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Member Ships

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Valkyrie X, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. Valkyrie X

    Valkyrie X Well-Known Member

    In case anyone says anything, this thread was approved by Kiori.

    Yep, another member ships thread. 8D I'm making this because these kinds of threads are hilarious to watch, and people's reactions are simply priceless. :D Here you can state which ships you support, and also let your random side take over and pair up members here on SPPf, and give them a shipping name. Fun, no?

    Still, even though these kinds of threads are meant simply for amusement, there are still some "rules" that need to be explained (if you have any questions about them, just ask me):

    1. The members involved in a pairing have the right to decide on the final name for their ship, especially if it is a real relationship. If there is no name, then others may create names for them. If one or more of the people that are part of the ship make up their own name for themselves (if they haven't already done so), all other names for them (if there are any) will be deleted from the list and replaced with the couple's preferred name. It's their ship, not anyone elses, and therefore, they have control over what they want the name of their pairing to be.

    2. A name of a ship may have more than one pairing. There are no limits to how many couples a name can hold. If there are multiple pairings for a single name, each pairing will be separated in the list with a red bolded slash. Example: Comedyshipping - Breezy x IceKing x Typhlogirl x xXSaberXx / Gravy x V Faction

    3. There cannot be more than one name for a ship that has already been named by the members involved in it, unless they say other people may create names for them. On the other hand, a ship that has NOT been named already by the people involved in it may have multiple names.

    4. There are no limits to how many people can be part of a ship. Let your insane imagination wander. You can have as many people in a random ship as you want. This just makes things more fun. ;P

    5. It doesn't matter if the pairing is straight or homosexual. There are no limits to genders while making up ships.

    6. You are allowed to pair up members of SPPf that have left the forums.

    Well, now that that's over and done with, let's move on to this enormous list of all the member ships mentioned here. Let me make something clear: I am human, therefore prone to making mistakes. Please, tell me if there's something I should fix, whether it be deleting a ship, changing a name, or editing a grammatical or alphabetical error. And this list is very similar to the one in the Bishie Thread, having it linking to my LiveJournal; credits go to Shadowfaith for giving me that idea.

    Oh yeah, and let me make this clear so I won't have to say it in all my other posts here: Tigershipping (Danny x myself) > all, end of story. :D <3

    Have fun, y'all. ;D

    Last edited: Nov 10, 2006
  2. Hehe. Funny. :D

    Um... there's only two. And both involve me. For I'm anti-social like that. XDD.

    PokéshoShipping: Tropical Spirit & *Orion* <3 *Shot* :p
    MoonMeteorShipping: Pike Queen Lucy & *Orion*

    I do support Tropical Spirit & taitofan. Whatever it's named. :p
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  3. Eszett

    Eszett one love

    lol im posting in the shipping forum.

    Hmm, well it's quite evident that we are extremely good friends, the two of us (you should all know about who I am talking >:p). But whence did the name Condolenceshipping come? I'll accept it, but I was just wondering about the etymology of the term. o_O

    And I'm going to go ahead and throw in RateMyTeamshipping as Horn Drill x SapphireL.

    And now I will probably never visit this forum again. ;ß
  4. Raito

    Raito HADOUKEN!

    Mapleshipping - Esperante x Zennou Ryuu
    Transatlanticshipping - Josh x Jenni.
    Nightlightshipping - PsiUmbreon x Midnight Eefi.

    I like these ships too. I also support them.

    N00bsmackingshipping - Medea and Ethereal
  5. Shadowcat

    Shadowcat Guest

    XD at all those ships. I love 'em.

    Innocenceshipping - Pike Queen Lucy/xXSapphireXx x Sika (Pairy, whose name is too long for me to remember)
  6. Valkyrie X

    Valkyrie X Well-Known Member

    I don't know where it came from; why don't you ask her? ;P

    I also support Horn Drill x SapphireL; Ratemyteamshipping's a good name for it. And yet, that's a good name for *Ryan* x SapphireL as well. o.o

    Ah yes, I forgot about Tropical Spirit x taitofan. Though I'm not sure if there's a name already created for that one or not. =P

    EDIT: Forgot IMPERIAL DRAGON x EmpressMyuu.

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  7. Shigaiko

    Shigaiko apocalypse please

    Aw, I've been forgotten. ;o;

    Uhm... there was a me x Oos ship floating around last year. Can't remember what it was called though. >_>;
  8. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Yay, a member shipping thread! =D

    Flirtationshipping: MistyMix89 X Dr. Melee


    EDIT: Oh, wait! I also support...

    pokeplayer984 X Water Spirit (I'll think of a shipping name soon. ^_~)
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  9. Gazmof

    Gazmof Zephyr Trainer

    Haha, I'll support that, since it sounds so ironic. And hilarious.
  10. Peach

    Peach Well-Known Member

    PeachySpiritedShipping (Water Spirit x Me)

    We made up that name like year ago since we have same kind of sigs XD

    And yes, of course we are like teh ultimate smexy love pairing *coughcough* XD
  11. Tropical Spirit

    Tropical Spirit YAY! Original>You =3

    Even though I usually don't like threads like this, I find this particular one is highly amusing. :p

    That's ane hot ship. :eek:!

    I love you, people. <3 And no, it doesn't have a name. XD

    ...Maybe 'Birthdayshipping'? Because we both managed to kind of forget about eachother's birthdays and stuff. XD;

    ...I don't think she'll like that one. >__>;

    Anyways, I'll only say costom ones. XD

    SushShipping- ~*Commander Blizzard*~ x Tropical Spirit (8D)
    WeMissEachotherOnMSNOrSomethingShipping- psilocybin x Tropical Spirit
    LittleCrushShipping- Phantom_Bugsy x Tropical Spirit
    RandomnessShipping- Phantom_Bugsy x psilocybin
    ClashShipping- PsiUmbreon x Locke Yggdrasill
    JollyShipping- Shining Mew x Psiumbreon
    BigotShipping- Maverick_X x Aaron
    ArachnoShipping- Phantom_Bugsy x absol_attacker
    HarryPotterShipping- Orgasmo x Wolf Goddess
    HappyEdShipping- Wolf Goddess x Edward Elric (Kinda outdated, but still...)
    CreepyObsessiveFriendshipShipping- ~*Commander Blizzard*~ x Dunsparce
    FanfictionShipping: Zephyr Flare x Dragonfree
    NaivenessShipping- ~*Commander Blizzard*~ x Hyper Chibi Absol
    E-ExtrovertShipping- Locke Yggdrasill x Midnight Eefi
    VocabularyShipping- Eszett x Psycho (Not a shipping that I would 'support', but it makes sense. :/)
    Face-OffShipping- .Combusken. x O Fortuna
    QuotageShipping- .Combusken. x Tropical Spirit
    ImpactShipping- .Combusken. x xXSaberXx
    CrushnessShipping- Pike Queen Lucy x Tropical Spirit
    HermioneShipping- Pike Queen Lucy x Wolf Goddess. (O_O)

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  12. WaterTrainer243

    WaterTrainer243 Veteran Water Lover

    Miltarybratshipping-Me and MondoTR

    That's the best I can come up with.
  13. Angeling

    Angeling true love

    Too bad the last one is not and never will be canon, romantically speaking.

    I told him in IM. But yes, we are just close/good friends, as he forementioned.

    Whoa, where did you come up with that? @_@

    Yeah. Go for that. *scurries away*

    Now, to the topic:

    [SPOIL]jesusorgyshipping[/SPOIL] - Vic Rattlehead x PsiUmbreon
    - That is one hot shipping. And in spoiler tags for any uh, underage viewing. xP

    11incheslongshipping - Eszett x himself
    - Vic Rattlehead came up with that...

    Logicshipping - Vic Rattlehead x Espeon
    - According to ANAL, PsiUmbreon came up with this and Vic posted it.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  14. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    I remember when we came up with that, LOL.

    Anyways, my absolute favorite is obviously Teeheeshipping (Keith and I). <3 And any of the other canon (actual couples) ones like Fireshipping (Nine/HT), Transatlanticshipping (Josh/Jenni), Shortyshipping (Chris/Kirby), Mapleshipping (Zennou/Esperante), etc are great as well.

    As for non-canon (friendship) ones, I like IMPERIAL/Empress, Militarybratshipping (WaterTrainer and I), Nightlightshipping (Umb and Eefi), Neoeeveeevolutionsshippingshipping (Cay, Ki, and I), and a lot of the random chat/forum members ships.

    These threads are fun. :D
  15. Swampy

    Swampy Crack the Skye

    I’m flabbergasted that you left out my ship! Anyways, all the ships sound nice. I prefer Firefoxshipping, of course, to all the others. ;D Fyi, Firefoxshipping = foxkitty x ::Wildfire::
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2006
  16. Valkyrie X

    Valkyrie X Well-Known Member

    Gah, how did I forget Fireshipping? D: That one's pretty old. Come to think of it, I haven't seen HT or Ninetales in a long time. =/

    I found some of Tropical Spirit's ships (especially WeMissEachotherOnMSNOrSomethingShipping XDD) quite amusing, also. XD

    Haha...E-Extrovertshipping...I hope Locke Yggdrasill sees this thread. XD

  17. It sure is. So hot it makes a volcano look like a glacier. :p

    It's too awesome to not support. I'd say it's almost as good as SmeargleShipping. :D

    And XD. Funny name. Might come up with one later. For I'm a Ship name genius! ;)

    Ohh... my bad. *Erasure*

    And all your other Ships were funny. :D

    There's also...

    LifeIsUnfairShipping: *Orion* & ShadowTrainer

    Couldn't leave without the mega-emo Ship of doom, which I wished was Canon. And that the other half was here... ;____;
  18. Tropical Spirit

    Tropical Spirit YAY! Original>You =3

    Well, you *do* have a sh*tload of friends here, don't you? XD; Unless they all/Most of them asked you for it. In that case, change the ship for Locke Yggdrasill x Pike Queen Lucy. D:

    Hey, I was joking. And you can't deny that the name fits. XD
  19. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    Hmmm... I support who ever wants to be supported I suppose. ^^; Oh, and PokeShoshipping. Yes, that sounds like a jolly good time. X3

    TS-danna and I as Birthdayshipping, huh? I like! Makes perfect sense. And needless to say, I fully support it. <3 ...I just find it odd that others do to. *blushblush*
  20. intergalactic platypus

    intergalactic platypus Only rescues maidens

    My absolute favorite ship here is jo jo and cybercubed. I personally call it debateshipping. They really are quite fond of each other underneath all the debating, and I think they definitely have a thing for each other
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