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Meloetta and the Undersea Temple (757)


Son of a Beach
I have to say, I think this could quite possibly be my favorite episode of BW thus far. The animation is beautiful, especially in the Undersea Temple and the summoning of the Reveal Glass. The situation is tense and the action is handled well. Ash and Giovanni finally meet and battle, even if it is brief. To me, the best part was when Meloetta was put into place and forced to watch as her recorded song was used to bring the temple to new life. It was a heartbreaking scene, and the fact that the only music was the recording of Meloetta only made it more poignant.


Toa of Bronies
I haven't watched the anime in quite a while. This episode was quite boring, but I expect the next to be much more exciting. I was relieved to find that Giovanni was the only other character besides Pikachu (and Jessie maybe?) to have their old voice. I kept waiting for him to activate Change of Heart or summon Red Dragon Archfiend. I find it odd that an extremely rare Legendary Pokemon followed him around, yet Ash made NO ATTEMPT at catching it.


Just finished watchin it. It was definitely one of the handful of Pokemon episodes I anticipate to see.
Though, the writers didn't want to give us no kind of indication that Ash and Giovanni remembered seeing each other before.
Looking forward to next week's ep too.

Plus: Was glad that the original voice of Giovanni was the same. If only TR were the same. Have gotten use to Ash's current voice now.
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Ridley... I know. xD

But anyways, off to the episode:

That crossing between Ash and Giovanni; definitely forgettable. No identification other than Giovanni referring to Ash as "the boy and his friend". Really Giovanni? Not even going to refer to Pikachu? Nothing wrong with calling Pikachu a friend to Ash; but being native to Kanto, he should have know what Pokemon that was. Pikachu VS Persian was brief; but it wasn't too bad; it felt very cold blooded to see Persian fighting for once.

Giovanni said "the boy and his Pikachu" once before he said "the boy and his friend"

Seeing as how the battle was meant for Ash and Pikachu to get captured and Giovanni to use them to get to Meloetta I wasn't expecting some ultimate showdown, there may still be a possibility for that in the future. Perhaps Giovanni would regard Ash more seriously if there were to be a next time.....

Marbi Z

Well... Let's see if they can make the battle between Ash and Giovanni a good one! Try not to dumb it down writers... I'll have to watch this on video I have to go to wooorrrrrkkk. :(
Well... This episode did not disappoint after all! Though as many people have said earlier it's a shame Ash and Giovanni didn't say each others names... However seeing the old Rocket Grunts (with Kanto Pokemon) and Giovanni using the old Rocket Hostage technique against Meloetta I have to give credit where credit is due! The writers have done a great job in keeping Giovanni's badass attitude intact! I can't wait to see the next episode! I might just have to go to work a half hour late just to see it! Unless of course... The next episode of MLP FIM comes out next week... Sorry! But as much as I love Pokemon... The anime itself can't even compete with FIM when it comes to character development... :p Having said all that... This (and the next episode) might just make up for the loss of the Team Rocket vs Team Plasma episodes. Or maybe not...
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Too bad Ash vs Giovanni wasn't longer. Not that Ash stood a chance...


Your Big Buff Bro
It's also quiet stunning to see that Giovanni would actually threaten Meloetta by killing Ash and Pikachu within' a cinch. How cruel. o-o Talk about pure evil.


This episode did nothing for me to be honest. If anything, it made me even more cynical. I used to love Meloetta before it appeared in the anime, but now I'm not too sure. I just didn't think all that time that it spent with Ash and friends was worth it; I expected an epic finale, but all I got was another reductive TR plot. Imo, the new character that was introduced came out of nowhere and it took a large portion of the episode to explain his connection to Meloetta. I know that he had a role to play, but it seems like the writers could have done something different. Ash's encounter with Giovanni was a huge disappointment too. Not only did they barely interact with each other, but their battle wasn't even interesting either; oh yeah, Persian finally got to do something after 15+ years, but it lasted like three seconds. Boring. And after all that work TR ends up summoning a sea temple? That's also quite reductive; it gave me major Movie 9 vibes. Overall, this wasn't a good episode.


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Fine episode. Seriously, after seven hundred episodes, Ash meets Giovanni, yet didn't even bother with introductions. Seeing Persian battle was nice, but yes, too short. Ridley and his Golurk are nice to see, even though Ridley didn't know Ash wasn't the enemy. Seeing Meloetta battle with Ash was nice, even if it got interrupted by Golurk. Overall, nice episode. Team Rocket are always a step ahead.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
This was a very good episode. It was definitely one of those episodes that left me anxious to see the next episode. I also like that we got to see Giovanni after so many years.


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Pretty good episode nice seeing TR being all evil again. So Ash has finally battled all 8 of the Kanto Gym Leaders, bout time it only took him 690 episodes, would've liked it to be a bit longer.


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This episode is one of the reasons why Ash needs to stop relying on Pikachu all the time.

What if there was ghost/ground Pokémon that had the ability that made it immune to steel types?

Ash and Pikachu would be SCREWED. Maybe if Ash actually bothered to send out one of his other Pokémon to fight Persian, maybe the results would've been a bit different.

But no Pikachu had to fail for plot reasons, so whatever.

But other than that I enjoyed this episode.


Call me Robert guys
I love how the only pokemon who ever beats Yamask and Woobat is Kibago lol. Liked this episode though, Ash should have kept Krookodile out though.

Also, didn't Ash still have is pokes in that cube with him?? He could of just let out the Krok who could of most likely broken the cube by his size alone.


All smiles
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I love how the only pokemon who ever beats Yamask and Woobat is Kibago lol. Liked this episode though, Ash should have kept Krookodile out though.

Also, didn't Ash still have is pokes in that cube with him?? He could of just let out the Krok who could of most likely broken the cube by his size alone.
Except that even though the box could break, Ash releasing it while it's so small could potentially kill him and Krookodile.

Tron Bonne

Eevee fanatic
Just watched this on YTV, and wow! I could not believe it when Ash and Giovanni where in the same scene, meeting for the first time. All these years, and it finally happened! I never expected it to, honestly. I thought this episode was GREAT, everything about it had me on the edge of my seat. I am so excited for next week!


Team Awesome
Wow, Ash meets Giovanni for the first time in a regular episode. Epic. :eek: At least they didn't try to confuse casual viewers and kept Ash from showing any indication he met Giovanni during the Mewtwo Returns episode. He did seem to know Giovanni there even though they'd never met, which was weird. o_O And why didn't Team Rocket do a motto for the whole two-parter? I double-checked and was surprised to find they'd done just three mottos the WHOLE SEASON (the last one was the first part of the tirtouga episode). With another Team Rocket hiatus coming up after this two-parter, I wish there had been one.

Anyway, apart from a few gripes, I thought this episode was pretty good. It reminded me a bit of the ninth movie.



Lover of underrated characters
I loved this episode. It was nice to see Giovanni meet Ash and for it to be explained why Team Rocket wanted Meloetta so badly.