul
Magnoliashipping - Soul x Kelly
Mahirushipping - Venus x Soul
Maineshipping - Olesia x Soul
Maochaoshipping - Kris x May x Leaf x Dawn x Soul
Mariashipping - Michelle x Soul
Marioshipping - Soul x Shroomish / Soul x Breloom
Marshmallowshipping - Soul x Wigglytuff
Mayshipping - Soul x Chikorita
Meadowshipping - Soul x Cheryl
MeMyselfAndIshipping - Marina x Kris x Soul
Messyshipping - Red x Soul
Mikazukishipping - Soul x Cresselia
Missourishipping - May x Soul
Moonwatchshipping - Soul x Zero
Morningshipping - Gardenia x Cheryl x Soul x Dawn
Neloicshipping - Soul x Weavile
Nemushipping - Clair x Soul
NeoQuestshipping - Jimmy x Soul
NewReplacementshipping - Kris x Soul
Notionshipping - Zoey x Soul
Ommadawnshipping - Soul x Lucas
Onashiashipping - Soul x Sneasel
Pilgrimshipping - Soul x Dialga
Pleasantshipping - Soul x Yellow
PokeSilvershipping - Ash x Soul
PureSoulshipping - Rui x Soul
QueenofHeartsshipping - Lucy x Soul
QuestTrioshipping - Jimmy x Marina x Soul
Rawstshipping - Soul x May x Chikorita x Skitty
Rebornshipping - Soul x Moltres
Recessionalshipping - Soul x Riley
Remedyshipping - Dawn x Leaf x Soul
Rhodiumshipping - Soul x Roark
RockSteadyshipping - Roxanne x Soul
Ruralshipping - Gardenia x Soul
Shaniashipping - Soul x Mars
Shatteredshipping - Paul x Soul
Shiningshipping - Soul x Clefairy
Siberiashipping - Soul x Suicune
Skiyomishipping - Soul x Glaceon
SkyGardenshipping - Steven Stone x Zero x Soul
Snowflakeshipping - Soul x Articuno
Soiahkrashipping - Soul x Arceus
Soulfulshipping - Janine x Soul
Soullessshipping - Soul x Marley
SoulOfAChampionshipping - Cynthia x Soul
SoulSilvershipping - Kamon x Soul
Spiridionshipping - Soul x Gastly
Staccatoshipping - Soul x Zapdos
StarsofJohtoshipping - Hiro x Kris x Kamon x Soul
Stockingsshipping - Dawn x Soul
Sundayshipping - Gardenia x Leaf x Soul
Supportiveshipping - Cynthia x May x Soul
SweetNaturedshipping - Leaf x Soul
Sweetnessshipping - Soul x Mew
TabinoTochuushipping - Francesca x Soul
Taranisshipping - Soul x Raikou
Tiramisushipping - Barry x Soul
Togethershipping - Ash x Dawn + Soul x Kazunari
Tokiwashipping - Blue (( Gameverse )) x Soul
Torquayshipping - Michelle x Soul x Francesca x Leaf x Courtney x Lovrina
Toveshipping - Soul x Marill
Towcestershipping - Michelle x Soul x Francesca x Leaf
TresLunasshipping - Steven Stone x Soul x Wallace
Trickyshipping - Lance x Soul
Tunstallshipping - Dahlia x Soul
Uniqueshipping - Mira x Soul
Unprecedentedshipping - Agatha x Soul
Vanillashipping - Anabel x Soul
Veiledshipping - Soul x Misdreavus
Warszawashipping - Soul x Rotom
WhirpoolSkyshipping - Soul x Lugia x Ho-Oh
WhiteRoseshipping - Drew x Soul
Whiteshipping - Jasmine x Soul
YouNeedLoveshipping - Detective Looker x Soul
Yuyukoshipping - Karen x Soul
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I've been wondering this ever since I first saw Soul. She already has a couple possibilities. We already know that Gold and Silver are choices, but I'm not entirely sure on what else. =/ We'll just have to wait and see what new things will be revealed.


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Well, considering that Soul, as the community seems to plug her current name in, is a correlation towards the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul motif, it would only seem fair that a ship could possibly be Soul x Cyrus, as it simply seems that she is the soul he lacks.

For now I think she would look cute with Gold, but that's just by judging the scans. I'm going to play the games first to see if there's anyone else I think she would be paired with but for now I'm going with her and Gold.


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I think I already have my HG/SS OTP now. Kris/Soul, whether Kris makes a cameo in the game(s) or not. XD I dunno, but I like seeing their relationship overflowing with all that irrational teenage jealously (one-sided or both ways is fine with me). Probably because one of them overshadows the other at something (and, well, Soul replaced her. even if Kris only appeared in Crystal, and not GS. But no one cares).

Of course, there's also my necessary Soul yuri pairings. Like with Karen or Clair. FFFF, Whitney as well. Soul's looks like such a sweet girl, and Whitney's a crybaby...I think it'd be cute. ;D And then there's the necessary het: mainly Silver (not Gold, because I prefer Kris with him :D) and Morty. Soul/Lance as well, because I really love the Champions with the main characters.
Of course I'm shipping Soul already. Basically every cute girl she works greatly with.
Hikari/Soul is perhaps one of the faves. (which might have some character interaction in the future ..if Soul does show up sometime in Johto.)
And of course I have to ship Haruka with her as well. ;D It'd be pretty sweet if they met as well (though I doubt it.)

Other girls she'd look cute with are Blue ..another game girl, because well, I just ship all the game girls together, because they're that awesome. Another cute ship is her and Whitney ..they're both adorable girls, so why not? Come to think of it, she'd be good with Maylene, Candice and Gardenia as well. o:

And I'll ship her with Mars (my newest obsession), because my favorite characters are total *****s, as I like to make them. ;D

But hm. I'm not seriously shipping these ships atm ..but maybe once I see more of Soul, or perhaps more shippy fanarts of her with other characters, I'll get more serious. :) these are just some ships I find absolutely hottttt! x3 x3



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Well I starting to like Mira x Soul, When I first saw Soul, she remind me of Mira in the way that you don't seem people wearing cloth like them everyday. they look cute together and i can picture then doing stuff together. I also picture Mira looking up to Soul like she dose with the DP/Pt player character.
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I think it's too early for me to properly ship soul. Maybe if I play the games or take a look at the manga once she appears in it, I think I'll be able to support some ships with her. Maybe just like Soul couples for the cuteness factor.

Soul/Hikari and Soul/Leaf sound really adorable. I drew a Soul x Whitney pic, which needs to be finished off.

I think Gold/Soul and Soul/Silver is gonna have some fans soon.


Hmm, well, I'll always be a Gold/Kris shipper at heart (no pun intended), and I think I'd probably ship Soul with Silver, or maybe Lucas.

But I could like Gold/Soul too. Maybe with Falkner?


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i think soul x silver because silver doesnt have a ship..but i guess its too early to ship her...


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Names for the femprotagonist shippings: (Not that I think they all like each other that way, but I could see 'em all hanging out as friends, same way I could see Red, Gold, Brendan and Lucas being friends and arguing over who's starter is the best.)

LeafxSoul: SaladShipping
MayxSoul: OceanShipping
DawnxSoul: StockingsShipping (According to Bulbapedia)
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I think I agree with C.Gholy's statements as of now: Wait to support Soul ships fully, but pick out a cute one!

And as of now that is Soul/Taruru (From Keroro Gunso). I see Soul as a Genki Girl, with enough energy to power a battery factory and just likes to be on the move. She'd take to Taruru's happy-go-lucky style personality quickly...In my head.


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Red x Soul.

.....You know what? Practically just Red with any attractive girl of some sigificant revelance.

Miror B.

Soul x Cynthia. Cynthia is in HGSS, right? So, it might end up being canon.

...I love this shipping already.


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I kind of like the sound of Soul x Whitney... Like, Soul getting frustrated/anxious when she sees how good Whitney is, then comforting Whitney after she bursts into tears when you beat her...? That's pretty cute, I'll admit. There might also be some Soul x Morty potential (oh God the puns. >=) but I'll haveta play the game before makin' that call.

I'll prolly end up shipping her with Lugia. ^^() 'Cause... yeah, it works in my head, even if it makes the heads of normal people explode.

Perhaps there will be TR admins with names/personalities in this game, like in RSE and DPP. That'd be sweet, and potential shipping action.


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Me and my Youtube buddies are fans of Kris/Soul...

I suppose I do like Dawn/Soul and Leaf/Soul too..And Whitney/Soul..Oddly though,I don't ship her with Jasmine. Probably because I ship Jasmine with Dawn..

Now that I think about it,she doesn't seem very shipable with boys..
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@ Elrade: Yes, Stockingsshipping is the name for Dawn x Soul but you got the other two names WAY wrong. Leaf x Soul is SweetNaturedshipping (( Saladshipping is actually the name for a Pokemon x Pokemon poly ship and has been for years )) with May x Soul being Missourishipping (( Oceanshipping again has been a taken name for a LOT of years )).

Kris x Soul is NewReplacementshipping. I think Replacementshipping would have been better but hey, I didn't name it.

@ Ember: I'm leaning towards Kansasshipping a lot too! For the scene you gave and cause every time I see Soul I think of a cute little cowgirl/farm girl... and Whitney adores her milk. :}


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Well, I don't really follow any shippings other than Pokéshipping and Colosseumshipping, so yeah.


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^ That's cool but you get some downright extremists when it comes to ship names so I thought i'd give the heads-up as I can be nicer. Sometimes. xD

Tomato-kun said:
Really? When did it get named,I never heard of that?
Over at Bulbagarden on May 14. It still needs to be added to the actual list along with the other 50-odd named Soul shippings but said name, as well as those I mentioned also, are official. *nod nod*
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